Friday, June 09, 2006


It's all I ever wanted. I have to get away.

...or not.

I am broke. Which means my vacation will be spent on my couch or filling out job applications. Fun times.

But that's ok. It gives me time to do stuff like this:

--organize my closet/files
--find a used desk (hello, yard sales!)
--hang up pictures
--go to the art museum (I have lived here 4 years and still haven't been!)
--sleep in
--read a lot of books
--watch some movies
--hit the gym
--catch up on some blogs
--mess with my pictures/scrapbook
--take lots of long walks with Sammy
--catch the sales at the mall (without money...this is challenging...)
--find a part-time job (I was going to donate plasma until I learned that it is painful. Dang! Back to the drawing board!)

I have thought about going to visit The Czarina, but I'm already planning a trip at the end of the month. Plus, there's never any good food at her house and it's impossible to sleep in there. There is also this little thing...I am kind of annoyed with her right now. I will post about it later. It's a long story. But every girl's mom drives her nuts, right? I'm sure you understand. However...there is a chance she would take me shopping....hmmmm...

I could also check out last-minute deals on travel sites...or visit nearby friends, like Charleston Guy...or hit the beach for the day....we will see.

I've been trying to line up something with Lady Starfish. But she's busy with the Covered Bridge Festival held this weekend in her hometown. Features of this 40th annual event include:

--"toe-tapping" music, featuring The Incahoots Dance team and the Trailblazer Cloggers (I myself would actually like to go to Bluegrass Night.)
--The Mr. and Little Miss Hillbilly contest
--free fishing for the kids

If you go, you'll see Lady Starfish, representing her bank. She will be making the rounds, accompanied by a guy dressed up as a giant $100 bill. Very cool way to spend the weekend.

You gotta love Small Town America. There are festivals like this all over the rural south, y'all. Just in SC alone we have the following:

Peach Festival
Okra Strut
Poultry Festival
Grits Festival
Cooter Fest (Sorry, I have no idea what that is)
Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival
Watermelon Festival (2)
Sweet Potato Festival (2)
Oyster Festival (2)
Maize Days
Gopher Hill Festival
The Cotton Crawl
Shrimp Festival (2)
Coastal Cajun Festival
BBQ/Shag Festival
Chitlin' Strut
Farm Festival
Pumpkin Festival
Azalea Festival

Whew! That's a lot. I guess we just love our agriculture down here. There's always yummy food at all of these, btw. Ever had fried okra? Don't knock it 'til ya try it.

Actually, I might be able to hook up with Lady Starfish next weekend. *crosses fingers*

In other news...Repo's roommate is now the current abscess victim. No joke. You are next. He's out to infect the world, I am telling you.

I have a splitting headache. It's because I made the oh-so-intelligent decision to skip my morning coffee all week, and now my caffeine-addicted blood vessels are throbbing in retaliation. Nothing seems to make this go away--caffeine, Excedrin, sleep, nothing. It's almost as bad as a migraine.

Since I don't feel well, I will be giving Sammy a bath, reading my book, watching my favorite ghost show on the Travel Channel and going to bed early. Woo-hoo! What an exciting vacation! Man, I am getting old.

I will try to post next week, but I can't make any promises! Have a great weekend everyone. Oh, and here is a great Fun Friday link for you. I got it from Gypsy. This may be the most hilarious thing I've ever read. I will definitely keep an eye on this blogger.


sassafras said...

Sometimes it's good to have a vacation and not go anywhere. Hope you enjoy it! But I'm sure I'll miss you...

Vixen said...

Enjoy your vacation...every last minute of it!

Original Me said...

Enjoy your vacation! I agree with Sassafras, sometimes it is good to hang home with some free time.

Virginia Belle said...

sass--thanks honey. and yeah, i'm kinda looking forward to being a couch potato and not going anywhere.

vixen--thanks. so far, i am not. because i'm at work.

original me--yeah, but if i had gone somewhere, my boss wouldn't have called me in on my first day of vacation.