Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bachelor Pad

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I will try not to gush quite as much today. But this post is mostly about CN. Sorry.

I want to talk about something I've noticed about CN that really impresses me: his house. I want to hang out there a LOT because I like it so much. I feel very comfortable there, and not just because it's exactly like mine in size, floorplan, price and features. I figure most guys would like to know what is so appealing about it. Here's why.

1. It is clean. Like, really clean. No clutter. No grime. No dust that I can see. No overflowing trashcans. No dirty dishes in the sink (heck, even I have dirty dishes in my sink right now!). No half-empty fast food cups on the bedside table. No Giant Pile O' Change on the dresser. I'm sure he probably tidies up before I come over, but you can just tell that he's a neat and tidy person-- no las-minute cleaning could cover all of these details. It is evident that he doesn't want to live in filth. This is a good indicator of maturity and lack of laziness.

2. He has adult furniture. As in, he went out and bought it at a furniture store. It's not from Wal-Mart (not that there's anything wrong with that -- I have some, myself). It matches. It's not ugly. Not a plastic milk crate, folding chair or futon in sight. Real, adult furniture. Aaaaaaah.

3. So far, I have noticed nothing that states, "I never grew up!" : no empty liquor bottles on display on top of the kitchen cabinets, no beer can pyramids, no Animal House posters, no Playboys on the coffee table. There are no Star Wars collectibles or beer bongs. His Playstation isn't even sitting out. There are no wall hangings or neon bar signs. And he doesn't do drugs, so there are no bongs or pipes laying around. It's like a real, actual grown-up lives there.

4. It's quiet. No pets, no roommates. Not that I don't love having E or my dogs, because I do love them, but gosh it's a nice change! No interruptions or squeaky toys. Makes me want to take a nap. With him.

5. No overbearing parents at his house all the time. (I have a girlfriend who is dealing with this problem at the moment, that's why I noticed this!) His family lives about an hour away, so it is impossible for him to be a Mama's Boy. He does his own laundry, cooking and cleaning. Everything there at his house is his idea. His home is the home of an Independent Man. And that is very, very hot.

6. No evidence of ex-girlfriends or other women. Not a photo, card, dried bouquet of roses or romantic memento to be seen. No mysterious earrings (like one of my college ex-boyfriends had...) or any pink sweatshirts left by "friends". I'm not a very jealous person, but in my experience, random girl stuff usually translates to "he's cheating on you". So it's good that there seems to be none of that. A total lack of ex-girlfriend evidence also indicates an absence of emotional baggage-- a very good sign.

7. There are no bad smells. I haven't been into every room in his house yet, but usually if someone's house smells, the whole thing smells. So it is safe to say that the only thing there that smells is him -- and he smells GOOD.

8. Nothing there is sharp or dangerous like Dr. Seuss's house. CN's house is comfy. The couch is very soft and has plenty of room to spread out. There's a large, fuzzy blanket on it for when I get cold. Even his coffee table is circular, so I don't run into the corners with my shins. I haven't tried out the bed yet, but it's very big, there's a comforter on it and he told me how much he likes big, soft pillows. I am looking forward to this part.

9. Now, before you think he's gay or something, I can tell you there's no evidence of that, either. His fridge is practically empty -- just beer and condiments, really. There are no "accent pillows" or wallpaper borders. There aren't many decorative objects at all, really. He hasn't done any painting, so everything is cream (the walls) and brown (the furniture). There are few, if any things hanging on his walls. And he has a fake plant.

10. You also shouldn't think that his place lacks personality, either. One of the first things you see when you walk in is his drum set. He has foregone a dining room table in favor of a drum set. I can't wait for my first drum lesson! Woo Hoo!! He has a few funny photos in frames of him and his friends -- not your typical "say cheese" photos--they have stories behind them. He also has a small collection of old bottles with his name on them -- it turns out, there used to be an old bottling company by the same name (first and last), and he stumbled upon them during an eBay browse one day. I'm sure there are more little interesting things, and I'm looking forward to discovering them.

11. Nothing in his place indicated that he is insecure. This was not the home of a guy who is out to try and impress someone. Some guys are very in-your-face about their surroundings -- Kama Sutra books displayed prominently, gigantic jars of creatine in the kitchen, paintings by artists whose names are "accidentally" dropped, photos taken with celebrities -- that sort of thing. All of these things are bad, because they scream, "Look how cool I am!!!" -- they reek of desperation and a need for attention and approval. CN's house is just...him. Totally relaxed, totally unpretentious.

12. It's not eerily perfect, either. I've rarely seen his bed made. And there are usually a couple of DVDs lying around. So we know he's not a serial killer or freakishly anal retentive. Whew!

13. There is room for me. He doesn't have only a loveseat in the living room, he has a big couch. He doesn't have a twin bed, he's got a queen. He has more than one pillow and several towels. I haven't looked in the kitchen much yet, but I bet he's got more than one set of silverware. He seems adequately prepared to share his space with other people, especially me.

Now, as long as he passes my Official Bathroom Test, his house will be 100% VB approved!

Wanna read more about this topic? MJ already covered it!


The Dummy said...

Whoo hoo! First! :)

I hear you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their place for 15 minutes. From the looks of it, it sounds like he's got his head on straight. I think I can totally relate to this guy!

Alison said...

Now THAT sounds like a great guy. Neat, organized, and has his shit together. You done good, VB!

Kraig said...

Wow, sounds like an awesome guy. Cute, sweet, mature. You've done good :)

The only problem, as a guy reading all this, is the over-analyzing you cause. If this goes on in the mind of every girl for everything I do, I'm going to go neurotic trying to figure out their reactions... wait... I already have... crap...

Even when you are trying not to be mushy, there is still little bits of it coming out. its cute. Seems like you are falling pretty fast for this one. Go VB

Phantom Hater said...

Didn't you say he works from home, too? A lot of people I know (because we travel so much) are rarely at home, so the house is a lot easier to keep tidy and it makes the person seem more of a clean freak. Or they pay for a cleaning service.

No sharp corners? I didn't realize you were so clumsy that the furniture has to be VB-proofed before you stumble in. ;)

"he does his own laundry, cooking, and cleaning."
Not much cooking from the looks of the fridge. :)

Tell him to toss the fake plant.

The place sounds promising. Let us know when you test drive the bed. :)

~kraig -- every woman does this. Just try not to think about them running a finger over your cabinets and peeking in your closets when you leave the room and you'll rest easier.

Burg said...

Wow.. Sounds impressive.

marie said...

Yep, sounds like a keeper!

Oh, and gush all you want.. It's cute and I'm sure we can all relate one way or another. Plus, it's *your* blog. Gush away!

Virginia Belle said...

dummy-- yes, i heard somewhere that you can tell more about someone in 15 minutes of hanging out at their house than you can by talking to them for the same amount of time.

alison -- *takes a bow* thank you, thank you!

kraig -- just refer to this list before you bring a new girl over. you need to stop stressing and take this post as a checklist. and yes, it's hard to hide the mush. :P

PH-- yes, he does work from home. maybe he takes a break to clean from time to time?? and as far as sharp corners are concerned, i just seem to have problems with coffee tables. they get me. and you are correct at pointing out the inconsistency between his ability to cook and the lack of food in his fridge. you see, he would eat nothing but plain, grilled chicken breasts if it weren't for me. LOL and yes, i HATE fake plants. i will soon begin to tease him about that. you gave good advice to kraig. and i will NOT tell you when i test drive the bed. gah, what do you think i am? a big mouth who puts super personal stuff on the internet or something? ;)

burg -- tell me about it.

marie -- aw, thanks, but i am going to stop gushing for now. not healthy.

The K Life said...


you are a lucky girl, VB :-)

RWA said...

My goodness.

You are looking forward to trying out CN's bed.

How things change in such a short time...

Sam said...

OMG! So, something that I meant to tell you a while back when I worked at "huge retailer"... You know how you're crazy and you wash all your bathroom stuff before you use it? Well I spent more than one night stocking that stuff, and let me tell you how many times I washed my hands. DI-RTY! YUCK! So I think you're less crazy now.