Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ok, so I am really surprised that my neurotic thoughts about loofahs would inspire such a popular post. Y'all are as crazy as I am. When I was home for Thanksgiving, I asked The Czarina what to do about it. Her recommendation? Soak it in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes before using it. Oh. Right. That would totally work. No risk of melting.

So that will be my solution for now. Apparently, I need to share more of my craziness with y'all. You eat it up. On that note, I have some unanswered questions from my "Ask Me Anything" post. Here goes.

rwa wants to know why I claim to have poor taste in music. I guess I say that because everyone tells me I do. I listen to a lot of rap and hip-hop. It constitutes about 70% of my CD collection. To some people, that is bad music. But I like it. I don't really care that they don't play instruments (like Fat Dog argues) or that they aren't actually singing. If it has a good beat and is fun to dance/sing to, I'll like it. I also listen to alternative rock, Motown, bluegrass, 80s, Big Band, Sinatra, Billie Holliday and Classic Rock. So I'm somewhat all over the map. I just lean a little.

Stephanie wants to know who would play me in a movie. I'm going to have to go with Renee Zellweger. I really like her and I think she's a good actress. She looks enough like me that I think it would work. If she's not available, I'm going to have to go with Reese Witherspoon. She's Type-A and seems smart and sassy to me. I like that. I can identify with that. Some people would disagree with both of these choices and say that Jewel needs to play me, because to a lot of people, I look like her. I don't see it all that much, but whatever.

Petra wants to know why I don't like socks. Maybe it's because I have freakishly long toes? I don't know. It really doesn't make sense because my feet are always cold. You'd think I'd be #1 fan of socks. But they feel...constricting. And if my feet get hot, then they really bug me. That's worse than cold feet. So wearing them to bed is just...ew. My feet like to be free, I guess. I'd wear flip-flops every day if I could. Sometimes, if I am truly freezing my ass off, I will wear them.

I am kind of surprised at the lack of nosiness, guys. I thought for sure someone would ask something juicy. But socks? And recipes? Wow, you let me off easy.

Ok, time for a shout-out to The Dummy and Modigli!!! They sent me a gift certificate as a house-warming gift. How freakin' cool are they??? I am not fishing for presents, y'all. Just wanted to give them a big thanks here on ye olde blog. They are too sweet.

Of course, if you are just dying to send me something, you can email me at...


Isn't that the coolest thing about blogs? You meet people you never meet in real life (well, ok, usually you never meet them) and they become friends, acquaintances, people you can confide in. I love it. It really is a supporting environment. I love you guys. *gush*

Topic change before I barf. My camera isn't here yet. I'm getting antsy. I will take lots of pics for y'all when it gets here. Hopefully, my house will be a little more squared away before it gets here. Wanna see what I've bought so far? Of course you do.

This will serve as a bedside table/file cabinet. Gotta love double-duty furniture you can grab from your local Hell-Mart. I didn't get this color, though. I got a dark wood finish, and for a much better price. For some reason it's not on their website. Anyway, I will be putting it together tonight, and probably cussing the whole time.

In my hometown is this super duper cute store. It is full of adorable things for your home. The Czarina, Aunt Awesome and I went there over the holiday. I got a mirror that looks like this one. It will go in my bedroom. I heart it.

Czarina bought me a decorative storage box. It looks a lot like these.

She got me a rug for my living room, which matches my pale blue and chocolate brown colors. There is no way to describe it, so you'll just have to wait for my camera to arrive. She also got me some fabric for a bedskirt she will make me. Again, you'll have to wait for my camera for pics. Czarina is awesome. And I got all my Christmas presents early! Woo-hoo!

After shopping, I got to dig around in the barn. At my mom's house, all the extra furniture and junk is stored in this barn she and WLF built. (We have a lot of extra furniture, it's a long story.) I found: another bedside table, a big, copper ham cooker which I will use as a planter on my porch, a large framed print to put above my couch, a set of decorative dishes to use for company, and my grandmother's old suitcase. I guess it's the one she took on her honeymoon, so it has sentimental value. I think I will store linens in it or something. Maybe I'll just let it be decorative...?

This is what the copper ham cooker looks like:

And the suitcase looks just like this one:

I'll have to take pictures of everything so you can really see it all. But first, I have to hang pictures and clean up the mess! My next major task is to install some of these over a desk:

Then I put down some shelves and voila! The end of all my office clutter. I still need a desk, though...oh well. I guess I'll get there eventually, right?

I have to buy Christmas presents first. Fungus is graduating college in a couple of weeks. So he gets two presents. You know that person in your family who is impossible to shop for? That's Fungus. Now I am doubly stumped. I have to come up with two genius gifts. Any ideas for a good graduation present/Christmas present? He's 23 and is going to D.C. for an internship right when he graduates. Czarina is getting him "real job" clothes. She recommended getting him a tie. Gee, how exciting. I am thinking some kind of guide to D.C.-- for the budget-conscious. Kinda like this. But that still leaves me one present short...

Cute Neighbor update: You know I have a friendly cute neigbor, right? I think I mentioned it. Anyway, I am thinking he might be off the market. Some girl (with a baby) came over to his house last night for dinner. She (and I am assuming the baby as well) left around 11pm. When I got up this morning, the Friendly Cute Neighbor's car was gone, too. Did he spend the night at her house? Could it be a baby mama? Or an ex? A fiancee who lives out of town and therefore cannot come over a lot? A single-mom girlfriend who works a lot? I am going to go with: It's his sister. It's possible, right? Maybe he had to go into work really, really early....ok. Maybe not. Maybe he has cute friends....dammit. In any case, she doesn't live there, so they can't be that close.

Ok, I have to go to lunch now. Hope everyone had wonderful Thanksgivings! I know I did.
Anything concerning pumpkin pie and green bean casserole is good with me! I love Aunt Awesome. It was so good to see her. She brought all these yummy snacks and told us about her new, unique job working for this organization. Other than shopping and talking and lots of Trivial Pursuit, we all just ate and ate. So I had a great trip.


anny said...

so glad that all the decorating the house is keeping u busy and bringing u joy! u'll have to take more photos and post them once things start coming along more :)

Laura said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. You got som nice stuff for your house. Me likey the ham cooker.
As for the girl who visited your cute neighbor, could have been his sister.

RWA said...

Soaking in alcohol? Why couldn't we think of that one?!?!??!

Nothing wrong with liking rap and hip-hop. I'm 39 - and I listen to a lot of that too. It's about what you like - not what everyone else likes.

Buffy said...

Loved your Q&A.

Although never have understood how someone can have poor taste in music. (Coming from someone who suffers from the same illness.)

I mean, can't we all just like what we like? :)

Stephanie A. said...

Funny that you chose Renee Z cause that's who I think would play me in a movie!

Megan said...

please come decorate my house...between your mom's barn and your great taste you would make my house so pretty...please!

really...nice touches!

Lisa said...

You are making me drool with the Thanksgiving food talk. :-)

Virginia Belle said...

anny-- photos are coming...uh. soon. ish.

laura-- me too! i love those ham cooker things. they are pretty and can store...well, whatever you want, really. i've used them for towels, magazines...i think i will turn one into a planter.

rwa-- yeah, i felt pretty stupid that i couldn't figure that out, either.

buffy-- that's what i think, too. but i'm told a lot that i have bad taste. on second thought, i've also been told i have every song you'd ever want for a party....

stephanie-- great minds think alike!

megan-- ok, you're barking up the wrong tree. i have no decorating gene at ALL. i can find stuff i like, but i can never make it all go together. i need a tutor or something.

lisa-- yeah, i'm thinking about green bean casserole right now....mmmmm

The Dummy said...

Big grin :D

thanks for the shout out!

And don't remind me about pumpkin pie. Or pecan pie. Those two things are just too good not to eat in one sitting. I'm trying to work out y'know. :)

Sam said...

Ya know, I've met the Dummy and Modigli when they first got together (Modigli had flown out here to meet the Dummy) and that makes me the COOLEST EVER. I don't know why. But they were adorable and I could see they had something special from DAY ONE because I'm cool. I know, I mentioned that already. I am. Cool.