Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Now that I'm mostly settled, I thought I'd share some pics with y'all. It's still kinda messy...ok, it's really messy. I haven't put any pics up yet. I have stuff all over the floor. There are dirty dishes in my sink. None of this will change anytime before January.

This is what happens when you A) are busy, B) have no furniture to store things, C) are out of town a lot and D) have packrat tendencies.

That would make a good band name: Packrat Tendencies.

Anyway, here goes. It's not very exciting, but you can at least get an idea of how my paint turned out. And how badly I need to buy slipcovers! Ugh. That plaid has got to go.

My rug--looks like one I saw in Pottery Barn, so I'm stoked!!


Living Room

The pic that will one day go above my couch (Notice how well it matches my rug. This was not planned. But I love it when stuff works out like that, don't you?)

Aah, the front porch. Sure would be nice to sit out there today. Too bad it's friggin arctic here. High of 50? WTF?

Entryway (see the Samster?)


This is supposed to be a dining area...but for now, it stores random crap

The bedside table I ganked from Czarina's barn. I luuuurve it. Note my super-cute pink flannel pjs on my bed. Can you see the little snowmen? I rocked out and got the pjs for $15. I heart Tar-zhay.

The "wall o furniture" which Czarina thinks should go. I'll get around to it one day.

Those were the most interesting. As if you haven't figured it out by now, photography is not my calling. Sometime next month, I should have a more photo-op kind of home. But for now, it's a little...raggedy looking.

Missed the "before" pics? Click here.

Oh! I almost forgot. Sammy has been getting cold lately, so we have been trying on some sweaters. If you ever want to laugh your ass off, try stuffing a 19 pound living animal into a turtleneck sweater they do not want to wear. This one here didn't work (too small) so I went to PetSmart and got him a cute red one. More pics to follow later.*

*Note: I am not one of those people who makes their dogs wear outfits. Sammy is cooler than that. But he seriously shivers for an hour after we go outside, and it makes me worry. He's got those big brown eyes, and he just looks up at me, shivering, and...well, you get the idea. The sweaters are purely functional. The cuteness is just a bonus.


Laura said...

Sammy's sweater is cute. He has short fur, so he needs a jacket or sweater. You are not turning into a crazy dog lady. However, if you buy this - - You will be the mayor of Crazytown.

DetoxSmurf said...

All you're missing is the kramer hanging above your fireplace.

Anne said...

I love it! I love your house. I love the blue walls. I love the white kitchen cabinets. I am so painting mine white. Mine are ugly light wood. Ugly Ugly.

Seriously the house. Really love the rug.

Gypsy said...

Great house!

Awww, little Sammikins and his sweater.

Anny said...

congrats again on the house!

Matilda Jane said...

The house looks great!
I can't wait until it's warm enough again to sit on your front porch and spy on your neighbors :-)

Virginia Belle said...

laura-- ok, i would actually buy one of those pet strollers. because Sammy is impossible to take on a walk-- he has to sniff everything, so we stop constantly. this would solve my problem. i guess i AM crazy.

detox-- yes, i know. but since i don't have a fireplace, i figured i could let it slide.

anne-- what a coincidence, because i LOVE ANNE. :)

gypsy-- did you call him Sammikins? i love that. new nickname!!

anny-- thanks!!!

MJ-- yeah, it needs to get warm soon. i need you to help me stalk, uh, i mean look for my cute neighbor.

m said...

A copy of Amy Sedaris's new book, I Like You:Hospitality Under the Influence.


I want that too. I think I will buy it for myself. Can't rely on the famil for this type of gift.