Tuesday, May 23, 2006

100 Things About VB

Only because everyone else has these lists. These are in addition to the Six Weird Things About Me.

1. I am left-handed.
2. I can drive stick.
3. I cannot do math. At all. Not even add or subtract. My checkbook is always off by some random amount, like right now I'm off by $4.11.
4. States I've lived in include: VA, NC, SC, IN
5. I've never been west of Kansas.
6. I've been in 2 tornadoes. NOT fun.
7. I can't sing, but I love to try when I'm alone.
8. My ethnic background is 2/3 Irish. The rest is Scottish, English and German.
9. I am a bottle blonde. I secretly want platinum blonde hair like Marilyn Monroe.
10. This ethnic makeup means my skin is Honkey White in color. But I tan well.
11. I've been to Italy, Key West and Chicago. I love to travel.
12. I was an ancient history major. Until the age of 21 I wanted to be an archaeologist. Then I realized this meant I'd have to get dirty. A lot. Not my bag.
13. Now I don't know what I want to be. It changes on a daily basis.
14. My siblings and I have semi-unusual names.
15. I hate tea. Hot, cold, sweet, whatever. It's all nasty.
16. I also hate olives, artichokes, sushi and Indian food.
17. Lots of things make me barf. You can say I'm a "puker". I barf a lot.
18. I suffer from migraines and live in fear of them. Thank the Lord for Excedrin or I would kill myself.
19. I have a tendency to over-dress for occassions. I like looking nice and getting dressed up. It's the little girl in me.
20. I drink a cup of coffee every morning. I love it. I must have it.
21. My first impressions of people are always right. Always. I've never been wrong.
22. I am kind of OCD-ADD. This means I get obsessed with a new project, then I get bored and find a new project. I never finish anything. I just move on to the next obsession.
23. I hate cold weather. And by cold I mean anthing below 75 degrees F.
24. I don't mind cleaning bathrooms or kitchens at all. This is because dirty sinks really bug me.
25. But I hate dusting.
26. I'm somewhat of a germophobe. This doesn't stop me from letting my dog lick my face.
27. I am retarded when it comes to home decorating. Just clueless.
28. I am probably the most opinionated person you will ever meet. I have no problem telling anyone how I feel. I don't always sugar-coat it either.
29. I have a grand total of 4 cousins. They are all boys.
30. My family is spread out all over God's Creation. I am jealous of people who can see their whole, extended family all the time. This is foreign to me.
31. Most of the people in my family are good cooks. The biscuit recipe we use is from my great-great grandmother. She was a pioneer out west. I think this is so cool.
32. I am an "indoor girl". This means that camping is not my idea of a good time.
33. But sitting on a porch or walking in a park is nice.
34. You'll never catch me doing anything that would put me at risk for bodily injury. I am a big wuss. I wouldn't even do a wheelie on my bike when I was a kid. I still wouldn't.
35. But I really don't mind public speaking.
36. Or going on blind dates.
37. I'm a social butterfly. Meeting new people is one of my favorite things to do. I am very very friendly.
38. I have a big mouth. No subject is off limits with me.
39. I have the largest makeup collection of anyone I know. I own at least 150 lipsticks alone. I shudder to think how much money I spend on it. But I can't stop.
40. The rest of my spending money goes towards candy, cookies and ice cream. My sweet tooth scares me sometimes.
41. I once ate two pounds of Jelly Belly jellybeans in one day.
I only stopped because I ran out of jellybeans.
42. So I went back to the store to get more from the big scoop-em-yourself bins. They were out because I had just bought the last of them. So I busted open the display and I bought those.
43. I want to have a ton of kids one day. Like...five or six. I should probably get on that considering I'm 27 and single.
44. There are only three desserts I won't eat: key lime pie, anything with liquer in it and tiramisu. Yuck!
45. I'm slowly turning into my mother. This isn't too bad. She's pretty cool. Luckily I didn't inherit her short temper. Or her mediocre sense of humor. But she's much better at math. Dang.
46. I don't like the taste of wine. I don't even drink it at church. This has nothing to do with the fact that I don't drink alcohol at all.
47. I love dogs. I just got one and now I want to have 7 or 8. If I don't get married, I'll be a dog lady. And I'll adopt a bunch of kids.
48. But I dislike cats. I think I'm also mildly allergic to them. Plus, I find them very unfriendly and not at all fun to play with. They scratch me.
49. When I don't do anything productive, I get depressed. Busy VB is Happy VB.
50. I'm very old-fashioned in some ways. Door opening is big with me.
51. I am really really good a foreign languages. I can talk to you in French, Latin, Spanish and German.
52. I love anything Italian. Or Southern.
53. I feel I have nothing in common with hippies. Or most Yankees. Or gay people. I'm working on this. Please don't hate me. You can't change what you don't acknowledge. I'm not very p.c. I guess.
54. James Bond and the volleyball scene from Top Gun are the hottest things I've ever seen. They leave me speechless and drooling. Well, uniforms and tuxes are just hot! What can I say?
55. I have a thing for blondes with lots of muscles. Skinny men are really unattractive to me. I'm more of a football-player-build kinda girl.
56. I am totally against the whole Metrosexual movement. Manly men rock!
57. My hair is stick straight. Always. It laughs at me when I try to curl it.
58. I am on a constant quest to have clearer skin and longer nails.
59. I was in a sorority in college.
60. But I was never a cheerleader.
61. I did track for one year in high school.
62. Other than that, I am totally unathletic. I only work out to keep my figure.
63. There isn't a tomboy bone in my body. I am 100% girly girl.
64. But I do enjoy watching the occassional college football or basketball game.
65. I love my boobs but I hate my hips.
66. People think I am a half-Asian blonde girl, but I'm not. I have almond-shaped eyes because they are from the Scottish side of my family.
67. I have lots of random small-world moments. The stories give people chills.
68. I love horror movies, ghost stories and true crime stories.
69. I believe in ghosts. But I've never seen one. I have had weird stuff happen to me, though. I half-way believe in psychics.
70. When I was little, I was obsessed with fairies and My Little Ponies.
71. I think Mike Myers is hilarious. I also find animals very funny.
72. I also like British humor like Monty Python. I realize not everyone likes this.
73. I grew up on a farm. We grew raspberries and tobacco and had horses and cows.
74. I was raised Catholic. Like, old school Catholic. I had to wear a mantilla to church. Mass was in Latin. Because of this, I'm always having a guilt trip about something. It comes with the territory.
75. Then my family switched to Episcopalian a few years ago. We got fed up with the Catholic Church. Sometimes I miss being Catholic.
76. I am a huge history buff. Anything historical is cool.
77. I love to read when I'm in the mood. Usually I am reading to learn something. Yes, I am a big dork. I'm just not that into fiction, ok?
78. Addiction comes easily to me. This is not good.
79. I can play the violin. I played for many years.
80. I always wanted art lessons instead. I like drawing and love art.
81. I really identify with Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, the women on Sex and the City and Miss Piggy. I just realized that makes me sound like a bimbo. I'm not. Okay, maybe I am a little.
82. I really want a red convertible one day. And a house on the beach.
83. But if I won the lottery, I would buy a yacht and sail around the world, partying with all my friends. Kinda like the Big Pimpin' video.
84. I like all kinds of music except jazz. Especially rap. (It's okay to hate me for this.)
85. I am a nerd because I like school. Learning is really fun for me. I want to be in school again. I would take a class just for fun.
86. I am a know-it-all who needs to be called out.
87. I have a tendency to be close-minded and overly-conservative. But I'm working on it.
88. I always know what I want. Always.Wimpy people who are afraid to make decisions and can't make up their minds irritate the piss out of me.
89. Reading over my shoulder will get you an elbow to the face.
90. I once dated a guy with three testicles.
91. Any version of pink or green are my favorite colors.
92. I hate brown. And that mustard color.
93. I am a good person to borrow money from because I will forget about it five minutes later.
But if I borrow money from you, I will also forget to repay you.
94. My baby brother died in a sudden drowning accident two years ago to the day. He was 18. Eight months later I lost my dad. Grief sucks. If another one of my family members dies, I'll kill them. Har har.
95. I never have cash on me. Ever.
96. I use my American Express card for everything. I am keeping them in business.
97. I don't usually like mushy and romantic stuff. After about 5 minutes of cheese, I want to barf. Flowers are an exception.
98. My toes are freakishly long. I think I could peel a banana with them, but I haven't tried.
99. I'm a horrible person to play a board game with: I am both a sore loser and a sore winner. I play for blood!!
100. I have a pair of lucky purple shoes. Every time I wear them, something cool happens.


NotCarrie said...

That's a good list. I made mine but am convinced it's uber boring.

Stuck said...

Board games are meant to be played for blood. This is what we should do instead of trivia night!

Gypsy said...

I can so relate to your list! I, too, thought I wanted to be an archaeologist. I took courses in college, but then I realized that there was a lot of science involved. No thanks. Instead I got my undergrad in history.

I also can't count. The boyfriend has to tabulate the tip.

I have a James Bond tattoo. I shit you not.

But shame on you for not liking tea. The south rebukes you ;)

Virginia Belle said...

notcarrie--hi! i have been meaning to check out your blog. thanks for leaving a comment. i am very flattered you took the time to read all of that.

stuckey--you are a genius! why didn't we think of this before??? just watch out if i wear my purple shoes. those are the infamous purple poker pumps.

gypsy--funny, because i can calculate tips. that is the only mathematical thing i can do. it's probably because i waited tables for so long. i guestimate, though. that is so cool that you have a james bond tattoo. in my book, you are now 20% cooler than before. if that was possible. re:tea. i know! if there was a petition to revoke my southern belle-dom over this, i would have to surrender and move north of the mason-dixon! i am ashamed to admit it. but i've TRIED to like it, i promise. i really tried.

jennster said...

awesome!!!! you rock!!!!! except for the whole puking thing. that makes me want to puke. why do you suck so much at math, eh? cool that you're left handed!!!! i wanna go to italy. where did you go? what was your fave place? i am totally with you on the cold factor of things. i hate being cold. fuck the cold. I LOVE true crime stories too- i am sick about the details.. and i like ghost stories, but i don't really like horror movies. lol

Vixen said...

You're single? Did I miss something...what happened to Repo?

I'm with you on 19 and 23. And a host of others that I forgot to count. Your list is very very interesting. Loves it.

Virginia Belle said...

jennster-- this sounds crazy, but my math deficiency is genetic. i swear. my dad was bad at it too. and he was also really good with foreign languages. i think that in our brains, someone grabbed a melon-baller and put all the math brain-goo over onto the language section. we have lop-sided brains. oh, and i went to Rome and Naples (well, Pompeii, which is right outside of Naples.) It was awesome. Everything was awesome. except for the b.o. and the gypsies.

vixen-- single...crap, i guess that was kinda confusing. no, Repo is still here. lucky for him i haven't booted him yet. despite the fact that he infected my ass. i meant single as in "not married". sorry for the confusion. glad you liked my list. i feel guilty for posting it because it is the single most self-obsessed thing i've ever done. i feel icky now.

Autumn said...

VB, here's a suggestion for you about your checkbook.

It's impossible for me to balance the silly thing so I just use online banking. However, prior to online banking, I just rounded up to the next dollar. For instance, if I spent $3.01, I wrote down that I spent $4.00. It makes the math a little easier and you end up with extra cash in your account that way. It's a good way to save because you actually forget that the exta money is in there.

These two things have saved me a lot of headaches!

stella said...

I love your list.

aromatherapyfl said...
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teahouse said...

Gosh, I'm now fascinated with the idea of seeing you peel a banana with your toes...

Virginia Belle said...

autumn-- thanks for the advice! but i don't trust online banking. i am a paranoid little old lady like that. and the whole rounding up thing? i'd probably get it mixed up in my head and start subtracting the difference or something. i wish i could say i was kidding. because i've been known to ADD checks into my balance before. i'm a total moron with numbers, i'm telling you! but i appreciate the advice. :)

stella- thanks! i'm going to see if you have a blog now...and add ya to my list. i've been kinda bad about adding to that lately, so i'm adding a bunch of people today.

Virginia Belle said...

teahouse-- i've been meaning to actually sit down and try it. i might do that. if so, i'll take pictures and post them.

btw, i can flip off someone with my feet. i forgot to say that.

Buffy said...

I secretly want number 9 as well. But I don't dare.

anny said...

been wondering if i should make my own list - but not sure if i can actually think of 100 things! i like that u like red convertibles.