Monday, April 10, 2006


Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays! --Female Temp, Office Space

I am not normally one of those people who hate Mondays. I'm usually ok with Mondays, despite the fact that they really interrupt my weekends. But I'm really just not happy to be out of bed today.

First, let me recount my weekend. I went to Charleston on Friday morning. Repo's mom was getting married, and so I made the hour-or-so trip down there to meet his family and attend the wedding. His family is really nice and we all got along splendidly. Whew! *VB wipes brow* One irony: His super-cool aunt is really into organic foods. And she smokes like a chimney. Doesn't that defeat the purpose...? Repo made a lot of jokes about how she wants to take over the world and force everyone to eat organic. He calls her the Organic Nazi.

Anyway, when I got there I greeted Repo, who had been in bed for an entire week and was bored to tears. "Entertain me!" he kept joking. "Shut up! That's not my problem!" I would say, with a big grin on my face. (He was still in some pain and couldn't see, but his eye looked much better, so my sympathy for him has waned.) I talked to him for a minute, put my stuff down, and then hopped in his mom's car along with his sister. We went to get manicures and pedicures. We had a good time. There was only one little problem. I hadn't had a manicure in about...uh, ten years. I had forgotten what they do during manicures. (I have been doing my own manicures for years because I'm cheap! Stop making fun of me!) So I didn't know he was sanding down my nails to prep them for fake acrylic nails until he had already filed away half my nails! I felt so stupid. D'oh! *VB smacks forehead* I thought he was just going to give them a really thorough buffing. Not! So now my nails are really thin and fragile. I guess they will grow out. three months. Dang! Being dumb sucks.

On Saturday, at the last minute, the weatherman called for heavy rain, so Repo's fam had to buy tents since it was an outdoor wedding. It was beautiful and sunny for the ceremony, but by the reception there were very dark clouds looming. It's a good thing they bought the tents, because it was a really bad storm--it hailed the size of mothballs! So we were all drenched as we were eating. (Repo and his aunt made a joke that Repo's dad sent the hail because he was probably rolling over in his grave about the fact that his widow was re-marrying!)

The running joke after the wedding was that the pastor who conducted the ceremony reminded us all of Mrs. Doubtfire. We were snickering a little at the wedding, because really, it was uncanny. She was a big girl and even had the accent and hairdo. Good thing I was sitting in the back. Later on, Repo's uncle said that she used to be a he--Uncle was pretty sure it was the legendary local pastor who had had a sex change. Well, that explains the Mrs. Doubtfire resemblance, I guess...and no, we don't think the lovely couple realized that was who they had hired to conduct the ceremony.

It was a really relaxing weekend overall. The food was good--Repo's mom has an endless supply of Jelly Belly jellybeans, which scored a lot of points with me. We had a big lasagna dinner Friday night, a pig-pickin' at the wedding reception, breakfast at his aunt's house and dinner at his grandma's house on Sunday. So I definitely ate well! (And I scored a container of leftover pulled pork from the reception so I'll be eating yummy BBQ sandwiches all week!)

Other than hanging out at family functions, I mostly napped along with Repo, who slept 90% of the time. I nursed him some, too, since he has been getting headaches from his eye injury. His stitches are dissolving into his eyeball, which isn't very comfy, either. I watched some movies with his super-cool aunt while he napped. (Bewitched was so cute and very funny! And Practical Magic was...interesting. Strange that both movies involved witchcraft...) It was pretty nice to relax and catch up on some Z's. On the way home, Repo took my by the house where he grew up. Awww...I think he was a little sentimental about it, especially after looking at old pictures with me at his grandma's house.

I dropped him off at his house when we got back to Columbia and then went home to unpack while waiting for K's flight to arrive. She went to DC for the weekend and her flight didn't come in until 11:30. So I'm pretty tired today!

Then, on top of being tired and cranky that my weekend is over, I woke up too late to make lunch this morning. The final icing on the cake was when I got in my car this morning (ten minutes late to work already) only to discover that it wouldn't f'ing start. The key goes in, but it won't turn. It's almost like I'm trying to use someone else's key. (I'm not. I'm not that stupid.) After pleading and begging the car to start, I gave up, got angry and shouted some expletives as I slammed the door shut. (If you remember, I hate my car. It has been causing problems ever since I got it.) So I had to wake up K so she could drive me to work. I have the coolest roomie ever. She got up and drove me, no questions asked. I just love her.

On the way, we had to stop because there were cows in the road. Yes, I said cows. As in moo-moo. Only in South Carolina. We honked and they moved. Weird. Especially since we live in an urban-ish area. Are there friggin' farms in Columbia?

Work has been crazy today. Everyone decided to go on vacation, leaving me and one other coworker to deal with all the frantic, crazed library patrons that come in. We are getting a lot of Office Max questions: Do you have any glue? Can I borrow your scissors? etc. It has been one weird thing after another today. Example: This morning, I helped a stripper find articles on the literature criticism of Langston Hughes' poetry. Her paper discusses the role of racism and prejudice in his poetry. Very surreal.

Ok, I don't know if she was a stripper, per se. But she sure did give a good impression. Is it too much to ask that you cover your midriff before coming to the library? I mean, how are people supposed to take you seriously, Bambi?

After K picks me up, I'm going to get her to drop me off at Repo's. Another irony: He can't drive, but his car works. I can drive, but my car doesn't work. So he said I can borrow his car until mine gets fixed. His eye is still messed up, so he's not going into work until at least Wednesday. K's friend is going to look at my car tonight. He's a mechanic, so I'm hoping I can save a bundle and just pay him for labor.

I'm sure tomorrow will be better since I'm going back to Charleston to see David Sedaris!!!


Stuck said...

The key won't turn? That's usually an caused when the steering wheel is locked in a non-normal position. Try wiggling the wheel a little. I think some cars have a similar lock-out when the gear-shift isn't properly seated, too. Check that.

Stuck said...
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teahouse said...

Wow..sounds like a fun wedding. Man, reading about that pig picking is making me drool all over my keyboard!!

Virginia Belle said...

stuck-- yeah, i know about those little tricks already and i checked on both of them. they are not the problem. the really annoying thing was that when i came home from work yesterday, i tried it again and it came on just like it should, no problem! it was toying with me when i was late for work. f'ing car!!!!!

teahouse-- oh, i know. i heard "pig pickin'" and i made sure to bring my appetite! hell-o yummy dinner!!! if i ever get married, i'm having a pig pickin' too. it's the best.

sassafras said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good time at the wedding, I was wondering how it would go.
It's a good thing you don't mind Mondays because otherwise I don't know how you would have made it thorough the day!
And the icing on the cake? Well, now I'm wondering where my cake is!

NML said...

I have no clue what is wrong with your car... Sounds like you had a lot of fun and you are well ensconsed in the family. I have a wedding to go to with the BF next month which I'm rather excited about. I imagine that Repo won't be making the same mistake again re fighting. This will be a big lesson for him, hence saving you muchos headache in the future!

The Dummy said...

What a busy weekend! At least after all that you're gonna get to see your favoritest guy play. :)

What's the word on Repo and fighting? Figured out if that's just a random deal, or if it's something in his personality or lifestyle that causes it to flare?

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