Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, it's certainly Monday. Let's see. Where should I begin? I think I will ease into it with something funny.

I have told you how my little sister, Smurf, is a horrible driver. Well, despite a year's worth of practice, involving a learner's permit, driver's ed and much practicing with family members, she is no better today than she was the first time she got behind the wheel. Somehow, this did not stop the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles from issuing her a driver's license last month. Do not ask me how on earth she passed the driving test, but she did. So she got her license in mid-July. That was only a few weeks ago. She now has THREE tickets. She got them ALL on the same day: speeding, running a stop sign and driving on the wrong side of the road. "It was only for a second," she told me. "And there was no one else on the road." I told her that apparently, there was someone else on the road. She says she's learned her lesson, but I doubt that will be enough to convince the judge that he should not revoke her driver's license, which is probably what he will do. My poor mother and her insurance rates....yeesh.

This weekend, CN's dad had to go back to the hospital again. "Do you want to go with me to visit him?" CN asked me Saturday morning. I asked CN why he was in the hospital. CN was pretty vague. So I declined because...
1. The request was phrased in a way that made it seem optional.
2. It was my weekend off.
3. The hospital was an hour away.
4. I was having a dinner party that night for my girlfriends, and needed to prepare.
5. When my dad was sick, he was in the hospital a dozen times before things got serious.

By now, you have probably realized that "No" was the wrong answer. Unfortunately, I am not nearly as bright as my readers. Because I should have realized that CN isn't the kind of person who would say, "Look, I am really worried, and I really want you to come with me." Because if he had said that, then yes, I would have dropped everything and gone with him. But I am dense, and he downplays things, which leads to misunderstandings and people being upset. This is not the first time he has downplayed something important, and I was too stupid to figure it out.

By Sunday morning, he was pretty angry with me, and I could tell something was wrong. He told me I had really let him down and that he was really worried about his dad. I instantly felt like a candidate for Worst Girlfriend Ever, apologized and explained my reasoning to him. He agreed that he should have explained things better, and I canceled all my Sunday plans and went down with him to the hospital yesterday.

Not long after we got to the hospital, CN's mom took us to lunch, where she explained that CN's dad had been acting funny lately, which was part of the reason she had put him back in the hospital. She just had a hunch something wasn't right. So the doctor gave CN's dad a MRI (or was it a CT scan?) and we were waiting to hear the results. The doctor called when we got back from lunch. And the news was not good. CN's dad has prostate cancer that has metasticized all over his body. And the MRI showed that he now has lesions in his brain and they are bleeding. So he's being put back on radiation again today. It's not looking so hot. Because the doctors have actually had him on a break from the chemo/radiation treatments because his body can't really handle too much more. So I don't have a good feeling about all of this.

Obviously, I won't be skipping any more hospital visits, either. I am thinking I should maybe quit my Dildo's job, so I will have more free time to go with him to the hospital.

Then, at 2am last night, I was awakened by my roommate, E, again. She and her boyf broke up (again) and so instead of being at his house all the time, she's now at my house all the time. Which would be fine, except for the fact that she has insomnia, so she gets up all through the night, which wakes me up. She has woken me up just about every night for the last 2 weeks. It's getting old.

Anyway, at 2am last night, I awoke to the sound of her giggling. I got up to shut the door to my room, only to realize that there was a 2nd voice -- a man's voice -- giggling with her. In the shower.

"Great," I thought.

I was already upset about CN's dad and I had to get up early this morning for work. So I had a difficult time falling back asleep. I tossed and turned for at least an hour, furious at her inconsideration. When I got up this morning, I noticed that this random guy's car was still outside. This kind of annoyed me. I mean, if you want to hook up with random guys, fine. But do it on the weekend and make sure he's gone by the morning, you know?

I started to get ready for work, and as I'm getting ready, I hear my roommate quietly slip out and leave. That's unusual for her -- she usually asks me if her outfit looks okay every morning. And I didn't hear a man's footsteps following her. Hmmm.

I finished getting ready, trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But when I went to leave, I saw that the random guy's car was still parked outside, and my roommate was gone!

I. Was. Furious.

I threw open the door to her room and woke up Mr. Random.

"You have to leave. Now." I said, fuming.

"Ok," he replied, groggily.

I just stood there, waiting, with my hand on my hip, as he shuffled around, trying to get dressed.

"Let's go! I'm late for work! I'm leaving and you can't be here!" I yelled.

"It's not what it looks like. E and I have known each other for years," he said, trying to explain.

"Yesss," I hissed. "But I don't know who the fuck you are, and this is MY house, so you have to get the fuck out of my house. NOW."

Apparently, I communicated my rage very clearly, because he left the house in nothing but his boxer shorts! He carried the rest of his stuff and didn't even put his shoes on fully! LOL

"Did you see his wiener?" CN asked me later.

"No. And he's lucky, because I would have ripped it off!!!" I replied.

E and I are going to have a loooooong chat this afternoon, when I get home from work.

Wow. I was a total bitch this weekend, huh?


Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Hi VB! Long time no talk! I miiiisssss you!

Wow, that story you just wrote sounds VERY familiar..LOL. I just cant believe you had the cojones to tell him to get out! Maybe you needed to pass those cojones over here about a year ago.

And I wanted to say that I was sorry you didnt get the teaching job.

Oh, and I had a dream about us last night! It was so weird!

Megan said...

Very shitty thing for E. to do! You had every right to be MegaBitch to Mr. Random.

Very sorry to hear about CN's dad.

teahouse said...

I'm sorry to hear about CN's dad. That sounds very stressful and painful..I'm glad you were able to go to the hospital with him.

kimmykins13 said...

I'm really sorry about CN's Dad. It doesn't sound like it is a real good situation. I will think good thoughts for ya'll and send your way.

I would have been thoroughly pissed off if some strange dude was hanging out in my house without my permission. Shame on E. She may trust him but you don't know him.

columbiacitygirl said...

It is very different to be a bitch with justification. Good for you. E should know better.

I'm sorry about CN's dad....he is lucky to have you there for him.

Jonathan Zero said...

CN's Dad is in my thoughts.

Fluffycat said...

Sorry about CN's dad.. though he got mad at you, sounds like you handled the situation well and will improve your communication with him in the future.

And the thing about your roomie is hilarious. I bet that random guy is NEVER coming back to your house.

Mysmileisfake said...

" ... I should maybe quit my Dildo's job, so I will have more free time to go with him to the hospital... "

Are you being passive aggressive? If not, then I'd suggest you keep your job until you're done with your debts.

JP said...

I don't think kicking out Random was bitchy, I think it was a young, single woman protecting herself and her house.

I didn't realize you have a roommate. Hell, quit Dildo's and jack up the rent. I had a similar experience my freshman year of college, only you know how dorm rooms are shared spaces? Yeah, we didn't have a civil relationship for the rest of the year.

Becky said...

hey it's totally ok to be bitchy. trust me. it's the story of my life lately. and i'm sorry to hear about CNs dad. keep us posted, k?

Phantom Hater said...

Reason #467 why I don't have a roommate. I can't really say you have reason to get mad at her for the insomnia or the guy in the shower, since she does technically live there, unless you share a bathroom, but your roomie just leaving him there was a pretty dick-move. Or vagina-move, whatever you call it.

Sorry to hear about CN's dad. That does sound bad and I know most guys wouldn't want to appear emotionally vulnerable, so I understand his reaction. But it's also a tricky situation, because at the same time, you have your own life as well and I don't think it would be reasonable for him to expect you at the hospital every weekend.

Virginia Belle said...

meghan -- yeah, every once in a while, i like to whip out the ol' cojones and take 'em for a spin, i guess....oops!

megan -- thank you. that's pretty much the same way i felt!

teahouse -- yeah, i hope i can continue to go with him in the future.

kimmy -- it's really not going well with CN's dad. i'm starting to get worried and prepare myself mentally for the worst. if only i could prepare CN, too, but he doesn't know what he's in for. unfortunately.

columbiacitygirl -- thank you. it's good to know that most peeps would have reacted the way i did! i have a tendency to act first and think later....which is kind of what happened when i realized he was in my house!

jonathan zero -- thank you. you always leave kind and supportive comments. :)

fluffycat-- ugh, i hope so. i'm starting to get frustrated with him, because sometimes, he expects me to read his mind! and the random guy thing IS pretty funny. at the time, it wasn't, but now, i'm giggling.

mysmileisfake -- ok, i'm blonde, so i'm kind of dense sometimes. but i'm not seeing how that is passive-aggressive. i meant exactly what i said! but for now, i'm going to stay at dildo's and just be sort of on-call, in case CN needs me to go with him. he doesn't want me to quit just because his dad is sick, anyway. we've talked about it.

jp -- thank you! your freshman experience is why i made sure i had NO roommate my freshman year of college. i had heard so many horror stories, i just opted out of that whole idea! as far as jacking up E's rent is concerned, i would LOVE to do that. but she's in a financial bind right now, and she's a friend of mine, so i feel bad about upping her rent. i'm trying to be understanding and patient. some days it's easier than others.

becky -- yeah, i figure that as long as i just use it every once in a while, it's all good. :) i'll keep you posted. thanks for your sympathy. :)

PH -- yes, the insomnia and shower stuff was more of an annoyance than anything else. it's not her fault she can't sleep. and i want her to feel it's ok to bring guys over. i just dont' want them unsupervised!

ever since CN's dad has been sick, i have learned just how difficult it can be to communicate with someone! he's so different than i am. my feelings are totally laid out on the table, at all times. his are not. ever. this has lead to a few misunderstandings. but i'm getting better at it, and so is he. we are just learning about each other. it's all good.