Friday, November 17, 2006

Cake Class Girl & The General

I posted a (late) Thursday 13 below, btw. Go read it. I'll wait....

So after our last cake decorating class, four of us went to grab some Mexican food. We had all sat near each other in class, so we had bummed powdered sugar and borrowed icing tips from each other. We gossiped and chatted each week while we frosted our cakes. We had complimented each others' cakes and laughed with each other when our icing clowns melted or when our roses withered. They were really nice, and they are one of the main reasons why I really had fun in the class.

We had fun talking and eating over Mexican, too. The adorable girl from my cake class (I'll call her Cake Class Girl) and I exchanged numbers, so we will hang out soon. Yay! Did I tell you that she's actually a professionally trained chef? As in, graduated from culinary school? Yeah. That is so cool. She is so nice. One of those incredibly nice people. There should be more people like that in the world.

I only have one hesitation: I think she may be a Bible-beater. Which is fine. I just hope she isn't one of the ones who cannot talk about anything else. Because that gets old. Don't get me wrong-- I go to church sometimes. I believe in God and Jesus. I pray, and I try to lead a Christian lifestyle. I'm not very good at it.....and this girl makes me feel like lightning will strike me at any we will see. She may have just come off like that because we did talk about what church we all go to as we were eating. It could have just been a conversation tangent.

I probably just pissed off some people just now....but oh well. It was bound to happen one day.

Oh. Before I forget. In the past few weeks, I have received news that two of my friends have gotten engaged. One is part of my group of friends I like to call "The Nurses", although, like me, she isn't a nurse. This is her 4th engagement. She has been dating the guy for a whopping 6 weeks. Place your bets now....I'm so mean, aren't I? I think she's a nice person. I really do. But the girl has some issues for your tissues. (I should start calling her that, actually!) She is beautiful, I will say that. She's definitely the prettiest one of all of us. It's really not very surprising that she's had 4 different rings on her hand. But she is apparently a runaway bride! And just between you and me, her fiancee gives me the creeps. He's just a little too friendly with her girlfriends, if you ask me....

What is with me today? I'm being a bitch.

Anyway, the other person is Kermit, the German Nurse's brother. He's getting married to a very pretty girl. I've met her once. She seems ok. I wasn't blown away by her or anything, but then again, I don't really know her. He seems happy and excited, so that's what matters. They are getting married around April.

Now for my story.

Time: Fall 1999 (?) -- I think...
Place: Indian University, Bloomington, IN
Note: This story took place before I became the sports fan I am today.

I was either a sophomore or junior in college. A few weeks previously, my sorority had gone to a nearby school to party with a fraternity for the weekend. Being sorority girls, we had tshirts made. We called the event Shack Attack. The back of the tshirt read: "I shacked with ______ " and you were supposed to fill in the name of some guy/girl, I guess. Of course, no one wanted to actually put a name there, so everyone left it blank.

Except me.

You see, I had no game, even then, and I ended up falling asleep, alone, on the couch in the front hall. In the morning, I was awakened by something warm and soft...and slobbery. It was the house dog, and he was licking my face. Yuck. I got up and asked one of the brothers what the dog's name was. He replied, "The General."

As a joke, I put that down as the person I "shacked" with. So the back of my t-shirt said, "I shacked with The General."

Flash forward 6 months. I am with some girlfriends and we make a late-night run to Denny's as an exam week study break. I'm wearing the t-shirt. I am sitting with my back to an empty table. As we are dining, a group of guys comes in and sits down at that table.

I was enjoying my meal, when I realized the guys were snickering at us. It kept getting louder and they seriously would not knock it off! Annoyed, I asked my girlfriend, "What is their problem?" and she replied, "VB, that's the entire Indiana men's basketball team. And your shirt says you shacked up with their coach."



Follow the Frog said...

Funny story! And glad you got to know some fellow cake students better. I totally understand you on the bible beating front. I've went to catholic school most of my life and currently choose not to practice. I have a friend who is getting more and more into churts and organized relgious stuff. It makes me very uncomfortable...I'm not sure why.

Lisa said...

You crack me up. I hope the new friend isn't a bible banger either.

teahouse said...

Hahahaha..that's pretty funny. You brazen hussy, you!

Yeah, all of my friends are engaged/married as well. It's annoying!

And it is NOT normal to have been engaged 4 times! Can we say commitment-phobe?

Virginia Belle said...

FTF-- maybe because we feel guilty? that would come from the Catholic upbringing (I had it too). plus, i think Bible Beaters are one-dimensional. they can't talk about anything else. i would feel the same way about someone who could only talk about sports or politics whatever.

lisa-- thanks! me too.

THB-- commitment-phobe doesn't even begin the half of it! there is a reason i call her Issues for Your Tissues.

Anne said...

That is my favorite story EVER. Seriously. EVER. :)