Saturday, January 14, 2006

Late Night Pissed, I Mean Post

Why am I posting at 2 in the morning, you ask? Insomnia.

Why do I have insomnia, you ask? I'm pretty pissed off.

At who, you ask? That f---ker FedSexy. He STOOD ME UP. No calls, nothing.

Now, if you will please excuse me, I have to finish eating my ice cream, grab my Camel Lights, find my Limp Bizkit/Rage Against the Machine/White Zombie CDs and get into my Pontiac and drive around for a while.


the shrewness said...

i sure hope the drive helped.. even a little bit.

wait... no korn in that road rage pile??

Virginia Belle said...

driving always helps. i'm still driving around a lot as i'm writing this three days later. driving, ice cream and cigarettes.

no korn--it's excellent angry music, but something about that band just creeps me out. i can't get into it other than the occasional song on the radio.

thanks for the sympathy! it helps to be pitied, even a little!

The Dummy said...

Bad form on FX's part. That's grounds for immediate disqualification on all counts. The turd! You don't need someone that inconsiderate!

NML said...

OH! Shame I didn't read this before I wrote the earlier comment, although now you see what I meant.