Monday, July 24, 2006


You aren't going to believe what happened to me this weekend!

But first, let me tie up some loose ends. Friday after work I packed up Repo's stuff and drove over to his house for the big exchange o stuff. It was kind of awkward, as we had been having a fairly serious texted conversation for most of the afternoon. A highlight: I told him that he made me very happy until I began realize that he didn't love me as much as I love him. So when I got there for the exchange, I had basically just laid my heart out to him. I figured I had nothing to lose. It's not like I can get hurt anymore than I already am. It was a rather dramatic moment for me, but to him, it was just an errand I was running. As I was leaving, he even told me, "Hey, I'll call you later."

He didn't know that I had put a note in his stuff that said, "Please leave me alone. Unless you want to be with me, I have nothing to say to you." So for me, it was the final chapter. The End. And I am pretty sad about that. But I'm ok. And yes, I got my casserole dishes back.

Friday night I went out with K and MJ to Liberty's. We were sitting in a booth, enjoying our girl time when I told them I was checking out the guy standing near us. Just as I told them I thought he was cute, he turned to the side. Oh. My. I know him.

Can you guess who it was????

FedSexy aka FedSucksy. Do you remember him? He was a hottie that I was crazy about when I dated him back in December/January. Things were going great until he stood me up out of nowhere one night. Then he called a few days later and refused to apologize. So the next time I saw him out, I dumped a huge drink all over him....

Yeah, so here I am, six months later, checking him out. *rolls eyes and smacks forehead* Fearing some kind of retaliation from him, or at best, an awkward conversation, I inform the girls that we have to leave. NOW. After giving MJ the quick one-sentence synopsis of who FedSucksy is, we bolted across the street.

Little did we realize we were being followed.

By two drunk Mexicans.

So we go to The Wild Hare. Then we realized the drunk Mexicans had followed us and were sitting at the table next to us. We saw it coming a mile away. They were drunk and they were going to hit on us.

Normally, I would have blown them off and told them to go away (this is pretty much my standard MO with drunk guys), but MJ is so much more fun than I. She decides to mess with them. Which was hilarious. Because they couldn't say two words before mumbling something, so throughout the entire conversation, MJ is going, "What? I can't understand you." At one point, we thought they told us they don't eat carrots, and MJ decided to ask them follow-up questions about such a dietary choice, which really gave K and I the giggles. It was like she was conducting a serious, journalistic interview with two drunk Mexicans. She was dead serious the whole time, even when they informed us that "most white girls in Alabama have nice asses" and that they "are attracted to white girl asses" and "like blonde hair."

Aaaah, I love MJ.

Then another drunk guy bought us beers, so we ended up moving over to his table so we could get away from the Mexicans. We went home a little bit later, around 1:30am.

For some reason, K and I were exhausted the next day. We didn't even get up until noon. We went shopping for a little while, but a couple of hours later we crashed out on the couch until dinnertime! I did manage to score some great shoes, though, before I went home.

We met up w/Brunette for dinner and then we were headed over to Jillian's for K's birthday get-together. Right as we are running out the door, I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. It was FedSucksy. [Insert shock and awe here.] Ok, so I guess my getaway wasn't as smooth as I had hoped--obviously, he had seen me the night before and was now calling.

He was calling to tell me that he feels badly about how things ended and wanted to talk to me about it sometime soon. [Insert more shock and awe here.] It sounded like a very awkward and nervous half-apology. I couldn't believe it. I was so shocked and caught off-guard that when he said he wanted to get together over some coffee the next day, I said ok. Unbelievable. If God had been calling me, I don't think I would have been more surprised. I wondered why he called for the rest of the night. But not so much that I didn't enjoy myself.

A lot of people came! MJ brought her best friend and P.O.T. I brought Nurse P and Brunette. Then a bunch of K's friends showed up--about a dozen or so. We had so much fun, since a lot of us didn't know each other. We managed to bond over getting K blitzed. We bought her lots of drinks and shots, and I got her a piece of birthday cake. She was feeling pretty good...very....happy. (Yeah, that's it. Happy.) She had a really good time. Also, we were congratulating MJ on the recent purchase of her new house (Go, MJ, go!!!)

Eventually we went to Jake's on the other side of downtown in Five Points. After some people went home and after we thought we lost K's digital camera, we settled into a group of about ten. Just as we are getting comfortable in our new setting, we realize it is time for K to go home. Like, now. So I took her home and put her to bed.

The next day, she had a hangover. I was too tired to do anything. We vegged out, watched Erin Brockovich and napped. (Side note: If you have not seen this movie, you simply must. It is so inspirational. If you ever doubt that one person can make a difference in the world, then you need to see this movie.)

...and I waited for FedSucksy to call. Hmmm...some things never change. At this point I'm feeling stupid. Not to mention confused--why take the trouble of calling to hang out if you aren't going to follow through with it? Finally at 8pm he calls to see if I can hang out. Well, I had some stuff to do and wouldn't be able to go anywhere until 9pm. So he said he'd call back then.

He didn't.

Seriously, I do not understand men. So at 9:40, I texted him to see what was up--should I just go ahead and put on my pjs? He said yes. He wants a rain check and will call me later this week.

Gee, thanks for the info. Just exactly when he was planning on telling me this, I will never know. File it under Inexplicable Male Behavior. WTF???

I don't even know if I should even hang out with him. He is still ticking me off.

Your thoughts?


Mitesh said...

I suspsect he's the type of guy that likes to chase a woman. If you're easy to make plans with and get in touch with, he starts to lose interest. He must be a cutie if you're putting up with his BS. Maybe you should play his game for a while!

jennster said...

he's a fucktard and won't change. unless he has one hell of an excuse- like someone dying, forget him. he's flakey and sucks.
but i am lmfao at the drunk mexicans

The Dummy said...

I think he was testing you. To see if you were still responsive to his advances.

MoDigli said...

I think you already made your decision way back when. Why go back for more?

Maybe the next time he calls you can say that you don't harbor any hard feelings, but what's done is done. There's nonthing else to say.

Red said...

Next time he calls, I'd totally blow him off, or just come right out and say, "you know, I'm just really not interested in you at all.." That generally will shock them off their high horse.. Or, you could always go one step above and try to set him up with some imaginary guy friend then act surprised when he turns out to be straight...

Yeah, I'm a bit of a bitch.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Ok the guy is an idiot.
And I hate to say it but he's just not into you.
Because if he was you would have gone for coffee, and by him calling at 8pm means that when he realized he had nothing else to do he knew he could call you for backup, then he still did not make plans and seems he found something better to do.
You DESERVE better than that.
Screw him, if this is how he wants to start a relationship then HE IS NOT WORTH THE TIME!!!!
Unless hes good in the sac then....
ha ha
Just kidding, you are a strong beautiful women and deserve to be treated as such.
I am done.
WEEEHOO on the new shoes. Post a pic (I love SHOES)

cmk said...

I'm just glad I have my husband--couldn't go through the dating thing. I have raised one husband and don't ever want to do it again! :)

Anne said...

No No No...he isnt worth raising your heatbeat by reaching for the phone. Loser....and totally not worthy of Miss VB.

You make me miss my room mate days. Sounds like you guys have so much fun.

Sorry about Repo...very brave of you to send that note. I wish I have the balls to give a final goodbye. I dont.

stella said...

I second random musings. Loved the drunk Mexican story.

Anonymous said...

why are you so desperate to find someone? sit back and relax. you make it to easy and you scare them away....

charming, but single said...

Oh dear, you know I feel you on this one. I would say don't settle for his bull.

But you know how lame I get when I start liking a guy.

A shoes. Must see the shows.

Virginia Belle said...

mitesh-- yeah, you might have just nailed it on the head. he is very very cute, i will say that.

ster-- yeah, you are right. i am annoyed at his bullshit anyway. i don't have time for this crap.

DD-- you are probably right. thanks for providing me w/male insight!

Mo--I am taking your advice. that makes perfect sense.

red-- ooh, that's harsh.

random-- girl, you are so right.

cmk-- you are very lucky. there are so many assholes out here, it is unbelievable.

anne-- you too are right. and yes, K and i have so much fun. i am following through on the note but it is NOT EASY. (read: i am almost breaking down...)

stella--i third it!

anonymous-- i am not desperate to find anyone. HE called ME. and now that i have been thinking about it, i am really not interested in him. even though he is very cute...too bad that isn't enough for me. i need more.

Christina_the_wench said...

What is it they say? Fool me once...shame on you. Fool me twice... well, you know the rest.
Try to have fun and don't make this dating stuff so critical. You have plenty of time and great friends it seems to help you through it. =)

Katie said...

Well first off let me say that I loved meeting you!!! I had a great time on Saturday :).

And with the guy...forget him....!! he is not worth the stress.... :)

Becky said...

man sounds like a crazy nite out!!!

Gypsy said...

If you want a very casual hook up, I'd say go out with him. But if you don't want a time-waster, I say pass on the hottie mctottie.

Glad you had a fun weekend, though! :)

anny said...

THIS is exactly the behavior i went thru with Crappers, whom as you might recall, i had to put on the SL and wash me hands of. i felt so much better doing that. unreliable ppl really end up eating at ur self confidence for some reason. u start to think it's u when it's really THEM!

sassafras said...

It made me a little sad to read about the good bye with Repo. But I'm positive that in the end run it will be so much better for you. Hang in there chica!
Would you let a friend get away with Fed's behavior?

Matilda Jane said...

I say we dump a drink on him next time we see him out... like, simultaneously! He was kinda cute... want me to help you eff with him? I'm great at that...

Just kidding, doll... I'm glad K survived! I wasn't sure when she fell asleep on the table at Jake's.
Miss you, doll! must have outing soon!

Virginia Belle said...

christina-- you are so right. good call. thanks for the reminder.

katie!!! HI!!!! yes, it was very cool to meet you. we have to get together again! and trust me, he is forgotten. oh, but he is soooo cute.....

becky-- yes, it was!

gypsy-- yeah, that is the only thing i would want from him-- i mean, i don't trust him enough to date him. a potential hook up is really the only thing in the cards. but that isn't really me. i think it is too soon after Repo for me to have something like that. i'd probably start crying. not very sexy.

anny-- yes, life is too short for unreliable people.

sassafras-- yeah, it made me sad too. :( but you bring up a good point-- i would not let a friend get away w/Fed's behavior!!!

MJ-- oh, i don't need anymore drama, trust me! but i do appreciate the offer. what is up with my friends who love to mess with people?? brunette gets me in trouble ALL THE TIME. yeah, i was worried about K too. when she got home, she passed out, so of course, being paranoid like i am, i had to check to see if she was still breathing. and yes, we MUST hang out. you bring KT. (K is out of town until Saturday nite) -- call me!

nml said...

Run.Like.The.Wind. He's an assclown!