Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Writer's Block

Well, crap. I am suffering from major blog writer's block. I don't have much of anything to report. Everything is sort of "same shit, different day". Not that I'm complaining. It's just hard to blog. I'm sure I can come up with something. Um, let's see...

CN is fine. He's still wonderful. Although he did lose some points this past weekend. On Sunday, I told him I would make dinner for him when he got back from watching the Falcons play. I wanted to eat at 6pm, but he said that he was still full from all the nachos he ate at 3pm.

Now, this is just a word of advice to men: if your woman is making you dinner, DO NOT spoil your dinner by eating nachos mid-afternoon. It's very inconsiderate.

"Grrrr..." I thought.

"Ok, how about dinner at 7pm?" I texted.

"Sounds good!" he replied.

Soon it is 7:00. No CN to be found. At this point, dinner is ready to eat and waiting on him to cross the street to my house. He was probably sitting on his couch, watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

"Grrr..." I thought.

Word of advice to anyone: It is rude to be late to dinner. Usually because it means people are waiting on you and the food is being kept warm. Sometimes, keeping it warm can affect the quality of the food. Sometimes, this can cause the rice to stick to the pot like.....well, like white on rice. This kind of rice is extremely difficult to scrub off of said pot. Which often makes cooks angry.

"GRRRRR!!!" I thought as 7:15 ticked by.

I sat down on my couch, too stubborn to call him and see what in the hell he was doing. I began to work on my recipe organizing project to distract myself from my irritation. I was still busy working on it when he decided to show up. It was 7:30.

"GRRRRR!!!" I thought when he walked in the door.

"Rumble!!" said my empty tummy. (I was ready to eat at 6pm, so I was pretty hungry by this point.....although, my anger was definitely causing me to begin to lose my appetite.)

"Hey Babe! I have been so lazy today. I just laid on my couch after I got home from watching the game..." said CN.

"Hi," I said, frigidly. No hug. No eye contact. I was Ice Queen.

He instantly knew something was wrong. I told him I was annoyed and hungry. He said he didn't realize I was waiting on him. That's when I informed him that cooking dinner is different than cooking breakfast -- it's more than just cracking a couple of eggs into a frying pan. It takes time. If I say we are eating at 7:00, that means forkfuls of food are being sent to my empty tummy at that time. Then I told him that I was more irritated at the fact that he spoiled his dinner by eating a whole thing of nachos late in the afternoon when he knew I was making him dinner. That's just inconsiderate.

Ok, I didn't tell him he was inconsiderate. But I did make him feel badly. He apologized profusely and asked if he could do anything to make it up to me. I told him he had to do all the dishes, even the stuck-rice one. He said ok.

We ate. He washed. I felt better. We had a make-up smooching session.

Unfortunately, the handle on the rice pot broke during all of this (um...during dinner, not during the make-out session, that is). It was my fault, not his. And I was kind of upset, because the pot used to belong to my Grandma Virginia. I never met her, and I am named after her. All I have are her recipes and her pot, which is now broken. It is pretty old (from about the 1950s, I think), so I guess it had to go sometime. CN can't fix the handle, and neither can I. It's cracked, and the screw won't "stick". Glue might work, but I'm thinking it might melt or something when I heat up the pot. So I might see if I can find a replacement on eBay. I'm kind of bummed out about the pot, actually. :'(

I am secretly hoping CN will read my mind and get me a replacement pot for Christmas......but I'm not holding my breath. And if you are one of my readers who knows CN in real life, please do not tell him this, because then it won't count. Guys have to think up their own things for girlfriends for Christmas. That's the rule.

Anyway....let's see, what else.......

Last night, MJ and I hung out -- we were sorely in need of some Girl Time. In fact, we are having MORE Girl Time this weekend! Woo Hoo! We love hanging out with our new boyfs, but after having Boyfriend Weekends last weekend, we are wanting some alone/friend time. I am excited -- I haven't gone out with just MJ and KT in a long, long time.

Tonight I'm hanging out with CN, though. I haven't really seen him or talked to him since the Dinner Incident, and he really wants to see me. "I want to take you out somewhere nice for dinner. Are you free tonight?" he texted me today. How can you be mad at this guy? He's such a sweetheart.

Ugh. This blog is turning into a Boyfriend Blog. Which makes me kinda throw up a little. I need to get some variety in here. Does anyone have any ideas? Posting requests? I have major writers' block, guys! Help!


Stuck said...

You could write an apology and retraction regarding the woman wrestling raw poultry. I'm mentally scarred from it. (More scarred than I was before, I mean.)

Phantom Hater said...

Yeah, it's really bad when an excuse is as lame as "I just laid on my couch after I got home from watching the game." At least he's honest about it.

I totally understand about the on-time for dinner thing, because it's a royal pain in the ass to keep multiple dishes warm for an extended period of time, and you have to work to get everything done at the same time. I kinda feel bad for my mom in this regard, because I was always late for dinner. And you know a typical guy can eat almost anything cold or in front of the television, so it's not really as big of a deal to him.

Hey, at least you're posting pretty regularly. I think the whole "1 post a day" thing that is going on right now is overkill anyway. People who have lives that exciting shouldn't have time to blog about them.

I'm sure you'll have something exciting to post after your girls' night out, with some stories about blacking out, knocking over tables, know, all the fun stuff that happens on girls' night out.

Jonathan Zero said...

I tried the post a day thing a few years back I think. Ended up with many forced crappy posts that probably caused me to go into less and less posts overall mode. Reading that sentence I just wrote, I even do not make sense to myself sometimes.

lenfercestlesautres said...

I gave up on the one post a day too. Also, I slept only one hour tonight (or shall I say from 8 AM to 9 AM), so really, don't have time ;)

Don't worry, your inspiration will come back... No need to sign up for Facebook because of that :D

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

He is a sweetheart...and so are you.

If I were in your position I would have eaten at 7 and then put whatever it was in the fridge. When he decided to lollygag over, I would inform him that dinner was in the fridge and to use the microwave to heat it up. Also, I would ask him if he could do the dishes.

You know how your biggest pet peeve is guys not holding doors? Well mine is being tardy. I cant stand it!

However, I doubt CN knew that what he was doing would hurt your feelings. Point is - you told him it upset you, and he will never do it again. I like him!

Christy said...

post on things you know and enjoy. shopping, makeup, memories, food, culture, traveling, hopes, dreams, silly stuff. you can do a fun wishlist or places you would like to go, things you would like to purchase, xmas list, etc. lists post are always easy to do.

your readers will find amusing and enjoyable no matter what you choose to blog about.

Virginia Belle said...

Stuck-- ok, you are just going to have to get over this phobia of yours. i'm sorry for scarring you.

PH-- wow, you pretty much nailed why being late to dinner is a no-no. what a well-trained monkey you are! i will make sure to post about girl's weekend.

jonathan -- yes, i am starting to see why it's so hard to post every day. life gets in the way.

len-- way to out me! i will keep this short -- you probably need some sleep.

meghan-- oh yeah. communication is definitely very good between us. he had no ill will, so i couldn't really get that mad. it's a learning process for both of us.

christy -- what a cute little avatar!! love that. thanks for the ideas. you're helping me a LOT! believe it or not! :)

Phantom Hater said...

Well, I do cook. Actually, having everything ready early is usually better than still working on it while people are there.