Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm Back!

Yowza, I've been gone a long time. All my travels are over, thank goodness. I hope I never see another airport again as long as I live. I have had some writers' block these past few days. Work is really busy right now, too, which isn't helping.

Unfortunately, I don't have too much exciting news to tell ya. My holidays were mostly uneventful. Some highlights...

1. My luggage was lost twice. Fun times.

2. I didn't see as many people in Indy as I had hoped to. I guess you can't go back. That makes me kind of sad. I was hoping to see a lot more people. I think I just picked a bad time, too--people are pretty busy around the holidays. Do you have a hard time re-connecting with old friends, too?

3. I did get to see a group of my friends from high school/college, which just made my day. It was like we hadn't skipped a beat since we saw each other last. We caught up, got all the high school and college gossip, looked at wedding pictures, had lunch and did some Christmas shopping together.

4. Most of the time I was there, I stayed with my friend J and her fiancee. I've known her since 9th grade. She has changed a lot since high school. In some ways, the changes are good. She's beautiful and thin, with a fiancee who worships her. She has a group of really close friends, an adorable house and a challenging job. She does modeling on the side. So in those ways, I have to admit, I'm probably a little envious. In other ways, her changes are...not so good. I don't want to get into specifics. Let me just say that she and I will probably never be really close again. Which is fine. We have different values now, that's all. We can remain on good terms and still email and call occassionally. But she and I have grown up into two very different people. (I've talked about J on here before. You might remember her friends, The Assholes. Yeah. I'll let you take from that whatever you want.)

5. I stayed with my ex-boyfriend for a few days. Which was...interesting. I guess I read too much into his drunk dialing, because I was thinking we might take a trip down memory lane (wink, wink). But when he picked me up from the airport, one of the first things he told me was that he had a new girlfriend. Apparently this was a recent development. Oh. So much for that idea. He and I still had a good time and went out with his friends a couple of nights. I hadn't seen his friend Brian in forever, and I had forgotten what a sweetheart he is. He and I really hit it off. He might have to come out here next month for work, and if so, we are meeting up for dinner. He's dating someone casually, but I could have sworn he was flirting with me...hmmm....

6. Speaking of friend Healthy Girl had a housewarming party a few weeks ago. I thought Blonde and I were the only single people there, but apparently not. Healthy Girl's friend, Fun Bobby, asked about me. So with my permission, she gave him my number. I remember the conversation we had, but I have no idea what this guy looks like. I can't remember. Guess I'll find out.

7. Speaking of parties...I'm having a housewarming party in a couple of weeks. (I'd invite my readers, but y'all are spread out all over the country. You'll have to settle for pics.) I am having a hard time figuring out how to have a party which encompasses all of my friends, who range in age from 20 to about 65. I don't want my younger friends to feel they can't party hardy in front of the "mom" crowd, but I don't want my older friends to be annoyed with the "young whipper snappers". Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone know of any solutions to make everyone feel comfortable? I'm hoping the older people will come early and the younger ones will come later. Maybe I should just let the guests worry about it.

8. I'm still waiting on my digital camera to arrive. It's on backorder. But soon this blog will be full of fantastic pictures for y'all. I know you are excited for more of my fantastic photography skillz. Don't worry, I won't quit my day job.

9. This is the last and final thing I am buying for my house until I have some money saved up. But I really need some kind of a computer desk, and this one closes up to hide my inescapable clutter. It looks nicer than having my computer out in the open, I think. Since it was on sale, I went ahead and bought the last one in town. I have to put it together this weekend. Pray for me. And extra special thanks to Stuckey for helping me get it to my house!!

10. It's official: I have a major crush on my neighbor. *sigh* He knocked on our door the other day. With my luck, of course, I wasn't home. But we've been having problems on our street with our garbage pick-up lately, and so he talked to K about it. He wanted to know if our garbage had been picked up. It hadn't. He said he was going to call and see what was going on.

The thing is, our garbage bin was down by the curb, overflowing with bags of garbage. It was pretty obvious the trash guys hadn't picked up our stuff this week. So was he really coming over to ask about our garbage? Hmmm. Methinks not. K insists he was actually looking for me, as she is far too young to date him and she thinks he's awfully friendly towards me.

One can hope, right?

I'm going to ask him if I can borrow his hose tomorrow.

Not that hose, you perv. I need to wash my car.

Have good weekends, everyone!!! I'm off to catch up with all of you now...

p.s. Has anyone tried the new Blogger? Do you like it? Should I switch?


Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Hey VB! Im so glad to see that your back and that you had a good holiday! To answer one of your questions, I am using the new blogger right now and so far so good. But to be honest with you, when I used the old blogger, I only posted about ummm 2 posts..haha. But the new one is treating me good, I say you give it a try. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

SO glad your back!

kimmykins13 said...

OMG! I just read "The Assholes" post from back in May. I've only been reading you for a little over a month, so I haven't read through all of your archives. I am totally astonished by how these people treated you - and poor little Sammy. Dude, I would have asked where the nearest hotel was and bailed before I let The Assholes dictate that my dog was not allowed IN the house let alone SLEEP in the house when they gave the ok to bring him - But you were probably so shell shocked by the way they were all acting. I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm all about the southern hospitality too since I was raised in NC by a VERY Southern Mother. In fact, she would have snatched me bald head if I ever treated my guests like that.

Gypsy said...

Welcome back!!

And good luck getting your hands on his hose. har har!

Jonathan said...

The new blogger is pretty good. My posts do not take as long to post up and images are faster to post as well which will be good for you when you get your digital camera. There has been some problems with folks using old blogger making comments on someone who uses new blogger but I think those have been resolved. Come on over to the dark side, we have cookies.
I have tried a few times to reconnect with old friends, sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes people just grow apart. It brings me down as well.
And welcome back. :)

cmk said...

I'm another who hasn't had any problems with the new blogger--been with it for at least a month. I guess I changed when I did because I knew I would be FORCED to eventually. I don't like to be forced to do ANYTHING. :)

Becky said...

i haven't been ABLE to switch. the new blogger hates me. it keeps saying my blog is too big but its not so whatever.

im so glad your back. can't wait for the pics of the party. my party had all ages and everyone meshed just fine. dont worry about it. its a housewarming party. the young kids aren't expecting a beer bash.

but dont forget the pics!

charming, but single said...

Ok, first off, the new blogger will not let me move. I have something like more than 300 posts and something like 3500 comments, so it says my blog is too big. You should try and see what it tells you ... I'm bummed because I like the category feature ... whatev. I'm probably switching to Wordpress as part of my plans for updating my blog and world domination. ;)

Second, I know exactly what you should do for your housewarming party. My friend had the same problem you had. She wanted her older coworkers and family members to be able to come, but she also wanted her young friends to have a good time. So she called it an "Open House" and let it start in the afternoon and run to the evening. (I know, I know, long party, lots of food.) She told her "young" friends that they should probably come later to party. And so by the time the young people showed up, the older people were going home. Plus, by calling it an open house, people feel more free to just drop by for a short while and say hello and snack. They don't feel like they have to be there at any specific time.

So, that's my advice. We had a blast once the "grown ups" left.

Burg said...

I was wondering where you'd gone too!

My new blog is the new blogger. I had trouble at first, but I think I'm used to it now.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

WEEHOO shes back...
I have not switched... do not like the change thing... lol

m said...

I went to high school in northern Indianapolis and hanging out with old friends stopped working for me a couple years after high school. I hung on for several more years,then finally gave up. I found my old friends turned into shallow status seekers. Plus, I found they became conservative political and religious lemmings. It is the northern Indianapolis personality, they live in their beige houses, wear their beige clothes, drive their beige SUVs and look down on others.

m said...

if you switch, write down the links you want to keep. i lost mine and it took forever to get them back.some i have never gotten back.

also, be careful if you have another blog on blogger that you are trying to keep secret from others (like a dirty sex blog or a sentimental love fest blog devoted to your cats, ahem,not that i tried either of these)

when i switched all my blogs relinked to each other. oops

Mieke said...

Hellooo! So glad your back. I was missing your funny posts! So I know how you feel going back to visit old friends, and it just not being the same. I did that over the holidays, and it was disappointing. I guess that's just the way it goes as we get "older". I read your old post about the assholes, and OMG! I could not believe that story. How could anyone treat someone that way? I take it that your friend, who has these friends, must have something in common with them. Whatever. You don't need friends like that.
The open house idea that Charming but single suggested is a fabulous idea. A friend of mine did that, also, and it was really fun.
I think you should definitely borrow your cute neighbors hose, hee hee, I am sure he wouldn't mind you washing your car with it. Seriously. :)

Anny said...

i'm on blogger beta now and tried to add u via ur hotmail but not sure if u've checked it. anyways, it's been working out swell for me so hope u come over and check it out.