Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday 13

Yay! Haven't done one of these in a while...

This is a total cop-out topic, but you can bite me. This is my blog. Not yours. Only boring people have organized brains. Mine is totally bonkers this week. There is so much rattling around in there. Take, for example...

1. My super-secret project is in full swing right now. That's why I haven't been posting a lot this week. Am super busy. Next week I will have more time. I know, I haven't read your blog. I am sorry. I will do better next week, promise! I will try and get to some blogs on Sunday. I probably won't even post tomorrow (Friday).

2. I have NOT forgotten that I have to interview Coco, Meghan and Lowtide. I will get to you, I promise!!! It is written down on like 5 different little sheets of paper. The papers are on my desk at work, my desk at home, in my purse, etc. So there is no way I will forget.

3. I am on this running kick. I have discovered that if I run a little more slowly, and outside (rather than on a treadmill), I can run twice as far with less pain! Woot! I ran/walked 4 miles in an hour the other day. Which is good for me. So I'm all about running (ok, who are we kidding? I will be jogging.) all 4 miles straight. That is my goal. It would be going better if my body could handle running every day. My legs hurt and I'm nursing some blisters the size of dinner plates right now. Ouch. Anyone know how to stop the blisters? I have heard that putting Vaseline on your feet helps. These dang blisters are the main thing holding me back.

4. Am wigging out about money. K is moving out this weekend. I had some unexpected bills this month, and they put a dent in my checking account cushion. Guess I will have to really think about getting a roommate or 2nd job. I don't understand why I need so much money! It's ridiculous. I used to be able to live on $19,000 and now, anything less than $33,000 is like poverty to me. Then again, I have a mortgage now....which is a little more than the rent I paid when I was fresh out of college and living in a shack. Man, do I miss those $400 rent bills........

5. Hot Neighbor wants me. Maybe. Ok, maybe not. But his kids love me. They were outside playing the other day. They asked me if they could pet my dogs, so I brought them out. Then I gave the girls popsicles. They are such polite, cute little girls. (I am thinking maybe he's only got 2 kids...because I haven't seen a 3rd kid at all, really. So I'm going to have to adjust that little fact.) Wednesday Skank hasn't been over ALL WEEK. Which kicks ass. Which is why HN and I were talking in my front yard as his kids were eating my popsicles. I LOVE it when she's not around. And I bet she doesn't have popsicles in her freezer.

6.. Ok, so maybe I had on some short shorts coincidentally at the same time they were playing outside. And just maybe I was coincidentally reading a book on my front porch when he got home with kids in tow. But it wasn't really on purpose.

7. More importantly, I have not been asked out on a date of any kind, October, I think. This dry spell is starting to worry me. Why are guys willing to check me out (ie, last Saturday night) but not ASK me out? Am I intimidating? Do I come off as snooty? A bitch? What? I wish someone would film me when I'm around cute guys at bars, in the gym, etc. And then I wish a panel of guys could watch the film and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Dammit, someone needs to ask me out before I resort to online dating again. Gah, that was hell. Also see here and here. sure does make for good blogging material, though....

8. WHY does this video clip make me giggle like a little kid? Why is it so freaking funny to me?? Dubya isn't acting any stupider than usual.

9. I think Toby needs to be on Ritalin. Seriously, the dog is nuts. He is full of anxiety. He makes laps around the house all. day. long. He acts like he's looking for something, when in reality, there is nothing there. It's almost like he doesn't know what to do with himself, so he just makes laps or pretends to be looking for stuff. He is convinced that his toy is under the couch at all times, when all the toys are out in the middle of the floor. I have even tilted the couch back so he could go under it, only to find nothing. When I put the couch back down, he still dug at it and whined like his toy was under it. The dog is smoking crack. [VB stops and visualizes Toby with crack pipe sticking out of his mouth.] I don't know if he's just not used to my house yet, or if he's not used to being inside....but I wish he would stop. I mean, it's not a big deal during the day, but by 11:00pm, it gets old. Even Sammy looks at me, and I can tell by the look on his face that he is annoyed by Toby. I have to crate Toby at night, because he will get up in the middle of the night and bark and make laps, which wakes me up. Anyone familiar with this problem? Any advice?

10. I have got to do something about my cable bill. Because $125/month is killing me. I'm calling tomorrow and getting rid of DVR (which I never use and which doesn't work properly anyway) and HBO On Demand (which I love love love -- *sniff!*). Back to basic cable for me. Then I am going to investigate some other Internet options. Right now my cable company charges me $44/month. I am not interested in dial-up or high-speed dial-up. My computer is slow enough as it is. So People PC and NetZero are out for me. I don't have a land line phone, anyway, so those options wouldn't really save me any money. Hmmmm....maybe I will give DirecTV a call. They do Internet now. Anyone have any ideas/advice for this?? And no, I don't have a laptop, in case you are wondering. I wish I did. We have sooooo many free hotspots here in town. Some of them are even outside, which would be sooooo nice this time of year. Get a drink, grab a cafe table....ahhhh. Bliss.

11. I have umpteen recipes I need to post on Virginia Cooks (my other blog--see sidebar). Shoot. For some reason, I only remember this when I am at work, not at home, where my recipes are. I will let everyone know when I do so.

12. From the "Things That Keep Me Awake at Night" file, I bring you this news story. Only in SC could something this backwards and sick occur. Seriously. I mean, I love living here, but stuff like this doesn't happen ANYWHERE else. It's stuff like this that makes this state the butt of all those Redneck/Hick/Inbred jokes. And aside from the disgusting man who did this, I am also bothered by the fact that NINE year olds are MENSTRUATING.

13. Gwen Stefani is playing in Charlotte on May 12. Do I want to spend the money on this? I am a HUGE fan. I saw No Doubt once, and it was probably the best concert I've ever been to. Hmmm...I'm thinking I will have to just find the money for a ticket...


The Dummy said...

Hmm! that's a handful you've got there. First, I bet you scored some really nice points with the popsicles. There's nothing better than seeing someone you're interested in be GREAT with kids!

Second, I bet your life would change if you dropped the cable and just went with basic. Go cold turkey! I did it with the g/f, and it's amazing how much more time we've got, plus the outrageous cable bill savings is amazing.

And third, running four miles is awesome!! Even I don't run 4 miles. Why don't you tell us about these great feats on the bww roll call? It's over at rpg's blog still!

And fourth, I don't know what the October slump could be due to, I mean you seem so friendly and outgoing! I guess I'll have to tune in more to see what it could be. Hmm! Have a good weekend!

lenfercestlesautres said...

Oooh. Lists. lol

3) Wow. 4 miles is a distance I only ran once in my life. It was terrible and I never did it again. So respect!

I used to get blisters too - I just sting them open with a needle and then put band-aid on it.

5) Yay for the popsicles. lol.

8) Wow. I'm still laughing. (That woman can't move!)

9) I know about a rabbit that used to make strange leaps and refused to walk anywhere outside the shade. It would follow the edges. It seemed pretty paranoid.

12) I actually know a girl who started menstruating at 9 years old.

Matilda Jane said...

Ok, you don't have to listen to me, but here's my opinions:

You need new running shoes. With proper shoes and a good fit, you won't get blisters. Good running socks are also a great investment if you plan on running/jogging.

Boys don't ask you out because THEY DON'T KNOW YOU LIKE THEM! For example: the guy in hunter gatherer that you thought was cute but you wouldn't look at him because you're 'shy.' You need to stop being so coy... coy is out, juevos are in!

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

2. No worries there buddy!

3. Holy crap! 4 miles! That really is amazing - CONGRATS! I am trying to train my fat a$$ to run 2 miles on the treadmill right now. I want to be able to run outside but 1.)Pittsburgh is full of hills and 2.) You have to time yourself and you KNOW I'd be tripping over my own 2 feet trying to do two things at once. But I'm jealous of you! Your my running hero. Your like Rocky to me!

4. I totally hear you about the money situation. But guess what? My review is coming up soon and I just printed a crap load of salary calculations that say I should be making more than I am now, so boo-ya to my company! I'm going in there totally balls to the wall. No more Ms. Nice Meghan.

5. WS is old Maybe HN wants someone who doesnt take about 4 hours to get ready before they go out to dinner. And she DEF. wouldnt have popsicles like you did you smooth, smooth girl. She'd be afraid the kids would get it on her fake coach bag! Pffft!

6. Way to go on rocking the short shorts! Man I wish I could, but Mr. Cellulite shall not be shown to anyone!

7. Your so hot....guys are totally intimidated by your babeness. Smiling and eye contact are key! Not to mention cleavage!

9. I say get the basic cable and do netflicks. That way you wont be missing anything with the HBO on Demand. Would that even be cheaper? Hmmmm. Also, you just gave me an idea. I DO have a wireless hookup on my computer that my friend is fixing for me right now. MAYBE there may be a free hot spot by me. Eh, probably not.

13. Gwen Stefani is my favorite! I was supposed to go to her concert (No Doubt) when I was up at Penn State, but it got canceled. I had pit tickets and everything. I say buy the tickets, and if you wnat someone to go with you I'm game! HA!

RWA said...

Sitting on your porch in short shorts just as Hot Neighbor comes home with the kids.

And so nice to bring out your dogs and popsicles.

You go, girl!!!!

E said...

First off, I with the rest of 'em. Four miles is awesome!

Secondly, good move with the popsicles! People with kids always look for others who are good with kids. I was raised by a single mom.

And lastly, I hear you on the dating, or lack there of. Don't feel bad. I have you beat. I haven't had a date since!

kimmykins13 said...

I still just can't wait until you divulge the "super-secret project" Really I'm just dying to know what it is.

It's expensive to live I know. I try to budget but then I see a pair of shoes I just have to have and the budgeting gets thrown out the window. I live by myself too. I don't own a home yet but have started looking into buying a two bedroom condo. My rent for a two bedroom apt. is pretty high so I know how you feel about having to pay it all by yourself (mortgage/rent). I'm hoping with money down from my parents that the condo mortgage will cost me about as much as my rent.

Oh, and by the way I understand what you mean about less than $33,000 is like poverty level. I started working for a resort fresh out of college. I worked my way up within 3 years and got into management making about $42,000. I thought I was rich! I got really tired of it though and it's to long of a story to get into but I ended up leaving hospitality/resort to take an entry level position in a new industry that I did not know anything about. I have been in it for the past 3 years and have managed to get substantial increases in salary each year but I still feel pretty poor most of the time (and broke.)At least I have weekends and holidays off and I have great benefits as far as health insurance and vacation/sick time. I am up for review in June and hope to get another significant raise so keep your fingers crossed for me. The one thing that I feel lucky about though is that I have a really nice mom who loves to buy me clothes accessories and shoes. I am never lacking in these deptartments and this is a real supplement when you don't make a whole lot of money.

I saw that video clip on TV the other night. Dubya really is a retard.

I simply cannot live without my cable. My internet connection at home is dial up. My PC is pretty quick (and relatively new) though so I usually do not have problems. Add the fact that I am on a computer (and the internet)at work all day long. Because of this, my personal pc is rarely used. I just don't want to go online when I get home - Hence I have not felt the need to go with high speed cable access.

Gwen is coming to the Virginia Beach Amplitheater. Love Her - Me and BFF have tickets!!!!

Fluffycat said...

With the dog, try to wear him out before you go to bed. Take him on a long walk. Play with him, throwing the toy back and forth until he's exhausted.

Phantom Hater said...

3. Get a good pair of shoes for running. It makes a huge difference. Also, get the blended material socks made for running (not just plain cotton socks). I use New Balance socks w/Coolmax. Get some of the fat adhesive sport bandages to cover up your current blisters.

7. My guess is that you just aren't relaxed around people you are really attracted to, and they pick up on that vibe and aren't as relaxed themselves, unless they are uber-cocky. I always see if a girl asks questions about me, or if she can tease me back if I poke a little fun at her. Those make for good signals.

9. Your poor doggie sounds like he needs more exercise. Some dogs are just more high-strung than others. Just take him to a dog park if you don't have time for a long walk.

Here's an idea--see if you can get HN to get his kids and go with you and your dogs to the dog park.

Lisa said...

Hey lady,

Wow. You've got ALOT, ALOT, ALOT going on. I think I need a nap after just reading that. Good luck on finding a new roommate. And hope you get to see Gwen in concert.