Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Random Phone Call

I got a phone call this morning, from a number I didn't recognize. So I answered it. It was a very informative phone call. Background: Back when I was in school, my dad took out a loan to help pay for it. Even though it was in his name, I have been paying it for the last couple of years. I tried to send the loan people my new address when I moved last February, but after the third try I gave up. So I haven't been paying it. I figured, it's in his name, not mine, so it won't affect my credit. But this phone call made me worry that I was in trouble. Anyway, the lady calling me this morning didn't even know my dad was dead. She apologized and then informed me: Since he is dead, all I have to do is send in a death certificate, and the loan is forgiven. As in, "POOF!" and sympathies from Uncle Sam. They are even sending a condolence letter!

Ever the skeptic, I called Czarina, who was also skeptical. I mean, the money is owed. We are willing to pay it. We are scratching our heads. I guess when we get the letter, with directions for how to do the paperwork, we will know more. Does anyone else think this sounds crazy? As a tax payer, this concerns me. Are my tax dollars going towards people in similar situations? Not that I'm not sorry for their loss, but is it really fair for strangers to pay for one's college loans?? I don't expect strangers to pay for mine.

More randomness: I have been having a lot of dreams about elephants lately. Don't know what that means.

The toilet paper here at work is locked. As if anyone would ever steal that sandpaper! The little basket embedded in the wall where women put their unmentionables is also locked. That concerns me. Have they had a problem with people stealing that stuff in the past? Makes no sense.

Today, a man came up to me at the desk to inform me about one of the computers here in the library. Its clock is an hour off. Why would anyone care, much less take the time to report it is beyond me. People need lives. Good grief.

So this weekend, I was sitting on my porch, drinking my coffee. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this guy pulls up in a white Blazer. He leaves it in park, sitting in the little road that runs through my apartment complex. A woman is in the passenger seat because I can hear her talking to him. The guy gets out, with a hammer in hand. This caught my attention, since he left the car in park to hop out. And he didn't look happy. And he wasn't carrying anything you'd expect someone who is nailing stuff to a wall. Just the hammer. And he was in a hurry. Very strange. He didn't see me, and once he went into the breezeway, I couldn't see him. So I listened. He banged his hammer on something, and then came back out. He went over to the other end of the building, went in that breezeway, and hammered something and then got back in his car and left. Later on, I went investigating with Sammy. I saw nothing hammered, bent, damaged or nailed to anything.

This completely baffles me. I can't figure out why he was hammering, what he was hammering or who he was. I didn't recognize him at all, nor did I recognize his car. The craziest part was, no one else woke up. And it was loud.

Any theories?


Red said...

He's a compulsive random hammerer??

Vixen said...

LOL....Perhaps something on the floor

Re: the debt, i've heard that before. Once the person who owes it is dead, the companies usually forgive the whole debt. That's why so many people try to fake their deaths. Hehehe.

You sound more like yourself today.

Lisa said...

That college loan thing is really bizarre. And the hammer thing is wierd too.

As for the elephants? I have NO CLUE. But kinda funny!

NotCarrie said...

V. interesting about the debt. I know nothing about things like that.

Brian said...


Quick Decode
Tough; good memory; useless

Popular Expressions
An elephant never forgets; A white elephant

Possible Meanings
Ask yourself what it is you want to remember. For example, if the elephant is with someone your know to be a spendthrift, are you reminded to be careful with money?

The elephant is also a symbol of being thick-skinned. Do you or does someone else in your dream have a hide as thick as an elephant’s – that is, you or they don’t get upset easily?

Elephants are gentle giants. Is that how you see yourself? Tough on the outside but gentle within? Also consider whether the elephant’s long trunk is a reminder to keep your nose out of business that doesn’t concern you.

DetoxSmurf said...

There are 3 courses of actions credit agencies can take to collect from a decease person.

1) They can try to liquidate the estate and collect from that.

2) Open up a new loan application with you.

3) Write it off as a bad debt and collect the money at tax time.

The easiest IMHO is to get a death certificate and write it off at tax time. It's guarantee money that they will get at the end of the year.

Matilda Jane said...

Dream Dictionary

To see an elephant in your dream, suggests that you either need to be more patient and understanding of others. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, and intellect. Alternatively, as a creature with an introverted nature, the elephant may thus be depicting your own personality.

Hammered... ha! that's too funny.

Stuck said...

He might've been the apartment complex handyman and some neighbor called and DEMANDED that they have something put back in place IMMEDIATELY, hence the annoyed look when he got out the car.

And why do people insist that dreams have to mean something? You can't just dream about elephants for no reason at all?

Christina_the_wench said...

Move, before we see this on an episode of CSI.


charming, but single said...

VB, you should read your loan papers. Sometimes loans have a "credit life" clause, meaning that the loan is forgiven if the person dies. I think some people do this so that their children won't inherit their debt ... I say that if this is coming from an official government agency, go for it.

Virginia Belle said...

red-- yeah, apparently so...

vixen-- yeah, i'm trying to get back to my old self. i still can't believe the debt thing is this easy...

lisa-- yeah, it's just another crazy time in the life of VB.

notcarrie-- neither do i. money stuff is not my forte.

brian-- the thing that is frustrating is that i can't remember anything about the dreams other than there was an elephant in them. i think one of them was an animated elephant....crazy.

detox-- thanks for the info. glad someone knows about this stuff!

MJ-- now THAT interpretation makes sense for what is going on in my life right now.....weird. maybe the dictionary is on to something. and btw, how did you get a link into your comment? i don't know how to do that.

stuck-- no, he wasn't a handy man. i recognize those guys. i''m telling you, it was weird. and kinda scary....

christina-- you crack me up. the sick thing is, i think it would be so cool to be featured on a crime show. i am that obsessed w/true crime. i am a freak.

CBS-- yeah, i am hoping it is just that simple. we will see when the paperwork comes in. the thing is, i only owe like a grand--it's not that much money. i don't get that they don't want the money when i'm willing to pay...weird.

Gypsy said...

Random hammering? Maybe he's an invisible demon hunter with a magic hammer? I don't mean that he's invisible, because obviously you saw him, but that the demons are. And the hammer of fury, like, kills them? And he was annoyed because, you know, demons and all?

That's all I got.

The Dummy said...

Sounds like everyone's already said the same thing: debt is usually forgiven upon death. Good to double check the documents though. Weird about that hammer guy - keep an eye out for America's Most Wanted and see if he shows up!

Matilda Jane said...

you have to type it in by hand (the college computer course came in handy after all!)

Here is a web page with a bunch of html codes to mess with.

Virginia Belle said...

MJ--aaah. ok. spanks.

Miss Fire said...

With everyone else on the debt, especially re-reading the loan docs just to make sure, if you still have them.

The elephant means you are a Republican. Welcome to the dark side. ;-)

Hammer guy. He was looking to get nailed. Hah.

Matilda Jane said...

actually, miss fire... I would think more that he was looking for someone to nail.... having the hammer and all :-P

M said...

I checked google to see if there is some sort of "random hammering" society out there.

"random hammering" brought up 673,000 hits...sigh.

You are a librarian, right? Maybe you can modify that search to a more managable size!

Sam said...

It's Hammer Time!

NML said...

Well that's great news re the loan - it's very likely to be correct. If you see that guy again play MC Hammer