Monday, March 27, 2006

Random Stuff

Ok, this post has no theme. Just some random stuff I want to cover before moving on to my two next themed posts....

I have been dog shopping. So far, no luck. Apparently no one ever gives up adorable Boston Terriers or French Bulldogs. Can't really say that I blame them. So after checking out some pounds (mutts are also an option) and non-profit no-kill dog shelters, it's back to the drawing board. I don't want to make any rash decisions. I'm looking for the perfect dog for me. Czarina is pushing for a poodle or a Westie. I'm feeling ok about those breeds. They sound like a lot of grooming. But they're on my list. Along with Italian greyhounds. And although they are ugly, I'm looking at chihuahuas, too. Really, I don't care what it is as long as it isn't too large, high-energy or stupid. This is why I'm not looking at labs, Jack Russells or beagles.

Repo has a coworker who is trying to get rid of her 10 month old puppy. I have seen a picture and it looks like....well, I don't know. Maybe half poodle, half terrier? It's a mystery meat dog. Anyway, it's free to a good home, so I need to meet up with her to check it out.

Speaking of Repo, he now has his own toothbrush at my house. Although, I'm not supposed to tell anyone, especially his roommates, who apparently will give him hell for it. So's a secret. I have decided to call him Sweetie-Poo (and other sickening pet names) in front of his friends because it annoys him. This is very entertaining for me. And his roommates. But he has a good sense of humor about it and retaliates by calling me names, too. We end up laughing our butts off about this.

I wish he would quit his job. Today. He hates it, I hate it. He works about 55 hours a week for this total schmuck of a boss. He works all day on Saturdays and until 9pm during the week.
They are stingy when it comes to time off, health insurance and giving them their hard-earned bonuses. People greet him with guns in their hands (literally!) sometimes when he goes to re-possess their stuff. There's more, but you get the idea. As a result of this job, he is tired all the time, stressed out, hates being there, etc. This job is making him miserable. He is only working there to pay off some debt and save money until he can get into real estate and finish grad school. While I am proud of him for being ambitious and sticking to it, there comes a point when the extra money just isn't worth it. I wish he would reach that point. This job plays a role in the fact that I have a tendency to spoil the bejeezus out of him.

In a couple of weeks, I'm going with him to Charleston, where his mom is getting re-married. I will be meeting his whole family and I'm starting to get nervous. The last time I met a guy's family, they were all rednecks/white trash. As in, missing teeth and possible past felony convictions. So based on past experiences, I'm not super peachy-keen on this idea. Especially when the only phrase he uses to describe his grandma is "extremely conservative". I'm convinced she will instantly hate me. Because I cuss. A lot. And I have a tendency to wear low-cut shirts and too-tight pants. Oh dear...*VB wrings hands nervously*

So, I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to get Internet at home. Dial-up is too slow. DSL requires that I first buy landline phone service, which I don't want to do because I would never use it. Cable won't work because the room in which I want my computer doesn't have a cable jack. Oh, sure, I could split the cable line. But according to the cable guy, it might not work since it's already been split twice. My only other option is to go wi-fi. This involves buying a wireless modem, a wireless card, subscribing somehow...blah blah blah. All of these options sound like a pain in the ass. (And no, I don't have a laptop. If I did, I would just turn into a Starbuck's junkie since they are wireless.) For now, I surf and blog at work. (Shhhh....) And since I have ample time to do this, I'm wondering if I should even fool with it.

Someone crashed into our downtown library this weekend. People are morons, I swear. Just to re-iterate, in case you didn't already know: The library is not a parking garage.

My coworker L (the one with the funny kid) teaches a class about library stuff. One of her students is a total idiot. This is why: his assignment was to write a paper discussing copyright. When he turned it in, L noticed that it didn't sound like something he would (let alone could) write. So she googled phrases from the paper. It turns out that he plagiarized a paper about copyright. She asked him about it and he says that he "didn't really understand the assignment" and "was up really late and was tired." What a lame excuse of a college student. Did he really expect her to buy this? The irony of this situation just kills me.

Wanna see the most disturbing thing I've ever seen? If you are squeamish at all, don't click. Seriously, you will have nightmares. But it is not real, thank God, as you can discover by reading this.

This weekend is The Carolina Cup, an annual event here in SC. I'll post more about it later on in the week. Tonight I'm helping K shop for a dress to wear to it. Being the 100% girly girl that I am, I already have a dress. Or three.


The Dummy said...

Unfortunately, wi-fi means needing either DSL or cable. And as far as I know, the cable can be split as much as it wants. Mine is split twice already and it still seems to work. I use DSL though, but it is kind of a waste to have to sign up for a landline phone.

Sorry to hear Repo's got a rough job. I can relate with the long hours, but at least I enjoy my work. It's gonna be tough for him to see it your way until he learns to see it himself.

Original Me said...

Love the frenchie (as in french bulldog)! I want one too.

jennster said...

LMFAO @ mystery meat dog. HA!
omg.. good luck wtih the family thing. i hope they have all their teeth, or i'd just cry.

DetoxSmurf said...

I don't pay for the internet. My wireless card picks up my neighbor's wireless router. >:)

sassafras said...

My last dog was part whippet which turned me on to greyhounds. Adorable and such good natured! I have DSL and it's a pain because I don't use the landline but it's cheaper than cable here.
I suppose if you expect the worst in meeting the family then you'll be pleasantly surprised...?

sassafras said...

My last dog was part whippet which turned me on to greyhounds. Adorable and such good natured! I have DSL and it's a pain because I don't use the landline but it's cheaper than cable here.
I suppose if you expect the worst in meeting the family then you'll be pleasantly surprised...?

Virginia Belle said...

DD--aaarrrgh! why does getting internet need to be so complicated? i would have just done cable, but they won't put a jack in my dining room! and i know you can relate w/the job stuff. you have bad hours, too. you must go to bed at like 7pm. hopefully Repo will find something soon. or at least get fed up.

Original Me--i know! aren't they awesome? all the dog quizzes i take say this is what i should get.

jennster--i know! i can't take another "surprise! your man comes from a redneck family!" moment.

detoxsmurf--aaarrgh! i am so jealous. my brother, Fat Dog, lives above a computer store so he gets free internet too. you guys suck!

sassafras--italian greyhounds are so beautiful! and you get to give them cool italian names like "bruno". i like that. am wondering if the DSL would be cheaper than cable here too. at least i wouldn't have to get a jack installed...hmmm...and yes, that is good advice--expect the worst and then be pleasantly surprised.

NML said...

Working on Saturday would be a major no-no for me, unless I was working for myself. I like my weekends! It must be hard to get things balance with those long hours. There will come a time when Repo will either get rewarded for it or will think it's a load of bollox and leave.

CharlestonGuy said...

Meeting the parents huh?

I just met my girl's folks a few weeks ago. They are all from Alabama - and let me tell you all the redneck stereotypes are true. I felt out of place forhaving a college education and not saying 'bo' at the end of every sentence. Kind of scared me off the girl a little to tell you the truth!

Don't be nervous though (have you met them already? Am I posting too late? Probably...) you are a well spoken young lady. Just try not to drop the 'F' bomb or anything and you'll be cool. Good luck!

Virginia Belle said...

NML-- i agree! no more weekends! i would tell my boss to bite me! i really wish he would reach one of those points so he wouldn't be so bummed out all the time. i wish he would just quit, actually.

CG--ooooh! that is funny! but your girlfriend is cool, so i would let it slide. glad to hear things are progressing two are so fun together! when i met The Cop's family, i was the only adult female who hadn't had a baby in high school. and one of two (out of about 50) who had a college degree. yeah....not a good sign that i would fit in very well....