Friday, March 02, 2007

Aggravating & Random

Like many of my posts, this one will start with me bitching about something, and then I will inform you of the latest events in my life.


You know I hate my car. You know how the little key reader hasn't been reading my key, leaving me stranded until the key reader (aka the "tumbler") decides to reset. Sometimes it takes two minutes, sometimes it takes 2 hours.

When I got off work Wednesday, in a hurry to go meet Brunette and Nurse P for the USC basketball game, my car decided to be stubborn. It. Would. Not. Start.

I sat there for a half an hour, begging, pleading, whining, smoking and banging my fist on the dashboard (My little trick-- sometimes it jiggles the tumbler and the car will start). At 5pm, I gave up and caught a coworker who was walking through the parking lot. She offered to drive me home.

Nurse P picked me up from home, and I told her that I'll just let the tumbler re-set while we are at the game.

(Have I mentioned how much I L-O-V-E to attend live sporting events? Because I do. I cheer, I scream, I wear the team colors. I was even winking at some cute guys in the next section over. Not that that's the only reason I go to sporting events. But it doesn't exactly hurt. Where was I? Oh yes.)

So we get back from the game, and it still won't start. This was a record. It's been 5 hours at this point. I'm thinking, "Ok, that's enough. I am willing to cough up the $300 to fix this damn thing. I'm over it!"

So I had it towed to the dealership (at midnight!) , and told them to put a new key reader in when I called them the next morning.

The mechanic said, "Why?"

And I said, "What do you mean, why? My car doesn't start sometimes."

He said, "Well, I've started it twice this morning. Works fine."

Uuuugh. I swear, this car is playing with me! I feel I am being toyed with by an inanimate object. I explained the problem to the mechanic, and said that I am not crazy--the tumbler doesn't read my key sometimes and I really just want it fixed, please.

He said he understood and he would go ahead and fix it. He told me later that he and another mechanic had started it up at least 6 more times that day. No problem. Key turned perfectly every time.


I hate my car.

$300 later, I have my car. Supposedly they are certain they've fixed it. What's annoying is, all the dashboard thumping I did (my "trick" to get it to start) managed to knock some wires loose, and now my dashboard lights don't work. Well, they do. Kinda. I can see my speed up to 70 mph. After that, I can tell the officer I honestly don't know how fast I was going. Some buttons don't work either, but they aren't vital features on my dashboard. Still, it's annoying.


So this weekend I was supposed to go to the beach and hit the outlet malls with Brunette, Nurse P and Healthy Girl. But, thanks to my car, this isn't really an option. All my shopping money went to car repairs. So I backed out. It's ok. I would have just spent money I don't have anyway. And 6 hours of driving with the current gas prices doesn't sound all that appealing. (Myrtle Beach is 3 hours each way.) ...and I sorta already had a little mini-spree this month.

So I'm going to stay in town, hang out with Happy Hour Girls tonight, and then hit the gym and take Sammy for a walk tomorrow. MJ got a huge raise, so she's ready to party, too. That will probably be on Saturday night, in addition to tonight, because she's joining us.

KT gave me this huge birthday cake, and while it was delicious, it was ruining my diet. So yesterday morning, I cut it in half and gave one half to a nice, older lady neighbor. The other half I put into a tupperware container and left it on Hot Neighbor's porch with a note. He wasn't home at the time, but he's gotten it by now. We'll see if anything comes of it. I should have waited until he was home, I know. I have left the ball in his court, missed out on a flirting opportunity, etc. But I had to get it out of the house!!

Oh, and for clarification purposes, here is HN in a nutshell: HN is divorced with three adorable little kids. I have now had a crush on him since I met him in November. I don't know how old he is, but I'd guess mid-30s. He's got a young Richard Gere thing going on--a little bit of salt and pepper. He looks really good in plain white t shirts, because he's got really nice arms. He's very friendly and K thinks he likes me. I secretly watch him from my kitchen window, which looks right out on his driveway. He rarely sees me looking good. He's seen me without makeup, which really bothers me. I am ok with the idea of dating a guy with kids, because my dad had 2 kids when he met my mom. This doesn't mean I don't have reservations. I refer to his ex-wife as "The Skank", even though I know nothing about her and I'm sure she's a very nice lady. She gives him the kids every other weekend, and sometimes during the week. He's kind of lonely, I think, based on what he's said to me. And I'm sure he doesn't get to eat yummy food very often. "3 kids? And divorced? Oh, he's in Fish Stick City," one of my coworkers said. This is interesting to me, as I love to cook, yet have no one to cook for....hmmm.

I have daydreams about him that involve several variations of him pushing me against a wall. Sometimes he's wearing a tool belt.....but I digress. (Gee, so much for my Anti-Dating Campaign. How long did it last? Two weeks? *sigh* I can't help it. I've been boy crazy since I was 10.)

Everyone clear now? Ok, good. Next!

More clarification (I think it was Single Guy Blogging who asked me this): When I use the term "hooked up" in reference to a cute guy, I am implying that there is some (if not all) removal of clothing, but not necessarily sex. I don't know what other people's definitions for "hooking up" are, but that's mine. More than making out, but probably less than sex.

Let's see...more randomness. Oh, I've got one. My male readers are going to love this. *rolls eyes* I occasionally have lesbian dreams that involve my friends. Yeah. I've had at least three now. I had one this week. Note: I am not even remotely lesbian, because that would take time away from wieners. I like wieners entirely too much to make time for girls in that way. But I do have these dreams. Does anyone else have dreams like this? Or am I a freak? What do they mean?

I am getting my very first Netflix DVD today. Woot! Season 1 of Nip/Tuck. I am so excited I'm about to wet my pants, people. 3 hours of Julian McMahon..........*drools and gurgles on desk*

I have acquired a stalker. This guy comes into the library and waits for me to come out of my office in the back. Then, as soon as I'm on the front desk, he starts asking me how I'm doing, etc. He's probably 19 and thinks I'm a student work-study or something. I don't think he realizes I'm on par with his professors, authority-wise. The other day, he was waiting outside the building for me so he could talk to me as I was walking to my car. While it is kinda creepy, I don't feel threatened or anything. He seems like a nice guy who is just a little on the clueless side. But it's annoying, so last night, when he came up to the desk and started talking to me, I told him that my boyfriend probably wouldn't like him talking to me, as he has a very nasty temper and jealous tendencies. I think I may have mentioned that he carries a gun, too. So he should probably just move along. He did. Let's hope he got the hint.

Update on the Jamaica trip: I talked to J. She said that she and her fiancee worked out a deal with the resort, so if I book my room between now and the end of April, it's 50% off. So the room would only be $250/night. Since Mack Daddy would go with me and split the cost, this would probably be a lot more affordable.....I'm thinking I might do it. J also said that Mack Daddy can go to the wedding with me and that she really wants me to go. Czarina is against the notion of going--she thinks it will be too much money and that I shouldn't go because J hasn't been the best friend to me lately (see my old post, "The Assholes"). I know we've grown apart somewhat, but we aren't on bad terms by any means. We just have different values as we've gotten older. I still get glimpses of funny, goofy, down-to-earth J now and then. I've known her for so long, how can I not go?


KT said...

Hey darling! Hope you are having one fantastic day.

I wanted to make a quick comment on your dreams. The joy of dreams is that this is our way of getting to enjoy or act out little fantasies without actually doing the act itself. It is normal for almost every woman to feel, or have some dreams about female friends. I mean think about it, you are as intimate with them as you are a boyfriend or significant other, just not physical with them if you are “straight”. I would not worry or concern yourself that these dreams are something to freak out about, but rather enjoy them!!!! That is the best part about dreams, especially ones involving sex!!!!!!!!!

Stuck said...

I want videotape. Take a camera with you into the next lesbian dream.

Anny said...

wowwwwwww. you even predicted a couple posts ago that you knew it would fail on u one day. u poor thing!

Single guy blogging said...

Happy Friday VB!! :)

1. There are few things in life more aggravating than a stubborn car. I wish I grew up being a mechanic!

2. Regarding HN: Do I remember right that (along with the kids) he also lives with mom?

3. This is crazy! I too have has lesbian dreams!!! I have them pretty frequently, actually. I think everybody has a little lesbian in them. ;) I've got a theory about that and I will share one day...

4. Congrats on the stalker! You've made it big time!

5. Now you HAVE to go to Jamaica. Think of the wonderful tan and stories you will be coming back with.

6. Did I mention.. Happy Friday!!!

Behind The Curve On Love said...

I have the opposite issue. I take my perfect running car in for an oil change, and get the dreaded you need blah blah blah front engine mount replaced, something something manifold is cracked, words words words flush of the power steering fluid. I think it's time to get a new car. I love the Mini Coopers!

kittenpower said...

That is a given what happened with you and the car: there's never anything wrong when the mechanic trys!

I'm so glad you ousted your stalker. Good work!

Matilda Jane said...

Lesbian Seagull,
If your car breaks again, and you need someone to help you make a holy-rolling-b*tchfest at the mechanic, I've got your back.

I hope the object of said lesbian dream was a worthy and generous luvvah ;-)

Good deal on Hamayka! I'd take it for $250 a night... as long as you have someone fun to hang out with... maybe you could take your lesbian lover.

SJ said...

Before I say anything else, thank you thank you thank you! I have NEVER told anyone that I have had lesbian dreams before! about my friends! graphic too! I mean, I didn't know what to think. I love men, and would never in real life get with a girl. I don't know. They aren't often, but just weird! Haha! But thank you for letting me know that I'm not alone!

I am also glad I am not the only one that "hooking up" does not mean sex. I think your description was PERFECT. If I just made out, I'll use the word "make out", I don't have sex with random people, so when I have sex with a guy, I'll tell you so, as in "Blank and I had sex last night." And, on that rare occasion when you do something you regret, I tell only my closest friends, and use the words "sex", "regret", "what was I thinking?", and of course the famous "I'm never drinking again!" Then, I lie to everyone else, and say nothing at all happened. I do not use the words "hooked up" to describe this situation. Hooking up with guy friends, random people, etc., (especially prevalent in college) was exactly as you indicated!

So sorry about your car, that sucks sooooo bad. And yea, I hate it when mechanics get all self-righteous on you. (unless of course they are young, hot and have no shirt on, with just a little bit of grease smudge on their pecs...yummy!)

Buffy said...

OK. I made the mistake of 'going' recently because, like you, i thought, 'how can I not go?'

Didn't turn out so well. And it still cost me two grand.