Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday 13? We All Want Ice Cream!

This is a combo Fun Friday/Thursday 13 post.

I'll be alone most of this weekend, so I have been thinking of fun things to do. Most of them involve eating ice cream. I pretty much have ice cream on the brain. There should be a 12 Step Program for people like me. It must be the heat....we have had a really bad heat wave here for about 2 weeks--we have broken a few records, actually. We have been approaching 120 degrees, if you include heat index. Yowza. We are cooking to death down here. It makes me want to lay around and eat ice cream.

Thirteen Ways I Can Incorporate Ice Cream Into My Weekend

1. Sleep in! Woo Hoo! No plans means I don't have any reason to get up early! Hmmm. Vanilla ice cream for breakfast......I could put um, granola on top of it. That's kinda breakfasty. Ooh! I know! Coffee ice cream!

2. Continue reading The Game and The Mystery Method so I can learn more about all this Pick Up Artist (PUA) business. (See last few posts if you don't know what I'm talking about.) This may or may not involve a solo trip to Starbuck's. I've been craving my vanilla latte. Or maybe I could go to Bruster's Ice Cream and read there....hmmmmm....Cookies n Cream sounds good...

3. Finish watching Season 2 of HBO's Big Love (thank you, HBO on Demand!!!). While eating the new Ben & Jerry's flavor: Creme Brulee. I just found out about it. And creme brulee is my ALL TIME favorite dessert, so to put it into an ice cream format pretty much just blows my mind right now.

4. Hit the gym. I have been stuck at this weight for at least a month. I wonder if my recent ice cream addiction is playing a role in this.....

5. Stay cool: long cold showers, drink Perrier lime (THE most refreshing drink ever), see if I can find a friend who has lake/pool connections, enjoy being scantily-clad as I lay around in my air-conditioned house...and of course, eat more ice cream. I think I'm out of caramel sauce...wait, don't I have some leftover toffee bits laying around somewhere??

6. Continue NOT being a smoker. Three weeks and counting. Go me! I believe I have replaced nicotine with frozen dairy products in my life. Aargh. (Seriously, why can I not stop eating ice cream????) Coping with this makes me want chocolate. Ooh, brownie the ice cream...*drools*

7. Oh! This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite comedy skits! (from Eddie Murphy's Delierious -- if you have never rented this, you MUST!)

8. I could go to the Art Museum here in town. I cannot believe I was practically an art major and have never been! It's free on Saturdays....yay!! FINALLY! And it's near the downtown branch of Marble Slab Creamery. Since I always have "ice cream order envy", I will get what MJ got last time: Swiss Chocolate with peanut butter cups in it. Note to self: always order AFTER your friends do. You always wish you'd ordered what they got.

Oh who am I kidding. I love their lemon custard. I'll probably get that.

9. Stare at Hot Neighbor and Cute Neighbor through my front windows. I may or may not put on clothes to do this...although, they might not want to look at me, because if I keep eating ice cream, I will look like this guy:

10. Enjoy what will hopefully be my last scantily-clad weekend, as E is probably going to be my new roommate soon! YAY for not being extremely poor anymore! Now I can buy more ice cream!

11. Ok, this one has nothing to do with ice cream. I just wanted to share. Have you seen these videos? Hilarious! Long live Will Ferrell!

Video #1
Video #2

12. Continuing on with my ice cream theme...check out this list of 101 disgusting ice cream flavors. They really exist! And now I want to know what the hell is wrong with Japanese people. Can someone please explain to me how anyone could like this stuff??? Salad flavored? Curry? Mustard? Squid Ink? Raw Horseflesh??? EWWWW

13. Like me, this lady seems to be substituting her love life with an ice cream addiction...


Anonymous said...

Just because an ingredient can be used in something doesn't mean it should be used in something. I recognize cultural differences in what is considered edible, but I really think I'd have to draw the line at raw horseflesh ice cream. So exercise due caution in your ice cream adventures this weekend!

cmk said...

Congrats on the no-smoking! I just passed the 8-year mark myself--an accomplishment that I NEVER imagined I could achieve. Just keep on doing what you're doing and before you know it, you'll be at the 8-year mark, too! Good luck.

Scotty said...

I like the scantily clad & ice cream theme. Go with it.

JP said...

Just pretend it's July and you're celebrating ice cream month.

In college, we would top our cereal with vanilla soft serve-there's a new idea for breakfast :)

Congrats on three weeks of smoke-free! That's amazing!

Maybe invite either HN or CN over for an ice cream cone... maybe while you're scantily clad.

I think I have a similar weekend lined put, but unfortunately our air conditioner is broken, so I might spend a lot of time at the mall. Or just eating lots of ice cream to cool down. :)

RWA said...

That Eddie Murphy skit is classic. I remember that one.

But, about this Perrier Lime thing. You know that is NOT something that Southerners drink!!!

KingBob said...

Have you ever had Dippin'Dots....the ICE CREAM OF THE FUTURE....that's here now? At Publix they have little tubs of the same type of ice cream, but a different brand name. Just finished two little tubs of Strawberry & Cream. Mmmmmmmmm!!

Phantom Hater said...

I just thought about something and wanted to add a final entry to your post:

#14. Never incorporate dairy products (such as ice cream) into your sex life.

The Japanese are a really weird bunch. Their food, their sexual fetishes, their television shows...just weird.

I love the little picture of the horse on the ice cream. They just need a catchier "Ben n' Jerry's" kinda name and maybe it will catch on.

NML said...

I had no idea you were an Eddie fan! I love Delerious and that skit but I love Raw even more. I admit that last night I watched Vampire in Brooklyn and laughed at the ridiculousness of it. Eddie Murphy rocks even though he does some very dodgy films!

Virginia Belle said...

platypus -- don't worry. any sort of meat-category ice cream would NEVER dupe me. *shudders*

cmk -- thanks for the support! i have been tempted, but so far, i'm still going strong!

scotty -- yes, i too thought it was a good idea.

jp -- soft serve? mmmmmm....*drools*

rwa -- but i dont' like tea!!! have you tried it? it's SO GOOD. it would be really yummy with some gin in it....

kingbob-- OMG you crack me up. yes, i have had dippin dots. i think they are weird. why gild the lily? but if they have a cookies n cream version, i might be tempted...

PH-- that is good advice. are you speaking from experience? or am i? LOL

NML -- yes, eddie murphy's older stuff is funnier. he's not as funny now.