Wednesday, October 18, 2006

(Beef) Cake #1

Here is the first cake I decorated myself. It is also the first 2-layer cake I've ever made. You can't tell, but the top layer actually split in half and I had to "glue" it back with frosting to keep it together. Apparently, I didn't level out my layers. Oops. Anyway, it's just a box mix, so it isn't as tasty as next week's cake: a chocolate one!

Oh, and it's an umbrella because that's what the Cake Lady said to do. And I'm kind of scared of her. So I do what she says.We all made the same design, but we got to pick our colors. I was hoping for darker icing. This just looks like something you'd take to a baby shower.

Do you see all my mess? That is the best part--making the mess. You can't tell from the picture (seriously, I need a digital camera soon!!) but the umbrella panels are filled in with little icing stars. It took a while.

Ok, enough cake talk. Other news.

Went out to dinner last night with MJ, her roomie and my roomie. It was a surprise for MJ's birthday. We went to Nonnah's (a restaurant specializing in desserts) and coffees. We had a delicious meal-- crab-stuffed portobellos, crab quesadillas, chicken on croissants...mmmm. And then dessert. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of it. I was too involved in my white chocolate ginger cheesecake. (Actually, you can see a pic on their website.) We had so much fun catching up on girl time and talking about house stuff.

After dinner, we went to Uncle Louie's, a hole-in-the-wall bar that is very low-key. Then we went to The Flying Saucer, a place that has 150 different beers on tap. We met up with Stuckey, who is working on getting his golden platter (meaning, he would have tried all 150 of the beers--when he finishes, he gets a platter with his name on it, and they put it up on the wall in their "Ring of Honor").

By then, it was getting late, so K and I headed home to watch Nip/Tuck. *sigh* I think I'm in love with Julian McMahon. He pretty much tops my list now. Let's take a second to feast our eyes upon such a wonderful work of art, ladies, shall we? I mean, every day should have a Julian break in it....

...what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Maybe I should start having Julian Wednesdays....

I didn't really get a good opportunity to call Cop 2 back last night. I feel kind of bad. So, to make it up to him, I have offered to bake him a birthday cake (his birthday is Monday). I will try to decorate it using my fancy new skillz.

We might run into each other when we each go out with our friends on Friday night, but our next date is on Sunday. I'm hoping he wants to go to the fair...but I'm up for anything, really. He's sooooo relaxing. I really like talking to him. He makes me chill out.

Saturday is MJ's housewarming party. A bunch of her guy friends from NY are coming to it. She said they are pretty cute. I will seduce one of them with my freshly baked cookies. That's the current plan. We'll see how it goes.

House Update: I am going to forego the home inspection. Too many people who are familiar with the builder have told me not to worry. Besides, I have a 1 year warranty on everything in the house. I call, they fix. 'Nuff said. So other than getting some homeowner's insurance and having the walk-through with the realtors, I am all set for closing!!!

To keep our sanity, K and I have decided that we will paint everything the weekend of the closing, move little things the following week and then move the big stuff the next weekend. Too bad I still haven't decided on paint colors...oops.

Ok, I am off to take a nap before Sammy's doggie school. Tonight is his graduation. Gosh, this week has been nuts!!


Follow the Frog said...

I too share a love of Julian. And he's also on my list. Our love dates back to his charmed days. I stopped watching after he left...The cake looks yummy!

teahouse said...

That cake is AWESOME!

And I really wanted to get into Nip/Tuck, but the sex scenes in that show are always really disturbing for me. So I can't get into any of the male characters..they just make me feel icky...

The Dummy said...

That's a GREAT looking cake! I wish I had skills like that!

Stuck said...

The male figures make you feel icky? How about spending a season drooling over Famke Janssen only to discover her dark secret at the end of the season...

*fetal position*

Mitesh said...

Not to burst your bubble, but I have to say, its a really good idea to get an inspection. If you get a good engineer to do the inspection, you'll know the structural status of the building. I owned a home in Houston and was lucky to find that mine was ok, but the surrounding townhomes were compromised. These issues take years before they become devastatingly dangerous and can be really expensive. They won't be covered by any appliance insurance (I'm guessing this is the comprehensive one year insurance mentioned). Either way, I understand. Just wanted to share.

Virginia Belle said...

FTF-- yeah, i pretty much want to have a torrid love affair with him. the kind that would get an NC-17 rating.

teahouse-- thanks, man. it's not that hard, but it's not something you can do without learning what you are doing. i don't know if you could teach yourself this stuff. and you, thankfully, aren't as sexually depraved as i am. i have no qualms about watching him in action.

DD-- yeah, i didn't think it would look good at all until i finished it. then i was like, "ok! cool! i can do this!" you might want to look into it--it would be fun for you and Mo to do a cooking class together. see what your local community college offers. there's lots of fun classes to take, not just food stuff. foreign languages, art...and i don't know what it would cost in SD, but my class was $70. not bad.

stuck-- oh, so what--she likes little teenage boys. big deal. that's the least freaky of all the characters. her character was child's play compared to some of the other wack jobs. get it? :)

mitesh-- thank you for your opinion. i really appreciate it. however, i do have a one year "bumper-to-bumper" warranty on the house, so if something major is amiss, i will know by then. once that year is up, i still have an 8 year structural warranty. so i think i will be ok. the builder has a good reputation.

Stuck said...

Ummm... her child fetish is nothing compared to the fact that she's a post-op transexual. Worse yet, a post-op transexual who was married to Alec Baldwin! Oh... did I ruin it for anyone?