Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I'm Happy About Right Now

1. I get to go home and see my family next week. I'm very homesick. And ready for my fam's delicious, homemade traditional meal. My fave? Greenbean casserole. Fat Dog and I fight over it every year.

2. While I am there, I get to see my Aunt Awesome (as opposed to my super-cool, yet frigid Aunt European). I heart her. She embodies all the warmth, silliness and laid-back attitude that Czarina lacks. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but sometimes she can be very....German.

3. Czarina is taking me furniture shopping, too. Woo-hoo! (I think she specifically used the word "rug" in our discussion. This is good.)

4. My dishwasher works now. Hooray for men who can fix stuff! Sometimes, a little plumber's crack is worth it. (Seriously, the plumber did indeed have plumber's crack.)

5. My cracked shower wall will also be fixed soon, and they don't have to take the tub unit out. The repair will take 5 minutes.

6. None of these repairs is costing me a dime.

7. I found a kick-ASS consignment store this week. I got a pair of Gap jeans, a virtually new pair of Ann Taylor Loft pants, a sweater from NY & Co. and a gorgeous, 3/4 sleeve tweed jacket from Arden B. for ....(drumroll, please)...$92. I love consignment shopping...

8. We have this awesome radio station here in town. It's called Steve-FM. It is the best. Check out what I was jamming to on the way to work yesterday:
White Wedding -- Billy Idol
Don't Stop til You Get Enough -- Michael Jackson
(This One Goes Out) To the One I Love -- R.E.M.
What You're Thinking -- Information Society*

Anyway, they don't have DJs, which I love, because talk radio annoys me. So it's just music and commercial breaks. They play....well, really whatever. If you want to listen to it on the Internet, go to their website. Try it. Maybe you'll like it.

9. Sammy has started sleeping up by my face as opposed to down by my feet. I can only take this as a sign of increased affection on his part.

10. I got my Christmas bonus check today!!! And it was very nice!!!! YESSSSS!!!

11. IU Basketball season has started!!!!

12. I think I have lost a teeny-tiny bit of weight.

13. I leave for Indianapolis in exactly one month.

* I provide a link to the lyrics in case you don't know what song I'm talking about. You'll recognize the "pure energy" echo in the background!


m said...

When my cat Bonita sleeps by my face, I am thrilled! But I can't show it because then she runs away.

I told her the other day that she had intimacy issues. See...if I don't have a boyfriend,I have "the talk" with my pets!

Virginia Belle said...

M-- that is too funny! sammy is the same way!