Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fun Friday!!

I haven't run into much lately, so it's taken me a while to have enough for a good Fun Friday post.

1. Is this lady for real???? I thought I was a dork with no life, but she's got me beat. She gave up her Tea Towel Club for Lent, people. I think I gave up sex for Lent....

2. Some recent search terms from my statcounter (ie, terms people entered into Google that led them to my blog):

A lot of them make sense:
"stories of smooching boobs for fun"
"washcloth germs" -- my phobias are shared! I'm not alone!
"long toes"
"reason for a long toe"
"morphed male balls"
"men with 3 balls"--I do talk about balls a lot...
"wide hips/saddlebags"--something I've been known to bitch about on occassion
"how to tell if you're a bad listener" -- something I've wondered about on here
"smokin hot neighbor photo" -- oh wait. I googled that.....
"my hot neighbor" -- i googled that one too, probably...
"big boobs"
"mormons and jello"--others share my curiosity!
"julian mcmahon"
"treadmill playlists"
"virginia belle stripper"
"virginia belle sex machine" --wow. what an ironic reputation....
"what do women think of jockstraps?"-- I also like to wonder about jockstraps...
"one ton man" -- I posted once about a show on TLC called "I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day"
"give yourself diabetes" -- I'm curious to know how that one turned out...
"anna nicole smith" -- from my "I love vicodin" posts...
"snogs" -- I do love my British slang.
"eating the same thing everyday"-- Yup. Do that, too.
"single dads dating"-- Hot Neighbor!
"dating hn"-- stupid skanks are trying to google my Hot Neighbor!!
"cute sex movie"-- three of my favorite words.
"jessica simpson short legs kankles"-- I have mentioned JS on here before. And perhaps kankles.

Some do not make sense...:
"tuna drainer" -- have never discussed tuna or drainers on this blog.
"i like bukkake" --WTF is bukkake?? Note to self: google bukkake
"are anchovies poisonous to dogs?" -- have never discussed anchovies on here....
"what happens when you boil spandex?" --why would you EVER need to know this??

And some beg for clarification or a story:
"lonely married guy, columbia, SC"
"met him at sky tower, doesn't like blondes anyway"
"send my misses [sic] a dirty text"
"pink puncher" -- is this some sick sexual act I'm not familiar with? I've gotten this one like 3 times
"perfect dating bobby knock" -- I'd like to meet this Bobby Knock character...
"weirdest things put in assholes" -- WOW.
"anorexic eat bath sponges"-- now there's an urban legend I've never heard.
"my son's dating a skank"
"do not date a skank"--skanks are apparently causing trouble for others, not just me. Good to know.
"marriage to someone with OCD"
"MRSA and lapdances"
"embarrassing give him acrylic nails"--WTF??

Lately, I've been getting some more perverted ones:
"virgin beavers"
"pictures of man kiss woman virgina [sic]" -- Hmmm...I wonder what a virgina is??

3. My coworker found these videos about information literacy (ie, learning how to use a library, cite sources and find good information). They crack me up! The last one is especially funny -- I love how the game show contestant talks! "hello!" "okay!" etc. I believe they come from Rutgers, and based on these videos, I can say there are some hard-working and smart librarians up there. The videos do a good job at making it easy to understand. In case you were curious, the stuff in these videos is what I teach people all day.

That's all I've got today in the way of Fun Friday. Not the best, I know. I have a good excuse, though. I was sick all day yesterday. [Insert "Awww!" here.] I think I had food poisoning or something, because I had a fever, I was achy and I had....gastro-intestinal issues. Ugh, I felt terrible all day. I'm mostly better now, but I still have zero interest in eating anything (which, I guess is good, right?). I'm kinda dizzy, still slightly icky and weak-feeling. All I want is diet Sprite. I love that when I'm sick.

I need to ask my readers a question. I need some advice, I guess. I am seriously considering getting Sammy a sibling. For those of you with two pets, do you have any tips or warnings for me? How did you go about it? I am thinking that since Sammy is fairly dominant, I should probably get a dog that will stick up for itself. Otherwise, he will just intimidate it to death. I'm also thinking of getting a female dog this if you can advise me on this, I'd love to know. Thanks!

Hot Neighbor has been gone for a week, people. I am having major withdrawls. I don't know where he is, I assume a work-related trip. He wouldn't be on some Caribbean vacation with a Skank, now would he??? Right? Of course not. He's away on business, planning on how he can seduce me.

Oh well. Hopefully tonight I will see the cute guy from last week's Happy Hour. There are plenty of fish in the sea, right? And then tomorrow is the annual St. Patty's Day festival -- SO much fun. I will get to see one of my favorite local bands play twice! Yesssss!!!

Ok, well, my weekend is starting early-- we are so dead in here, my boss just told us we can all go home! Woot! Gotta love Spring Break!!!


Fluffycat said...

I know what bukkake is, and I'm wondering how people ended up at your blog from that, because, let's just say, it's more perverted than you might think.

Damn those skanks trying to google your hot neighbor.

Matilda Jane said...

Def get a female dog for Sammy... it's stereotypical but mostly true that dogs get along better with the opposite sex. Besides that... good luck with Sammy! he doesn't seem like much of the sharing type!

The Frog Princess said...

VB, you might want to do yourself a favor and NOT Google bukkake. Really. Don't do it.

DetoxSmurf said...

You'll always be a dork to me, VB. :)

SJ said...

omg this blog craked me up so much! and of course, i went a googled bukkake. i wonder how many google pages people have to go through to find the your link. weird, anyways, hope you had a fun st. patrick's day! i really did, and i am sure we will hear all about it later this week.

Stuck said...

"I Like Bukkake" was the name of a video clip you posted a LOOOOOONG time ago. It really had nothing to do with bukkake, though. If you haven't already, I suggest you not google bukkake. Especially if you're at work.

Lisa said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Hope Hot Neigbhor comes back soon too!

Follow the Frog said...

Hey VB! I've been away for awhile dealing with applications and moving and life changes. But I am back and glad to be reading your blog again!

Follow the Frog

(BTW. I am moving to your coast! To Maryland, to be exact!)

teahouse said...

I just found out what bukkake was. I think Howard Stern popularized the term in the West. It's a Japanese word. If you google it, make sure you erase your history afterward. And take a shower.

Virginia Belle said...

fluffycat-- yeah, i'm still a little mystified by the bukkake. i'm going to hunt down the skanks looking for info about HN. this means war!!!!!

MJ-- see, the thing is, all of the dogs sammy gets along with are all boys. maybe my dog is gay.....he barks at the girl dogs: cornbread, halo....decisions, decisions...perhaps i should volunteer for a bit. be a foster dog mama.

frog princess-- too late. already did. i don't really see the big deal. it's kinda gross, and i'd never do it, but it's not as disgusting as i'd imagined. (maybe there is something wrong with me???)

detox-- likewise, natertot.

sj-- glad you liked it. :)

stuck-- aha! mystery solved. i already looked it up. i took your advice, though and didn't do it at work. :) thanks for the heads up.

lisa -- hot neighborrrrrrrrr......


FTF-- YAY! welcome to the east coast! we have plenty of humidity and trees for you! the good thing is, all the tv shows probably start at a normal time for you. LOL. eat some crab cakes for me. they are in season, i think. OH and go to DC. you will love it. great food, lots of young people. good museums.

teahouse -- yeah, i hear you on the shower part. it's pretty gross.

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