Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday 13

I'm alive, but barely. I just wish I could mainline some caffeine. *yawn*

Sorry about my long absence, but I don't have much to report! Everything has been smooth sailing, really. Since it's Thursday, I will make this a list of 13 things that have been going on so you can catch up! And nothing is wrong -- I just used the cloud logo because it's very dreary and rainy here today. Which is not helping my sleepiness!

1. I have 88 people reading this! Woot! I feel special. I had to re-send some invites today, because the guest invite only lasts for 2 weeks, so if you have been using the guest access, please create an account or face my wrath.

2. I am E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D today. I stayed up late hanging out with CN on Tuesday night, went to trivia last night until 11:30 and tonight I will be up late again. On Friday, I'm meeting up with the Happy Hour Girls, so I won't get any sleep tomorrow either! Aack! Thank goodness for coffee! If I can just hold out for Saturday morning, I will finally catch up on sleep.

3. Things are still going swimmingly with CN. He is wonderful and I'm really really happy. I think this is the first guy I've ever dated where I literally have nothing to complain about, even after dating him for a month. I swear the guy can read my mind. He is thoughtful, fun, considerate, affectionate, honest, patient....I could go on and on. He has yet to let me down. Period. Maybe I should change his name from Cute Neighbor to Mr. Wonderful?? LOL ugh, I think I just barfed a little.

4. Of course, the Pessimistically Paranoid Voice in me is saying, "Ok, no one is this great. There's got to be something he's hiding from you. He likes to wear women's underwear. Or he doesn't want to have children. Or he doesn't see anything wrong with torturing animals. Maybe he's got bodies buried under his house. There's got to be SOMETHING!! Get him to spill it!!!" -- But I'm still not finding any evidence. He's just.......really nice and sweet. To everyone, even strangers. Very normal guy. Geeky and shy, but normal. There's just nothing bad about him, really. It's kinda freaking me out a little.

5. He got tickets to the USC/Kentucky game tonight! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. The tickets are really hard to get, especially since we are ranked 11th now. And I really hate Kentucky, because they are a big rival of my alma mater, Indiana University. So I really want to see them get creamed tonight. It should be a really good game -- both teams have been doing better than usual this year. The game is being televised nationally (ESPN), so if you watch it, I will wave to you from the crowd! I'll be wearing the garnet-colored tshirt. :)

6. I am taking MJ, KT, VW, CN and his friend The Runner to a big Halloween party thrown by S (one of the Happy Hour Girls) every year. This is the 5th annual Halloween party, and everyone has to wear a costume. It should be really fun. MJ & I are going to be Sprockets and The Runner is going to be The King (as in, Burger King). I don't think anyone else has their costumes picked out yet. CN is thinking about growing a mustache and going as Tom Selleck's character from Magnum P.I., much to my dismay. He looks very strange with a mustache -- I've seen pictures. So I need ideas, people. I am very anti-CN-mustache. Help me!

7. Other fun fall activities we (ie, MJ, VW, KT, The Runner and CN & I) have planned include: going to the corn maze, going to "Scarowinds" (Carowinds, the closest amusement park, has special Halloween features this month) and going on a ghost tour. And then, next week, the SC State Fair comes to town. EEEEEEK!!! I love October and Halloween!!!!

8. My roommate E and her boyfriend B are in the midst of what will probably end up being Breakup #3. I feel really bad for them, because I think they are both great people, but I think they are very ill-suited for each other. They have very different families, religions and goals. There are some trust issues on his part (he snooped through her phone) and she has some ex-boyfriend issues (I don't think she's recovered emotionally from her ex, who is a complete asshole). She would never in a million years cheat on B -- that's not what I'm saying. I just think that maybe she's not ready to be close to someone emotionally right now. And his family doesn't like her and probably never will. To make it worse, when they pick on E, he rarely sticks up for her, which has been causing some problems for them. Throw in the fact that he will never leave SC and she wants to move somewhere else eventually, and you begin to wonder why they are dating in the first place. I do not doubt that they love each other, but sometimes love isn't enough. You have to be on the same page about stuff. And they just aren't. E is willing to call it quits, but B is kind of in denial and thinks they can work things out. Since they work together, E is worried how it will affect that situation, especially since B is the boss's son.

So, in a nutshell, it's a big ol' mess. I have been trying to support E and listen to her, because she is upset about all of this. I hate to see her upset right now, because she has a bunch of other personal problems at the moment. She's majorly stressed. I just really think they need to call it quits -- for GOOD. They both need someone who is better suited for them. Hopefully they will figure this out and both move on with their lives. Until then, I'll just have to keep baking her brownies! I think they are helping.

9. Butter wrecked her car the other day. She's fine, but her car is totaled. She doesn't know exactly what happened, because it all happened so quickly, but it sounds like she blew a tire and lost control of the car. She drove into a big ditch. She was a little shaken, but she's fine now.

10. CN's dad is in the hospital, about an hour away. I think I told you he has cancer. Yeah, it's not good. Anyway, CN's dad's back has been hurting. He thought it was just a pinched nerve or something, so he went to the doctor. It turns out he's got a tumor on his back. So he's in the hospital right now, getting biopsies and stuff. CN doesn't like talking about it, and I can tell he gets upset, so I don't like pressuring him for details. But he did mention that he may go down there tonight instead of going to the game, depending on how well his dad is doing. He also may go down to the hospital this weekend to stay with his parents. I told him that I will go with him if he wants me to. So hopefully everything will be ok.

11. Um, ok, how about something not so Debbie Downer-ish? I watched the Strangers with Candy movie the other night. If you liked the Comedy Central show with Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert, you will LOVE the movie. It's pretty funny.

12. Tomorrow night is the reunion of the Happy Hour Girls. We have all been so busy for the past few months, we haven't gotten together in ages. Now that the summer is over and we are all done with vacations and other things, we can start meeting up at Wild Wings again. I am very excited to have girl time!

13. I am reading two Neil Strauss books right now: The Game, which is about the Pick-Up Artist community, and The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band. CN is letting me borrow it. It's about one of my favorite 80s hair bands, Motley Crue. Have I ever told you I'm a huge Tommy Lee fan? I think he's hilarious and really interesting. Aside from all the hepatitis stuff, anyway.

CN saw my copy of The Game, and asked me about it. I explained the book a little to him. Now he's on a mission to steal it from me and read it. I told him he didn't need to worry about picking up any chicks right now. :)

Alright, now you're all caught up, my wonderful little readers! I hope everyone's having a great day! You think I put enough links in this post? LOL


Phantom Hater said...

Hey, sounds like you and CN have hit it off well, although if you had just stuck to the Wednesday nights instead of late-night Tueday brownie-making sessions you might be better rested. ;) It looks like you can test out all of the "Nice Guy" theories from those other posts firsthand. I think CN should go as Robert DeNiro for Halloween. Or maybe the monkey from Sprockets. I think mustaches usually either make you look very gay (Tom Selleck's character is a big gay icon) or like a pedophile. I hope everything turns out OK for his dad. That situation sucks.

I'll never understand girls' attraction to someone like Tommy Lee. He's a wife-beating, hepatitis-infected douchebag who has probably stuck it to thousands of underage groupies. Girls love a bad boy, I guess, but that guy is just sloppy looking.

Kraig said...

Glad to hear things are still going awesome with CN. Your paranoid side it right, no one is perfect. you will find something that you don't like, but it wont/shouldn't be the end of the world. He sounds like a really stand up guy, so it wont be that bad anyways.

I read the game in about 3 days, and loved it. Its not really a "how to" guide, but the information is in there if you want to use it as such.

My g/f (i have one now :p) was quite jealous while I was reading it, so I gave it to her when I finished it. She got half way through it, but other commitments got in the way of her finishing it. She's thankfully less bothered by it after reading it. (she thought it was literally a "how to guide", so I can't fault her for not liking it). Now one of her friends is reading it (he really needs the help)

Its a lot easier to see from the outside in when a relationship should be over, and no matter how many times your friends tell you, its hard to listen. Love isn't always enough, but its hard to let go when you have it. Hope E and B figure it out.

Smug said...

Being that I was recently married, I am currently on a love induced high! I think it is great that you and CN are gelling so well. I have to say that I normally have REALLY bad taste in men and I have been known to beat a dead horse for years in that regard. I don't know how I lucked into meeting and keeping my husband, but I feel damn lucky!! He and I both came into the relationship with enough baggage to know what we wanted from each other and what we would not put up with from each other. We respect each other, communicate, and have total trust. Yes, there are things that I find less than wonderful about him (ie: he can't close the shower curtian to save his life, and he is less concerned about clutter than I), but these are little, workable things.

Have faith! Maybe you really have found your missing piece!!

Glad to be back to reading your blog - I was so busy getting married that I missed the private notice!!

columbiacitygirl said...

I was in a relationship that went on for a year longer than it should have. We loved each other, and each time one of us would pull away the other would come running back. It is really difficult to break up with someone when you still love them, but sometimes it is the best thing. I wasn't able to do it...and things ended really badly. Two weeks later I met my current boyfriend. I feel (like smug) really lucky....especially because he tells me all the time that he is the lucky one.

Coco said...

Such a happy little post, despite some of the depressing details. I am so happy for you that things are going well! I hope that the doctor's can do something for CN's dad . . .even if it's just keeping his pain to a minimum.

Jen said...

Tommy Lee fan? Let's hope it's not an attraction. :P I can't say much though. I've always been very captivated with Wayne Static (2nd from left). I guess that's why I married a pierced, spikey-haired rocker.

I'm glad to hear things with CN are going so well. Is he happy the Falcons finally won? :)

RWA said...

It is nice to know that CN has turned out to be "Mr. Wonderful" after your initial opinions.

Hope you have fun this weekend.

M said...

I love amy sedaris and was so excited when they finally made a movie out of Strangers With Candy. The tv series was hilarious.

*smiles for you and CN*

teahouse said...

Glad to hear that things are going swimmingly in the neighborhood!

Love thy neighbor!!


The Dummy said...

The Game is famous among the single guys. Awfully smart of you to get your hands on it so you know what the enemy is thinking!

As as for geeky and shy, I'm all for that, since I'm kind of geeky and shy!

CapricornCringe said...

Thanks for the invitation :)

I want to read The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx. I'll have to add The Dirt to my list as well.

Phantom Hater said...

If you like "The Game", another good read is, "The Asshole's Guide to Handling Chicks". I haven't met a woman yet who isn't completely offended by it. :)

Virginia Belle said...

PH-- well, what can i say? we like brownies. ;) i wanted CN to be Klaus, the sprocket monkey, but he's going to be a Super Trooper. so he's growing a 'stache. ugh. i didn't know tom selleck was a gay icon. i have always thought he was a hottie, though. as for tommy lee, i can assure you it's strictly platonic on my part. i just think he's a really cool and funny guy.

kraig-- thanks! yeah, maybe the worst thing about him is that he's pale, skinny and has skin as soft as mine??? i hope that's the worst of it. because that's the only thing i'd change! i accepted The Game a lot more once i figured out it was not just a guide for getting into girls' pants, but for improving one's life as a whole. and i hope E & B work things out, too. right now, they are just not on the same page. but i'd love to see them end up together.

smug-- congratulations!!!! sounds like you two know what you're doing. i hope i'll be as smart about things as you are!

columbiacitygirl -- yes, one of my mom's favorite sayings is "when a door closes, a window opens" -- or however it goes. i have found that every boyfriend is better than the last (errrrrr....usually....) so that is what keeps me going!

coco -- yeah, his dad's getting radiation right now, i think. he's on painkillers and is still requesting krispy kreme doughnuts, so that is a good sign! hopefully, he can beat it.

jen-- trust me, it's platonic!!! i just think he's funny and cool. and CN is VERY happy that the falcons finally won!

rwa-- oh, he has more than exceeded my expectations in SO many ways. you have no idea!!! if all i have to complain about is that he's too skinny, well, i can deal!

m-- yes, my friends E & W and i are all big fans. And now, CN is too!

teahouse -- it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be, my neighbor? LOL


the dummy-- oh yes,i MUST know what these guys are up to! actually, i originally picked it up because i think i'm going to give copies to my brothers for xmas. they need HELP. and thanks to CN, i think i'm totally sold on geeky/skinny/shy. i doubt i'll ever go back to the neanderthal football player-types. nerds are where it's at!!!!

capricorncringe -- oh yes, that is next on my list. i LOVE reading biographies. even trashy ones.

PH-- ooh, i need to read that! i bet i would rant for days!

Phantom Hater said...

RE: The one door opening/one opening thing.

Actually I think the saying goes, "if the back door closes when the front door opens, yo woman is cheatin' on yo ass."

sassafras said...

I'm a little late here...but YAY for CN!!! I'm so glad you're happy with him - you deserve it!