Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cop 2 (Part 2) and The Rat Pack

I've been so busy lately, guys. You have no idea. The other day, I got up at 6:15 and didn't stop moving until 10:30pm.

But it's all good, because most of my busy-ness is fun stuff--partying, hobbies, looking at paint chips. For example, my cake decorating class is so much fun. Here is cake #2:

You can't really see in this picture (yes, I am aware that I need to buy a digital camera), but the top of it is covered with criss-crossing lattice work. That part was kinda hard.

The cake was 100% chocolate and smelled delicious because I made homemade frosting for it. However, I haven't had a slice. Why? I gave it to Cop 2 for his birthday. Now, before you start in with the "Oh, you're so sweet, VB!" and "Yes, how is that new, wonderful guy you're dating?", let me tell you something:

Cop 2's gotta go.

No, I'm not kidding. He is driving me insane. Yes, I know he's very sweet. Yes, it's nice to have someone who's all about me (for a change). But the thing is, guys, he's way too clingy. He usually sends me 2 messages on myspace every day AND calls me every day. He has called me every day since he met me.

Now, some girls are ok with this. They want a guy who is all over her from the get-go. I'm just not that needy, folks. Really, until the guy is officially VB's Boyfriend, I only need to hear from them every 3rd day. I mean, not that much can happen in 12 hours. (Oh yes, 12. He will drop me off at my house at 10:30 and be calling me at 9 or 10 am the next morning, one day.) How can I miss you if you don't go away? Doesn't he have better things to do? Girls like hard-to-get just as much as guys do. It's pretty much a universal rule.

Ok, let's say I haven't already won you over with my argument so far. Did I mention that we've been on two dates and he's already calling me "baby"? Yeah, not good. That's more of a two-months-in kind of thing. It just comes off as desperate. Who wants to date a doormat? Not me. (Oooh...that was one of the most hypocritical things I've ever written...)

Another dating rule that has been broken is Always Be the Man with the Plan. Men, I cannot stress this enough. You must have a plan for the date ahead of time. It shows effort. It implies you've been looking forward to seeing her and that you really want to make a good impression. Otherwise, you are making the girl feel like an after thought. Not good. And so far, Cop 2 has broken this rule every time. It makes me feel undervalued. I know everyone's busy. But you can at least pick a friggin restaurant as you are on your way to pick me up. Ok, I need to stop. There is a whole post in here I could get to. But not now.

Ok, let's say you still think I'm making a mistake by giving Cop 2 the boot. Chew on this for a second: he's a terrible, terrible kisser. Just awful.

Could I take the time to fix all this and work things out? Yeah, probably. Am I too damn old to do it? Yes. If you don't know what you are doing by the time you're 28, then I don't have much sympathy. I don't have time. I'm sorry if that's harsh. But there are plenty of other guys out there who know what they are doing. And I'm not getting any younger. Maybe there's some other girl out there who likes using napkins to wipe drool off her chin when you're done kissin' on her, but it ain't me.

God, I'm such a bitch today...sorry, it's been building up for about a week now.

The thing is, I haven't told him things are over because his birthday was Monday. So now, I'm sort of stalling and going M.I.A. on him until enough time has passed that I will feel a little more comfortable telling him I don't think this is going to work. You can't get dumped on your birthday, you know? And the day after your birthday isnt' much better. Even I know not to mess with karma like that.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about my weekend with The Rat Pack. MJ's friends from New York. They all went to college with her, and decided to visit her this past weekend. And they are SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, best. weekend. ever. Here is a pic of these wonderful cutie pies:

Aren't they adorable? I tried to seduce them with my delicious homemade pumpkin bread (recipe posted shortly), but alas, it was not meant to be. I had to settle for being groped and flirting with them. I guess I got shy. Besides, how could I pick just one??? They are all so fun and cute! That's ok. We ladies are talking about going up to NYC to visit them in the spring. Yippee!!!

So my entire weekend was basically one long pub-crawl. (I can only think of two bars I haven't been to in the last week!) Oh, you want a list? Ok, for those of you who will know what I'm talking about: Liberty's, The Wild Hare, Flying Saucer, Group Therapy, Local's, Good Times, Uncle Louie's (w/the girls last week), Speakeasy, Doc Rocco', I think that is it. And then on Saturday, we pretty much repeated it all. Holy cow, it's like I'm in college again. (I was so exhausted on Sunday morning! I was cranky to the max. I didn't get up until 1:30 in the afternoon. Wowza.)

Lots of laughing, drinking, singing and silliness. We made fun of their accents, they made fun of ours. We played Flippy Cup and had a cookout on Saturday afternoon. The Rat Pack macked on random bar girls all weekend. (And let me tell you what, those guys have some serious pick-up skills!) K and MJ got drunk. We took tons of pictures. We had some great talks and even some wrestling matches. But mostly, we just laughed our asses off the whole time. It was a great weekend--we all agreed. Gotta love weekends like that.*

Other than that...I've just been working out details on my house: paint colors, refrigerator purchasing options, getting the utilities all set up to turn on on November 3rd, figuring out how in the hell I'm going to have any money....but it will all be ok.

I got my "hair did". I'm now borderline brunette. It's just for the fall. So far, I've gotten a lot of compliments. Wanna see the inspiration for the new color? Ok.

So yeah. It looks like that. If only the rest of me did! *sigh*

And Lady Starfish won't be coming down here this week. [insert sad "Awwww!" here] Her trip was postponed, so she will be visiting about 2 weeks from now--which is kind of good, because I will probably be in my house and much more relaxed by then.

9 days and counting, guys. Woo-hoo!!!

*For a different account of Friday night, check out MJ's post. I'm assuming she is going to write a post about Saturday's cookout soon.


Stuck said...

That's a really great picture of them.

charming, but single said...

I don't blame you on Cop 2. That would drive me nuts. NUTS.

I have a guy who's calling me every night and we haven't even been out yet ... I should take that as a sign. (Especially since I don't answer every time he calls!)

jennster said...

those boys are HOT! love it!

anny said...

i luv it. ditch cop 2. i think all ur complaints are valid. good luck and of course ... don't forget to blog about it! :)

DetoxSmurf said...

Guys from New York kick ass!

Anne said...

First of all..those boys are way cute! Way way cute..

Second of is too short for bad kissers. And I hate being called baby all the time.

And have made me crave some chocolate cake. That cake is so pretty! You did such a good job!

Matilda Jane said...

I can't believe what a heartless b*tch you are!!!... dumping a perfectly good guy with ten fingers and ten toes....

Just kidding!
I'm the #1 defender of dumping someone if it just doesn't feel right... then you went and put all of those wonderfully valid reasons on top of it! You don't have to put up with that sugar-coated ickiness.

Great pic of the guys! The house is waaaayyy too quiet without them around. Trip to NY in the spring? YESSSS!!!!

Nice cake! It's gorgeous! OMG now I want chocolate chocolate chocolate! It's about time for another dinner out.

All the guys thought you were totally hot and I don't think it's a coincidence that Mattiello had the camera focused on your breasts for a good 30 seconds during one of the videos :-) LoL!

Matilda Jane said...

More Pics of the Boys

Virginia Belle said...

stuck-- isn't it? they really are a rat pack.

CBS--maybe we are dating the same guy? or there is something in the air? ugh, sorry to hear we're in the same boat.

ster-- i know!! such cuties.

anny-- trust me, i will!

detox-- why, yes they do! so far, i love all o y'all!

anne-- yes, they are adorable. and FUN. i couldn't agree w/you more about how life is too short for bad kissers. amen sistah!

MJ-- yes, sugar-coated ickiness is not good. he's gotta go. nice or not. i can't take it anymore.

i will have to make you a late birthday cake. did you ever get one? i should make one for you. let me learn basketweave first. then i can make you one w/basketweave on the sides and a clown on top. that's next week's lesson.

i can't believe mattiello did that with the camera and then tried to play it off. i am so on to him!!! oh god, i hope he doesn't put it on youtube or something. that's what i need--my tits on the internet.

Matilda Jane said...

Clowns scare me... but maybe I can get over my fear by eating one...

Your boobs looked great in that dress, so no worries if it gets on youtube. You'll only have to worry about more cop #2s asking you out repeatedly

Follow the Frog said...

The time with the boys sounds fun, and I completely get your Cop 2 issues. That is exactly how I feel about Portland (the guy on my blog who just visited). He was very simliar in the way he treated me and approached our time together. yuck yuck. Your new hair color sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

Random quick thought ---

Sounds like cop #2 is a loser, _but_, you totally rag on him for being both too invested in you, and not invested enough. He calls you more that you want, so that's too much. But then he doesn't plan the date carefully, so that's too little.

Just sumthin' to think about.

Virginia Belle said...

MJ-- LOL. i am making you eat scary clown cake for teasing me.

FTF-- why, thank you!

anonymous-- you bring up a very good point. i think i shall have to blog about this....

Gypsy said...

At first I was going to be all, "Guys can't win" about this post. I was going to encourage you to give him a chance. Why was I going to do this? Because Lancelot was full-on all about me right from the get-go and it turned me off. Initially. And because we didn't ever have "dates" (which probably had to do with the fact that he was supposed to be a one night stand). Because I thought he was way too nice (boy was I wrong).

But then you got to the terrible kisser part and I had to give up on the lecture. That's just a deal breaker.

acaligurl said...

the far left is cute.!

Anonymous said...

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