Thursday, January 11, 2007

Changes, Part 2

Ok, first you have to read Part 1 or this will make no sense. Go on, scroll down. I'll wait.


Ok, good. I lied. This post and the last have nothing in common other than the fact that they are both about me. (This is a blog, people.) I just wanted to make sure you weren't trying to squirm your way out of reading each and every one of my posts. Slacker. You're so busted.

Anyway, I thought my readers might like something a little more juicy than the last post. Ew, not that kind of juicy, you sicko! Gah, put the kleenex down. I just want to give you the Hot Neighbor update. Are you jumping up and down and squealing? Because I am. Which makes it kind of hard to type this.

I've had two (TWO!!) conversations with him since the last time I mentioned him. Right after I posted about him and the Mystery Skank, I drove home and walked my dog. Oh my goodness. Who is that, getting out of his car? Why, it's Hot Neighbor! What a coincidence that Sammy had to pee at the same time! (Good boy, Sammy!)

Sammy, being the furry social animal that he is, ran right up to him. (Good boy, Sammy!) That is when I noticed that HN was not alone. There were two little girls with him. Sammy had to sniff them, and they petted Sammy for a minute while HN and I chatted.

HN: What was your name again?
Me: Virginia. *grin*
HN: And you're a....teacher?
Me: No, actually, I'm a librarian. I used to be a teacher, a long time ago.
HN: A long time ago? I thought you were like, 22.

[Can you hear the points racking up?? They make a "cha-chingggg!" sound.]

Me: Oh, no. But thank you. I'll be 28 next month. [Hint, hint.] Are those your little girls?
HN: Yeah, I've got three kids.

[Can you hear my brain grasping this concept? It sounds like "Ohhhhhh..."]

HN: Their names are blah blah, blah blah and blah blah...[I sort of stopped listening at this point, because my brain was occupied by a single thought: Brown eyes. Gorgeous brown eyes. Soooo hot...not too old...I think I caught their ages: 4,2 and baby. Or maybe it was 5, 4 and 2....dang, he's got nice eyes.] I don't get to see them as much as I'd like to.

[This snapped me back into reality. My inner Sherlock Holmes kicked in. I mentally took notes: based on the ages of the kids: recently divorced? check. good father? check. on civil terms with ex? check. likes children? check check.]

Me: They're adorable. [No lie. They really are cute. Plus, they like my dog.] Well, have a good night!
HN: Ok, you too!
Girls in chorus: Bye, Sammy!

Sammy got a lot of nice treats after that walk. Then, this morning, I was walking him (Sammy, not HN). We reached the end of the driveway, and who pops out of his house? Yeah. This was 2 for 2. If I was playing baseball, I'd have one hell of a batting average.

HN: Good morning!
Me: Good morning! [I was thinking, "Crap! I have no makeup on! Crapcrapcrap!!"]
HN: So, you like your job at [my place of work]?
Me: Yeah. I do.
HN: That's good.
Me: So, what do you do?
HN: I am in medical sales. I work for [insert name here] Company.
Me: Oh. Do you like it?
HN: Yeah, I am in charge of the whole state. So I travel a lot. I'm sure you guys are thinking, "What's up with his schedule?" [Actually, yes, that's exactly what we were thinking.] but sometimes I have to go across the state. Other days, I can work from home.

[Mental notes: good job? check. not fleeing at the sight of me without makeup on? check.]

Me: Oh, ok. Sounds good. Hey, my roommate and I are having a little get-together. Sort of a house-warming party. Not this weekend, but next weekend. So if you want to come...
HN: I'd love to! [Mental note: enthusiasm at invitation? check.] You said it was next weekened?
Me: Yeah.
HN: Friday or Saturday?
Me: Saturday.
HN: Ok, great! Well, have a nice day.
Me: You, too.

Holy cow, you guys. That whole conversation was a miracle, because the sun was shining right in his eyes, which makes him thisclose to irrisistable. Yowza. I definitely kept my cool. And Sammy is loving the sudden increase in the treat department.

And that's the story of how my crush is coming to my party.


Burg said...

Woo-hoo! You go girl!

You need to update my link.. One Red Opinion is old..


The Frog Princess said...


Virginia Belle said...

burg-- i think i did...didn't i? i will double check. i think i've got you in bloglines...will work on it.

FP-- i know! yay!!

Stuck said...

The sun was shining RIGHT in his eyes? Maybe that explains why he didn't notice the lack of makeup... ;)

But, the sun also might have back-lit in such a way that it was very cinematic in an angelic sort of way...

Was he squinting a lot?

Matilda Jane said...

Wait... he has THREE kids?! Oh no VB... no no no... I've been down that road. I'd say don't close your mind to it, but I'm gonna go the opposite way this time... unless you're ready to be a mom.. and deal with a surly ex wife, or wives... ex in-laws... oh no VB.... don't ignore the red flags

tallglassofvino said...


Andy said...

Keep the sun in his eyes. It's what Clint Eastwood would do. ...Just hopefully not trying to pick up your hot neighbour. ewwww

shell said...

yay! i love the hot neighbor update. hot neighbors are the best. and way to go sammy for being the goose to your mavrick. :)

i'm glad you're back!

Petra said...

This is very cool and I'm so glad you gave us the update (I wasn't quite squealing but I was kinda bumping up and down in my seat :). At least now you understand the ex-wife. 3 young kids is a lot at once though but if he's as hot as you say - so much that you're distracted by his eyes, plus the enthusiam at your invite. I think the pros outweigh the cons. Go VB!

I tried to leave a comment the other day but something weird happens when I try to log in and it erases what I've typed before I sign in - something to do with the new betablogger thingy. Don't know why, but I was on to it today and signed in first.

Anonymous said...

medical sales.
just to note - not all are like this - but :
1 they have to be good looking
2 they know it
3 travels alot
- but hey he's your neighbour so Im sure he's going to be nice.