Friday, September 21, 2007

I Think We're Alone Now

...the beating of our hearts is the only sound....

(anyone else remember Tiffany?? Haha, now you have that song in your head!)

Well, now that most of us are here, all I can say is:

Holy Lurking, Batman!!!

I tell ya, nothing brings the lurkers out more than making your blog private! Yesterday, when I got to work at about 1:30, I opened my email:

44 New Messages.

Holy Schnikes! That was a new record! And the emails just kept pouring in all day long! It was so cool, because I had NO CLUE I had so many lurkers. I thought that about 25 people read this thing on a regular basis. So far, it's more like 85! WOW. Now I know why my statcounter tells me someone is reading this in Montana, Raleigh, Canada, etc.

So I am saying a big HELLO to all of my lurkers out there. Thanks for lurking. I am flattered to have so many fans and wonderful fan mail! WOOT! I am amazed at your ability to keep your mouth shut and never leave comments! As you can tell, this is a skill I do not possess. So more power to ya.

Hopefully, we won't have to be all secretive and stuff for too long. I wish that Google would stop cacheing (sp?) my blog, too. It has a bunch of posts on there, but oh well. What can you do?

I'm sure you wall want a CN update. Because if you're anything like me, the love lives of virtual strangers are the most fascinating things EVER. So here is your update.

There is no update. I haven't seen him since our Sunday Smoochfest. Crazy, considering he lives across the street from me, I know. But we are both busy. I think he's getting kinda antsy, though, because he seemed really bummed when I couldn't hang out with him Wednesday or Thursday. Tee hee.

So instead, we have resorted to one of my specialties: communicating through obnoxiously flirty text messages and novel-length myspace comments. Barf, barf, I know.

On Saturday, I'm going to his house to watch the game (and I swear upon all things holy that if Blake Mitchell throws THREE interceptions this week, I will fly to Baton Rouge myself to personally kick his ass!!!).

Then we're going to my house so I can make him dinner, and he is entirely too excited about this. "Ok, I have to calm down. Let me think about baseball and Angela Lansbury for a minute..." he said, when I told him what I wanted to make. You'd think no one has ever made dinner for him before-- he was that excited.

Time for a totally unrelated and jarring change of subject. You know me!

I did some shopping the other day and had a fantastic, wonderful experience.

All my male readers are saying, "Oh great. I accepted the invitation for this?!" -- ha ha! Yes, I am talking about shopping again.

I have been lusting after this one pair of Steve Madden shoes for months. I think since about April. Every time I have gone to the mall, I have picked them up, held them to my chest and cooed over them. Alas, I was not willing to drop $60 on a spontaneous purchase. After all, it's not like I would wear them every day.

But Wednesday night, I walked into Dillard's to behold......SHOE CLEARANCE. *fans herself.*

I walked up to the section for my shoe size, and there they were in their full glory: the LAST pair of my shoes. In my size. For $23.

[insert chorus of singing angels and heavenly beam of light here.]

Needless to say, they are in my closet right now. Pair #62 (I think....) I just need to find a killer outfit to wear them with...

So I might go shopping after work today to see if I can find something perfect to wear with them tonight. MJ, KT and I (and yes, VW and CN are coming, too) are going out to dinner and then we're going to see our favorite local band. So it should be a fun night.

I might post again later on this afternoon, peeps. I promise it won't be as random and incoherent as this one. Because after re-reading this, I fear I should be on ritalin....


Becky said...

hm, that makes me tempted to make mine private just to see how many lurkers i have! lol.

Christy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Ahhh those were the shoes we were talking about months and months and months ago!!!! I cant believe you got them for $23!!!! You get the gold star of shopping award!

Sadly, my obsession with these shoes came to an end when I tried them on. I seriously could not walk in them AT ALL. I put them back on the shelf and silently cried myself to sleep that night.

Props to you for being able to walk in them though! Your awesome!

Christy said...

Those are super cute shoes! It's nice to know someone else has a huge shoe fetish other than me. I have around 88 of those small shoe sized bins stacked in my closet. Thanks to Bob Ellis, Nordstrom and Aldo, I will be in debt forever. I will go hungry for a great pair of shoes. :)

Congrats on the CN adventures! :)

kimmykins13 said...

Sounds like your gonna have a fun weekend!!! I will be preparing for the Bachelorette I am throwing and I still have a butload of work to do - but it should be really fun! Will let you know how the bacon/cc wraps turn out.

Very cute shoes!!! I have a pair of black and white polka dot shoes too. Mine are Rampage and not nearly that high - Girl u are brave. I would break my neck!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Dixie said...

Oh my gah!! I loooove those shoes!!

Totally jealous.

Phantom Hater said...

OMG!!! *squeals* I love those shoes!!!

Just kidding. I guess they're alright. I have no opinion.

I had such a huge crush on Tiffany, and I don't even like Gingers (although my sister is a redhead) at all. Hmm, Angela Lansbury was a Ginger, too.
I loved that stupid song.

And spelling nazi, you spelled obnoxiously wrong.

Virginia Belle said...

becky -- trust me, you would be AMAZED.

meghan -- I know!!! i have wanted them forever. i have mad skills for walking in tall shoes. one of my secret talents. i like to think my extra-long toes give me more balance.

christy -- yes, i have been trying to STOP buying shoes, because i don't have outfits to wear with them. :p it's stupid, really. but heels make me feel sexy, so i like to buy things that make me feel sexy. you know?

kimmykins -- i can't wait to hear about your party. i know it will be so fun the way you described it to me. and yeah, i love me some tall shoes. luckily, CN is pretty tall, so i can wear all my big girl shoes around him! :)

dixie -- i bet you can find them online for a good price, too. the name of the style is: Richh (yes, with two Hs)

PH-- OMG! thank you for pointing that out to me. editing now...

Coco said...

Those shoes are making me inappropriately excited. Let ME think about baseball and Angela Lansbury for a moment . . .

So glad I can read your blog freely now-I feel so special!

playtpus said...

Thanks so much for making me hum Tiffany to myself all day's been a nice trip back to the 80's:) Now where did I put my parachute pants?

Lynn-e said...

I can't fathom finding Steve Madden's for $23!!! And they are too darn cute! All you need is a simple black dress and you are set. Wear those to watch the game with CN neither of you will even notice Blake Mitchell.

The Dummy said...

Hey VB - It sure is nice to have some privacy! How cool is that to have so many people de-lurk to read you?! Hope you have a great time with CN - I love how you call your updates CNN... very witty.

Carolyn said...

hmmm maybe I'll stop lurking and actually comment now. I just normally have nothing to say, but do looooooooooove reading your blog.
I'm one of your Canadians by the way!!
and i looooooooooooooove those shoes. I'm kinda anti-steve-madden right now though because I bought a pair of cute red peep-toe wedges that absolutly destroyed my feet so much that now can't even bring myself to bear the pain enough to break them in. :-(

RWA said...

You don't really have 62 pairs of shoes - do you?

I hope you are leaving the Vicodin in the bottle this time!!!!

jennster said...

my best friend ali reads your blog and she's all annoyed that she can't read it now. LOL
invite her or else VB!

mysterygirl! said...

Oooh! I have a pair of Madden Girl black polka-dot peep-toes with red heels that are almost identical to those, and I love them. ($40 at DSW). Enjoy the shoes and your Saturday!

Evel said...

I am done being pissed that no one comments on the blog. Since I started tracking I figure, I know they are there, who cares if anyone else does. But if they only knew that commenting would actually boost my traffic. You can't teach these kids anything nowadays.

Anyway. Those are cool shoes. I wish I didn't have man feet, I have to buy pumps only a drag queen could wear. Pointless.

Evel said...

Oh, and thanks for the invite. (almost forgot my manners)

Mieke said...

Way cute shoes!! Hope they are comfy! But if not, at least they look good, right??
Update yet on Cn? I am pretty sure my life would be boring if I didn't have yours to keep up with! Always fun and entertaining! Thanks VB!!!

teahouse said...

Oh, WOW..those are awesome!!

Vamp it up, baby...

Stuck said...

Not only did I read a post about shoes... I also read about 20 comments about them...

I think I'm going to go tackle someone in the hallway now. I need to feel more manly.

Virginia Belle said...

coco -- i KNOW! they are my new favorite worldly possession! i'm glad you're here, too. :)

platypus -- maybe you left them in your delorian??? LOL

lynn-e -- yes, that's what i wore them with. as far as not noticing the game....well, that's for the next post...

dummy-- yeah, tell me about it! lurking,'s all new to me!

carolyn -- beauty is pain, girl! glad you're reading and finally commenting!

rwa-- um, actually, it's probably more like 65 pairs at this point. i have a shoe thing....they always fit and make me feel sexy. it's the perfect purchase! and after my last experience, i don't know if i will ever take vicodin recreationally again!!!

ster-- yes, ma'am! adding her today!

mysterygirl -- i did! they are so 1940s, i felt like one of those Varga pinup girls!

evel -- i leave comments, usually, right? i think i do...i read most of your posts, because you are hysterical! i have big feet myself -- 9 or 9.5. so i feel your pain!

mieke -- i sat down most of the evening, which made the shoes MUCH more wearable. i'll update on CN later today...

teahouse-- yeah, they are my official WWII Pin-up Girl shoes!

stuck -- you are totally manly! no need to tackle anyone!!! i won't tell anyone you read about shoes. no one will know.

Jen said...

*waves* Lurker here. I'm not even sure now how I found your blog. But once I did, I added it to my favorites right away. I never posted a comment because I was having google password issues. But once you made your blog private, I was forced to resolve those issues. :)

And I know you will think this is crazy, but since I am married, I must be reading your blog so that I can somehow live vicariously through you. And I would sooooo wear those shoes!

Burg said...

Wow.. I totally want fan mail.

wearingthepants said...

Another lurker comment here... officially "outing" myself! Super cute shoes. :)

Kraig said...

Yaa, I'm back. I was going through VB withdrawl.

OK, as for the caching thing, try these:

Webpage removal request

Stop Google from indexing:

to see what has been indexed by google:

You may know all that stuff, but thought I'd try to help.

Now to catch up on missed posts.

The K Life said...

gah, shoes!! love them, jealous jealous jealous! boys just don't understand how amazing shoes are!!

oh, i was totally lurking! haha. or maybe I've left a few comments, not sure. but it's true, the love lives of internet strangers are so fun to hear about!!