Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Big Yawn

To the bloggers whose blogs I read: I have been trying to read your blogs this weekend, but my computer is on the floor right now, which makes reading and typing very uncomfortable. Lying on my stomach gives me a headache and leaning on my elbows to type gives me rug burn on my elbows. (Do you see the sacrifices I make? Now that is love, people!) I will hopefully be getting an actual desk sometime soon. Then I will be doing a lot more blog reading from home.

The good news is, this week will be dead at work, so I will be doing a LOT of reading! Yay! So for Anne, Sam, Mo, Ster, Stephanie, Sassafras, NML, Vixen and anyone else I've forgotten--coming soon to a blog near you: my comments!

Guess what I bought? This. Woo-hoo! Can't wait until it gets here for the holidays. And I got a good deal on it-- $180 + shipping. This means I will have WAY more pics on my blog, too.

I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Yeah, I am officially boring. I didn't go out, I didn't see anyone other than my dog and my roommate. How exciting. I guess that's the end of my blog, right? Kidding. I have lots more bitching and craziness to share.

I haven't even told you the story of The Time My Brother Was Green yet.

Or the story of My Valentine's Day Revenge.

Or My Smallest Small-World Moment Ever.

Or about the other ex who found me on myspace.

Or The Craziest College Night I Ever Had.

See? I have so much more to share.

Unfortunately, that day is not today. It's too hard to type like this. Sorry, folks.

Wait, let me back up. One thing happened this weekend. My roommate did call me at 2am Saturday night to ask me to come and pick her up. It seems she was out with some buddies and they decided to take the truck they were riding in and do doughnuts in the parking lot of a car dealership. Because that's what mature 25 year-olds (and 31 year-olds) do, right? I guess that when they did this one doughnut, they hit the curb and managed to blow out the tire. And the spare had some kind of a lock on it. The owner didn't have the key with him, so they couldn't put the spare on. So I got to pick him, his buddy and my roommate up at 2am. The guys crashed on our couch and figured out what to do in the morning.

I really didn't mind picking them up all that much, because they were so embarrassed that it was just funny by the time I got there. They were really proud of themselves this morning, let me tell ya! I will be able to tease them for weeks about this. Of course, they were pretty hung over as well.

Aside from that, I shopped all weekend for house stuff. You know how it is when you move--things that stored fine at the old place suddenly have nowhere to go at the new place, so you have to get organizationally creative. So I wasn't buying very fun things. I actually spent Saturday night putting together a bathroom storage cabinet.

Ok, I have to stop right here, because this is the most boring post I think I've ever written EVER. To make it more interesting, how about this:

Go ahead. Ask me anything. This is your chance to ask me whatever--that little thing that you've wondered about me. This is your chance to ask. Think of it as a big "thank you!" for reading my blog. Now you get to be nosy. I love it when other bloggers do this, so I know you do, too. Oh, and before you ask, no, I won't put up a pic of what I look like. You'll just have to imagine that I look like...Charlize Theron. Or something.

Note: I reserve the right to ignore sick, perverted or otherwise inappropriate questions. Especially if they come from anonymous readers. Questions from lurkers are especially welcome, as I have no idea what y'all are thinking because you never comment! (Which is fine, btw! I'm just curious...)

Can't think of a question? Here are some ideas to get you started. I have a huge, eccentric family. I love to travel. I am boy crazy. I dislike socks. I am obsessed with my dog--so much that I ordered some address return labels with his picture on them.( Oh yes, I am that girl.) I have bad taste in music. I work in a library. I fear crickets. Uh...ok, that's all I've got right now.

Let the questions begin...go on. Ask. You know you want to. I'll try and answer them before I leave for Thanksgiving on Tuesday afternoon.


Sam said...

Where are the pics? Hurry up and get your camera, lady!!

Follow the Frog said...

What's your favorite book or author?

Gypsy said...

What ever happened with Cop II? Did I miss this?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

You have a long weekend and can go anywhere, money is no object. Where would you go and why?

Virginia Belle said...

OOH! questions!!!

sam-- working on it, dude! (you, not your cat) all i have posted here on my blog right now are the pics of my vacant house. i posted them on oct. 2nd. soon i will have pics of house WITH all my crap on the inside.

FTF-- Jane Austen. *sigh* i love romance when it isn't all mushy, squishy, touchy feely. British romances totally do it for me. I also loved The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. I'm a classics kinda girl. if there's a cliff's notes for it, i would probably like it.

gypsy-- 3 questions? ok. here goes.

1. um, Cop II had to go. too clingy. bad kisser. BAD, BAD kisser. i posted about it...didn't i? maybe not. takes me about (I am so embarrassed to admit this) an hour and a half to get ready. and that is just decent enough to be seen in public!

3. ooh! what a fun question. well, i'd love to say i'd go somewhere in europe i've never been (london, milan, dublin, berlin, vienna, athens...), but i'd probably go to Rome again. Man, it was kick ASS. and i didn't throw a coin in Trevi Fountain, which means (superstitiously) that i will never go back. so i have to go back and throw a coin in the fountain. so, my answer is: somewhere in europe.

wait. you said weekend. crap. i guess the bahamas or something. it's too hard to run over to europe for a weekend. you need at least a week for Europe. i'd be too sad to leave all the unexplored culture behind. i guess if it's a weekend, i'll just party in St. Thomas or something.

Mieke said...

Okay, you seriously crack me up. I found your blog awhile back, through Jennster, I think, and I can't remember if I have commented before. Anyhow, I love your posts! So funny! I couldn't really think of any important questions to ask you, so here is a dumb one, how old are you? What kind of dog do you have? Have you hung out yet with cake class girl? There are some ones for you to really ponder, huh? lol! Have a great day!

Jonathan said...

I am thinking about buying a house sometime next year or so what was the most difficult part of the entire process?

Also, do you have a recipe or know where I can get one for peanut butter poundcake?

Virginia Belle said...

OOH! More questions!!!

mieke-- ah! hi! i love you too! welcome to my land of insanity. answers: i am 27. i have a boston terrier (do a search on here for "Sammy" and you'll find pics of my adorable little fur ball). Did I say adorable? i meant to say "stubborn little sonovabitch" because that's what he really is. and yes, i have hung out w/cake class girl. i will post about it. it went really well.

jonathan-- by far the most difficult parts for me were:

A) learning about all the mortgage options and what things you want/don't want so you don't get screwed. i'm not very good with understanding money, so i needed a lot of explanation. mortgages are a lot of money and over a long period of time, so you have to think about what you can afford, and you have to be VERY realistic and

B) realizing that everyone in the business, from the real estate agents to the closing attorney to the builder is out to screw you, basically. yes, i am a cynic, but it's kinda true if you think about it. so it's important to keep that in mind. everyone is making money off of you, and if you're unhappy, it's not like you can just go to a house store with a receipt and say you want to return it. so you have to be very aware of everything and watch out for yourself. details matter!

if you are really looking to buy, i can give you lots of tips. just little things i wish i'd done differently, and little things i did that i'm REALLY glad i did. does that make sense? anyway. let me know.

as far as the PB poundcake is concerned, i found one on -- i also found a recipe for eggnog poundcake, which i will probably make...i love anything eggnog related. let me know how the PB one turns out.

RWA said...

What exactly constitutes "bad taste in music"?

Stephanie A. said...

What actor would play you in a movie???

Petra said...

I love socks, especially when I have a brand-new-never-worn-before pair. So I'm curious, why do you dislike socks?