Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun Friday!

No, I haven't talked to Cute Neighbor yet. I'm pretty good at procrastinating, huh? I will do it. I promise. Hey! Why don't you believe me??? :)

Oh, and remember how Hot Neighbor and Hoochie McSkankerton supposedly broke up? Yeah, she was over at his house last night. So he can bite me. I am over it. All efforts will now be focused on Cute Neighbor, as Hot Neighbor apparently has no clue what the hell he wants. Either that, or he's got Jerry Maguire syndrome, ie, he cannot be alone.

For Fun Friday today, I present to you some videos from this cool show my coworker, LK, has gotten me hooked on. His name is Derren Brown, and he is this magician/psychologist/hypnotist type of guy. He does the most amazing things on his show. Check out two of my favorites.

If this guy is for real, he's totally amazing! His show is nothing but crazy mind-f**ks like this.

This series of videos (there are 5 total, I think) are the silliest, most random things I've ever seen. And they make me howl with laughter every time I watch them. MJ and I love to sing the theme song.

And if you love hot pockets as much as I do, then we have something in common with Jim Gaffigan.

Have a nice, long weekend, guys! Hopefully, this time tomorrow, I'll be tailgating at the game with CN...

Can someone remind me to post the story about dinner last night??? Preview: I am apparently a trend setter, Rob Thomas is a douchebag...and I discovered a Man Buffet. So, um, stay tuned.


Virginia Belle said...

oh, shoot. forgot to tell you that the derren brown show is on the scifi channel, if you get it. i think new episodes are on wednesday nights, but they play repeats throughout the week.

RWA said...

That magician person is pretty good.

I am afraid to ask exactly what a "Man Buffet" is.

Jonathan Zero said...

and you you can get ringtones of the theme now.

and don't forget,

hot pockets....

Phantom Hater said...

Here's a reminder to post the story about dinner.

Of course Rob Thomas is a douchebag. His music is crap. Hmmm, I guess you're probably talking about your blog guy Rob Thomas. But the real Rob Thomas is also a douchebag.

Try and not to get detailed about the "Man Buffet". When I think of buffets, the images that pop up in my mind are of overweight rednecks, food that's been sitting out too long, and sneeze-guards.

I'm in mourning right now because FSU's offense sucked so bad last night.