Friday, February 01, 2008

It's Friday!!!

Time for something fun!!!! YAY!! Weekend!!!

CN and I love this commercial, and we have started to say, "What the French, Toast?" to each other. *snicker* Hope you think it's as funny as we do.

CN told me about these next two videos. He said that I'm lucky Kelly doesn't live near here, or else I would have serious competition. *rolls eyes* My coworkers think they are a riot, but MJ doesn't think they are funny. All I know is, I can't stop saying, "Lemme borrow that top!"

*WARNING: These are NOT suitable for work or children! So turn your speakers down!*

Ok, I am STILL laughing about these Kelly videos, and I've watched them at least 5 times. This guy (whoever he is) needs to make more Kelly videos. Or else I will "betchslap" the stupid outta him!

Well, we all know this weekend is The Superbowl! This year I am hoping the Giants will win. My fam is full of Colts fans, so rooting for the Giants is as close as we can get. Besides, I like to root for underdogs. Although, Tom Brady is pretty hot.......OMG, girls, have you checked out the new Stetson ads? Yee-Ha, Cowboy! *faints into puddle on floor*

Where was I? Oh yeah. If you want to see some of the commercials that will air, check out this site.

Who are you cheering on in The Big Game? Do you have any fun plans?


Coco said...

Um. Hel-lo! All this time I have been wondering what the fuss was about Tom Brady. I mean, he was no dog or anything, but I didn't find him all that appealling . . .but I find myself drooling a bit over the stetson ads. Man . . .

Alison said...

Tom Brady IS hot but I can't cheer for him because the Patriots beat my Chargers. Bastards. Go Giants!

The K Life said...

I love Kelly! These are from that show on Vh1 called I Hate My 30's

tallglassofvino said...

these cracked me up! Thanks for posting them! (I'm too old to find them myself - haha)

The Kelly videos are mildly disturbing - but mostly because this is a guy's interpretation of how we women obsess, and well, he's pretty much on the mark. gah.

But this just leads to inevitable question: Why are there no parallel videos of guys freaking over rims, spoilers, VSmodels, chewing tabacco, etc??? You KNOW they are just as bad as us, just not as likely to act it out in (girl-)friend-cluster formation.

Phantom Hater said...

I have one thing to say after this lame Super Bowl weekend--F*** the Giants. F*** them with rusty gardening implements. Damnit. I had money on that game.

The only thing that bugs me about Tom Brady (and he's a very, very talented QB) is that he has probably converted more women into football fans *not because of his playing ability* but because of his looks. I mean, I used to like volleyball because of Gabrielle Reece, but that's different, of course.

Phantom Hater said...

~tallglass -
"rims, spoilers, VSmodels, chewing tabacco, etc???"

Man, you need to stop dating gangsta-redneck high school kids. lmao.

RWA said...

Well, the Giants won. That's good news, huh?

I liked the GoDaddy commercial the best (the online one that the commercial referred you to - the one that Fox allegedly "rejected").

Phantom Hater said...

Did you notice that the Stetson ad you put up is on "". That's funny.

Baja Hockey Fan said...

Kelly has a myspace page. I am not sure how I ever got to it but it was perfect at the time. Kelly had a song called text message breakup and a friend had just been on the receiving end of a text message breakup. You can find Kelly through my myspace page

teahouse said...

Yeah, I was rooting for the Giants as well. We went to a party at some friends' house..lots of fun. I'm glad the Giants won!