Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sick Puppy

Did anyone else have problems with Blogger yesterday? Because I wanted to post this yesterday, but couldn't get in. Anyway, as you can see I'm flexing my teeny tiny blogging muscles. I've learned soooo much, it's hard to know what to try out first. I'm looking into doing new stuff here at VB in addition to learning about WordPress. We started a blog here at work so I've been playing around on that. Let me tell ya, WordPress has its advantages...and disadvantages (when compared to Blogger).

On to more interesting stuff...

Friday night, Repo had some friends coming into town, so he had his Guy's Night. I was supposed to go out with K and meet up with them later on, but she and I ended up napping on the couch after watching my all-time favorite show, Most Haunted. Then Repo called to see where I was. Oops. K went to bed and I met up with the guys. They were all feeling pretty good by then! We had a good time teasing Repo's friend Motormouth until 3 am. We stayed out kind of late, considering Repo had to work at 7 am the next morning. Oops.

Saturday was the annual St. Patty's Day Festival here in Columbia. It's a fun festival with bands, booze and Blarney. This year's was much bigger than last year's. I had a good time with my roommate (K) and a bunch of my friends. Repo joined us after he got off work and I got to meet even more of his friends. K got drunk and spilled beer all over me. We all ate lots of junk food (pizza, gyros, funnel cake). Luckily, the weather was great. And I didn't have to use a Port-A-Potty thanks to strategic beverage consumption (read: I was really thirsty all day). It was worth it. I don't use those things under any circumstances. Icky.

By dinnertime we were all pretty pooped and/or drunk. Repo's wrist problems were acting up again. So he and I left to grab some food. By the time we got back to his house, he didn't feel well at all. He was achy and had nausea and a fever. The wrist pain migrated up his arm, which was now really swollen and red. His whole lower arm looked awful and felt hot to the touch. Brunette told him what to do (she is a nurse, after all) and said he should go to the doctor soon. He decided to forego hanging out with his buddies to get some rest. I was tired too, so we didn't go out. He took lots of pain reliever, borrowed a heating pad from his roommate and came to my house. He was in bad shape! I became Nurse Virginia for the rest of the weekend. I brought him food and medicine. I put a cool towel on his head. I rubbed his back and talked to him quietly. He told me I'd be a good mommy one day. Awww...

He was sick all day on Sunday, too, and I tried to get him to go to the doctor, but he said his insurance wasn't worked out yet. (His jerk of a boss hadn't filed the paperwork for it yet.) Anyway, he feels mostly better now and he got his insurance squared away, so he's getting his arm checked out on Thursday. It's still somewhat swollen.

Sunday afternoon, I was craving lasagna. Since Repo's guests were still in town, I decided to make some for him and his friends. I made them chip in on the ingredients. Then I left Repo on his couch and went home to cook it. I made some brownies, too. Then I brought it all back, where his roommates had made a big salad for us to eat with it. We all chowed down! (recipe to be posted soon...) Golf Guy liked my lasagna so much, he asked me if I would marry him. I said "Sure." Repo was too sick and full of lasagna to protest. And Motormouth asked me if he could hire me to cook for him and take care of him (I guess my nursing abilities impressed him). I told him he couldn't afford me.

Then we all watched Big Love, that new show on HBO. Let me tell ya, this is going to be one drama-packed show! I will definitely try to watch it again. Besides, I love Jeanne Tripplehorn. The good thing is, next time I watch it, Motormouth won't be around. He talks more than any human alive. It is just a constant stream of blabbering. I had to throw stuff at him to get him to shut up so I could watch! He likes to hear himself talk. If he weren't such a good friend of Repo's, I think I would hate him. Almost.

After spending half the weekend babying Repo (happily), I am pretty behind in getting some stuff done. I moved almost a month ago and still haven't put up any pictures! The gym is a distant memory, I have some organizing and shopping still to do for my new place and I have some other errands to finish. I've come to the conclusion that being a girlfriend should not take up so much of my free time. So I'm not seeing Repo all week. He doesn't like it, since he's used to seeing me every day, but if I get all my stuff done this week, I will be able to really enjoy seeing him this weekend. I won't feel torn between being practical and having fun. I won't feel cheated when I spend all of Sunday hanging out watching basketball with him instead of doing laundry.

So last night I finally organized my closet and picked up all the clothes on my bedroom floor. I have never derived so much satisfaction from cleaning my room! It had been bugging me. And so tonight, I'm gymming and organizing....and missing him. Withdrawls suck.

In other news...my brother Fat Dog called me last night. He beat me to the puppy punch! I am so jealous! He got a Jack Russell puppy named Newton. As in, Sir Isaac Newton. What a nerd. That's engineers for ya. Newton looks kinda like this. Fat Dog hasn't sent me any pictures yet, so that's the best I can do.

My other brother, Fungus, went skiing for the first time last weekend. He ran into a tree and almost broke his leg. Typical. This is why Southerners have no business skiing. Actually, this is why Fungus has no business skiing.

I learned something funny about K recently. Until last week, she had never run a dishwasher before. She said she almost called me while I was at work to ask me how to start it! This completely cracked me up. I would tease her about it more, but she is dealing with a bully situation here at work, so I'm feeling more protective of her than anything else. I'll post more about it later. For now, that's it. Whew!


charming, but single said...

Boys are so so so helpless when sick. I once had to leave work to bring B chicken noodle soup and crackers because he was acting as if he was DYING or something. And I'm so not even his girlfriend.

But I'm glad you enjoyed babying Repo. :)

teahouse said...

You are so organized! I've been trying to clean my apartment for the past month..I still haven't gotten past the front door of my closet.

Jack Russells are sooo cute!

I love lasagna. Wish I could have had some of yours.

Virginia Belle said...

Charming-- you are such a good friend! i don't think i would do that for some guy friend. knowing me, i'd tell them to bite me. then i'd bring it over after work! maybe i'd leave work for a girlfriend....but women are usually a lot less needy when we are sick!

THB--that's really funny that you can't get into your closet. i always pictured you as a super-organized person. but you do work a hell of a lot...oh, and you can get my lasagna recipe on my other blog. i'm posting it today.

NML said...

What did I tell you about giving;-)

DesiMelange said...

Isn't it always great when your guy's friends thinks you're a great catch for one reason or another??

--Bulbuli =)

Virginia Belle said...

NML-- i know, i know. i just can't help myself. but he's starting to get it--he's taking me out to a very nice dinner this weekend and even uttered the phrase "no, you have done plenty. i haven't taken you out in a while. i need to do something for you for a change." is he a keeper or what?

bulbuli--yes, it is nice! i never underestimate the power of the influence of a guy's friends. so it is a relief to know that they like me. :)