Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

This month is going to suck. Not only do I have to finish up the Big Suck-Ass Project here at the library by the end of the month, but Dildo's is still working me over 20 hours per week, and it's not going to change. And my dumb manager got my schedule wrong -- I'm supposed to have one weekend off from Dildo's per month. Right now, the schedule says I have 0.

Which means the only day this month where I do not have to work at all is: July 13th. Gee, thanks.

Ok, ok, I shouldn't complain. I am paying off my credit cards like mad. I think I will pay off about $700 this month. Maybe $800. It's almost worth not having a life. Almost.

That's why I'm so freaking excited about some news I recently got: I am going to be an adjunct instructor and teach a college-level class here where I already work, starting in August. This is extremely awesome because:

1. It's only 1-2 nights during the week, so no more weekends!!
2. It pays a lump sum of about $1200, which I can just forward on to my credit cards in a big lump sum, instead of juggling around money between all my bills and two jobs and five paychecks like I am doing right now. It gets confusing, especially when the Dildo's paycheck is vastly different from week to week. And my electricity bill is all over the map.
3. I love love love love to teach. Anything. To anyone. Even this class, which is a sort of Welcome-to-College-Here's-How-Not-to-Fuck-Up class. Seriously, teaching is definitely on the short list of my passions.
4. Since I will already be at the library, and therefore already on campus, I will not have to use any gas to get to my night job. Woot. And I think it will end around 7pm-ish, rather than 9:30 like Dildo's.
5. There is nothing to buy while I am there. I have spent at least $100 on jewelry since I started at Dildo's. Oops. I guess it's like an alcoholic working in a bar....kind of dumb to get a job at the mall, now that I'm looking at it....
6. I will get to totally avoid the Hell that is The Holiday Mall.

The class runs from August - mid-December. If you are number crunching right now, you are correct: this is not going to pay as well as Dildo's, where I am earning about $500/month. BUT I will have a life again! I can go to the gym, cook, see my friends, sleep in on Saturdays......ahhhhhh. I can't wait.

So I'm thinking I will quit Dildo's at the end of the month, enjoy a 2 week semi-vacation where I only work one job, and then my class will start. The cool thing is, once you start teaching this class, they usually have you teaching it every semester. So I'm good to go.

In other money-related news, CN got his economic stimulus check. Since he is smart and doesn't have oodles of credit card debt like his girlfriend does, his options are limitless with this $600 he just got from Uncle Sam. I asked him what he was going to do with it, and he made a joke about eating it (don't ask) and then promptly changed the subject. Hmmm. That's an interesting my admittedly semi-nosey question. So a couple days later, when the topic of the Uncle Sam check came up again, I got the same answer.

Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? No? Just me? Ok. Moving on.

Btw, he and I celebrated our 10 month anniversary by.....(drumroll please)...eating leftovers and passing out on the couch in front of the tv. What an exciting couple, no?

Oh! Some more exciting news: I have a Little Sister (as in Big Brothers Big Sisters). We haven't met yet, because I'm trying to schedule our meeting, but my schedule is not cooperating. Argh. So I'm playing phone tag with the Big Brothers Big Sisters rep, who is playing phone tag with the girl's mother. It's crazy. But the mom wants to get the ball rolling ASAP, so we may meet up as soon as this weekend!!!! Yay! So exciting.

Tomorrow is the 4th. I will be working. Shocker! I'll be at Dildo's all day. But it won't be an entirely suck day: they are feeding us lunch (hot dogs and burgers), which is nice. It would be nicer to get time and a half, but whatever. (New employees don't get time and a half on holidays, which is probably why they have me working all day long.)

After I get off work, I am going to see a semi-pro baseball game downtown, where I will eat more hot dogs (seriously, I'm in a phase) and actually --*gasp*-- hang out with some friends! I seriously only see MJ twice a month now, and it's killing me. Text messages and emails only go so far. Most of what she knows about my day-to-day life now is via this blog. That is sad.

Oh! If you are wondering about Miss MJ, since her blog is now defunct, here's a quickie update:

She sorta dated this guy who works for her company, but lives in Florida. He was in town for a couple of months, and was rather smothering, then he was a bad kisser, then became a good kisser. I'm hoping to get more details soon. Also, she is now in a co-ed soccer league, and their first game is tonight.

And I have dubbed myself Unofficial Team Mom, because A) I don't have shit else to do. LOL and B) any excuse to bake something is awesome for me. So I managed to squeeze out enough time to bake some cupcakes this morning, and after I get off work here in a few minutes, I'm going to take them to MJ and her teammates.

Then she and I are going to have some much needed girl time. Until I have to go to bed so I can get up early for work. *sigh*

One more month. Then I have a life again.


JP said...

Congratulations Professor! Way cool.

RWA said...

That is great news about the class. I think you would be an outstanding instructor/professor.

Hope y'all have a great Fourth.

Len said...

Say hi to MJ. I miss her.

kimmykins13 said...

You have so much stamina working these jobs. I am so glad that you will be able to quit Dildo's. This will be a much needed break and more time for you and CN - and also your friends. Oh, BTW - I'm sure I have said this before, but you are sooo awesome for giving back by taking on a 'lil sis - You ROCK VB!!!

My bet is CN is going to get a ring with the Uncle Sam check - Hella - Helloooo!! It's just a feeling I get.... I will calm my excitement down now, but keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

Say Hi to MJ for me as well. I miss her blog too.

Jonathan Zero said...

Very cool about the class. We have something similar. I think it really helps the students adjust. Good luck with it. And thanks for reminding me there is only 1 month left till the semester starts, hehe

Coco said...

suh-weet. I am SO happy for you-the light at the end of the tunnel . . .and as for CN . . .
I dunno . . .possibilities . . .

Christina said...
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Christina said...

i agree with kimmykins. maybe he is saving for a ring. i am sending good thoughts. it's exciting to think about!! :)

sassafras said...

Ummm...yes I AM thinking what you are thinking ;)

(and I can't wait).

Lynn-e said...

I am definitely thinking what you are thinking....

And I'm very impressed with how much cash you are putting toward your debt! Good for you!

Virginia Belle said...

jp -- thank you! *bows*

rwa-- thank you!

len-- i will! actually, she reads this, so she probably saw that.

kimmykins -- yay! thank you for such a great comment. i am excited!!

jonathan -- anything i can do to help you out! tee hee

christina, sassafras and lynn-e: EEEEEEEK!!!! and thank you!

Phantom Hater said...

"Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? No? Just me? Ok. Moving on."

Yeah, CN is probably going to buy himself a Nintendo Wii. lol.

Good luck with the class.

MJ is in a soccer league? Hmm, I thought that confirmed my suspicion about her, then I noticed you said she was dating a guy. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Haha, you're a soccer mom! Time to start shopping for the minivan.

don said...

That's great about your new job! I miss MJ's blog too.