Friday, November 10, 2006

Random Friday

I'm going to pass on doing a Fun Friday post this week, and instead substitute a random report of interesting/strange things that have happened to me this week.

List #1-- Strange Spam Email Titles

1. nodding cap owlet moth
2. moubata bug oleo strut
3. do candy an candy
4. he cellular it cellular
5. nettling cell mutation stop
6. nimble jointed non-Saxon (this one made me laugh out loud)
7. faith belle and friend play with lotion (woo-hoo, sounds like a good time, right?)*

*this one was received on the communal work e-mail, so I think it's just a coincidence that it uses the word "belle".

List #2 --Strange Spam Email Sender Names

1. Denver Sheets
2. Jodie Ouellette (...and that is pronounced...???)
3. Octavio Hollingsworth
4. Valintin Myles
5. Squirrel Wetly (I am not making that up--it sounds like a Beatrix Potter character)
6. Robin July

Where was it that I read how someone wants to name their kids after the spam email names? How funny would that be?! At work, we were discussing these strange names the other day. We all agree: it's not that the names are impossible, but they are highly unlikely, and that is what makes them weird.

Have you gotten any interestingly strange spam emails this week? Please share, these things crack me up.

List #3 -- Paper Topics I've Heard this Week (I helped people find sources on these)

1. Coke vs. Pepsi survey results
2. Gambling in the horse racing industry
3. SC state court procedures (yeah, I wasn't much help on that one..)
4. The Evil Eye
5. Music as therapy
6. binge drinking on college campuses
7. father-daughter relationships
8. Philadelphia
9. Careers in optometry

We've been insanely busy this week, so most of these were back-to-back, which is kind of fun, because you can feel your brain stretching--going from gambling to optometry is one heck of a gear shift! So, that is a little glimpse into what it's like to be a librarian--you never know what people are going to ask you about.

Last Friday was kind of random, too. Let me tell you what happened:
1. I was at Outback with K, KT and MJ. My phone rang, but I didn't recognize the number. I answered anyway. How about it was a guy with whom I had exchanged a few emails with months and months ago, back when I was on And to boot, it was a drunk dial. At 8:30pm. Who is drunk by 8:30? And no matter how drunk you are, why on Earth would you drunk dial someone who doesn't even remember who the hell you are??? I must have given him my number at some point, but that has to be approaching a year ago! Luckily, he lives several hours away. Whew! Definitely don't miss my online dating days.

2. On the way home from Outback, K and I were in her car. As we crossed a bridge, someone coming the opposite direction threw something out their window and it landed on K's windshield! It made a really loud noise as some cup or bucket of liquid splattered all over the driver's side of the car. We screamed and almost crashed. Which would have sucked, because we were on a bridge. We couldn't tell what it was, but it was liquid and sort of of course, me being me, I began to make jokes about it being....well, you know. (In all honesty, I think it was an iced coffee or something of that nature.) This left us in stitches as we imagined some pervert saving his fluids in a bucket, only to chuck them out his car window at unsuspecting single girls. Then we kinda stopped laughing and thought about how disgusting that would be. Ew. And how weird it was. And so we made a beeline to the car wash to get it off the car ASAP. Luckily, K's car is fine. The weird part is, out of curiosity, we went back over the bridge, looking for an empty cup or a bucket which would explain the nature of the liquid. There was nothing. No cups, no splash marks, no liquid on the bridge at all. It was as if it had never even happened. This freaked me out. So much that I refused to go out--there was a full moon, and it just seemed the universe was out to get us.

3. Something else strange happened that night, but I can't remember what it was...maybe MJ can jog my memory. Call me back, MJ!

4. I had another blast from my past on Friday: another ex-boyfriend from college found me on myspace. I don't know why they are all hunting me down. It's kinda weird. Anyway, this guy is a redhead who is really into rock climbing. Now, he owns his own rock climbing gym in Indy. And he's divorced. (Which surprised me--he never struck me as the marrying type. Then again, maybe that's why he's divorced.) I told him we can get together for a drink when I'm up there next month.

One final random bit: The other night, I had a dream I was dating an NFL quarterback. (Sorry, I don't think my brain picked out a specific team. But it sure did pick out a great guy--he was fun and cute and nice!)

Has anything weird happened to you this week? Share your randomness with me!


Follow the Frog said...

Hey VB! I haven't had a weird week per se, but I have had a lot of people from my past come back into my life in the last 6 months. So many, in fact, that it seems odd. If I believed in astrology I would think this meant mercury was in retrograde in my house of whatever. Or something. Anyways, I was just about to start working on a post about how all these people from my past are resurfacing.

Hope everything with the new house is going well!


Virginia Belle said...

FTF -- OMG that is weird. you aren't a pisces, are you? because the same thing has been happening to me!

Follow the Frog said...

no...I'm a virgo. But the volume of people coming back is very odd. Maybe it something happening to everyone this year??

jennster said...

it's mercury retrograde right now, which means that old people are more likely to come back into your lives at this time. or people you have unresolved business with. anything that you start up again at this time, would end up just being bad.

m said...

I used to work for UMI which was the company which cataloged almost all dissertations written in the world. We used to see amazingly weird paper names.

The one subject which sticks out in my mind is Sports Bars in Colorado...( I can't remember the exact dissertation title). I
thought, some guy likes to hang out in bars in Colorado and he found a way to make it his career!

Anonymous said...

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Jonathan said...

Strange Spam Email Sender Names

hieronymus prescott
Marco Church
Avalon Kangas
Ekaterina B
Dollie Anspach
hi hunadysmtprhunady
Judiciaries C. Mice
Annapurna H. Surplused
Methoataske Felkins
Animal C. Campusing
Slenderizes B. Picking

Strange Spam Email Titles corpuscular
passionate their
increases risk addiction. Some
crimer caper spoof. comedies

Most not that funny, just odd what folks come up with to bypass spam filters.

I did get a spam email some months back that used a passage from the Hobbit in the message area.

Hope the rest of the move went well this weekend.

Brie said...

My random for the week is that everyone thinks I'm Jewish. I don't have anything against Jewish people (my best friend's Jewish), but you shouldn't be able to look at me and get that idea. I ran into a kid at Pita Pit and asked him to put bacon in my pita and he was like "You're such a bad Jew." I of course, told him I wasn't, and he was like, "really?" He was the third person that day to come to that was so weird.

Petra said...

Ouellette = pronounced Willlette. Knew a guy in college with that name and I know how to spell it b/c he was my lab partner.

teahouse said...

Milky stuff on your windshield?? Euwwww!!!!

Lisa said...

Yeah, I think I would have stayed home too...

How do you like the new digs?

Lovely Lelaina said...

What if your job consisted of figuring out how to bypass spam filters? I imagine some heated debates ensuing among these geniuses....