Monday, March 12, 2007

Chicks, Dicks, Flicks and Licks

I will procrastinate at work here for a moment to update y'all on stuff. Lots of friends, guy stuff, movies and eating this weekend! So it was good.

Friday night was the usual happy hour with the Happy Hour Girls. It turns out that Columbia is indeed a teeny-tiny town. So tiny, in fact, that I'm starting to know some of my friends through 2 different people. I was talking to one of the HH Girls (I guess I should assign them names eventually...) and she says, "Oh, have you met my friend L?" and I turn around. It was L, a girl I've known for almost 5 years. I was pleased to see that The Frigid Snoot was not with her. (I am thinking they might not be attached at the hip any more--this is the 2nd time I've run into her without Frigid Snoot operating as an extension of L's body.) We laughed at how small Columbia is, figured out how we both knew the HH Girls, and then caught up. She told me how her husband's doing--he's currently in Iraq. We talked about work stuff and she let me pick her brain. As we were talking, it turns out we were both pulled over on the same street, on the same week, probably by the same cop for the same type of speeding ticket. Weird.

Speaking of which, I am going to court after work today. I think my ticket will be lowered to a 2 pointer, which is good. Ugh, I hate going to court. I start shaking because I'm terrified of judges. They're so.....authoritative. And serious.

Oh, one other thing happened on Friday night. I met a cute guy. Now, before everyone wets their pants, just calm down. Nothing happened. Big surprise, right? Ok, background:

I'm enjoying HH. I keep making accidental eye contact with a guy. (Was it accidental? Coincidental? Intentional? I don't know. But every time I looked up, we seemed to be looking at each other. Mmmm. Cute. Tall. Brown eyes...) As the evening progresses, I realize he knows one of the HH Girls. I'll call her Talker. He's friends with Talker's boyfriend D. I ended up being introduced to him and talking to him for about 2 minutes before I got sidetracked into another conversation. A few minutes later, I look up and see him walking out with D.

D'Oh! Way to mess that one up....

So I got the scoop from Talker later. She said nothing but good things about this guy. He seems really nice and smart. She said she'd put in a good word for me. I'm sure he knows where to find me if he wants to talk to me again. I'm not holding my breath. I didn't have enough contact time to determine anything.

Speaking of hotties, Hot Neighbor was out of town all weekend, so I have NO updates for you on that.

Saturday, I made KT's birthday cheesecake. It took FOREVER. I think about 4 hours. But man, it was good. I'll post the recipe if I ever remember to! It had an oreo crust, a layer of chocolate and caramel melted together, then a layer of crushed up heath bars, then the cheesecake layer, and then more heath bar crunchies. MMMMM. If you eat too much, it will give you a tummy ache. I am speaking from experience, here, people.

After MJ and I sang "Happy Birthday" to KT, we went to eat at Za's Pizza, which is mega-delicious. Then we were off to Flying Saucer to see 88 Rewind play. It is always a good time, catching their covers of 80s songs. Seriously, every town should have an 80s cover band. But I digress. MJ's old roommate, S, joined us, which is great because she's really funny. Then MJ acquired a friend who didn't seem to get the hint that none of us were interested in talking to him. (She's much nicer than I am!) We thought he'd left at one point, but he came back with shots of Patron for everyone. Based on the looks on my friends' faces, Patron is disgusting. After that, I was pooped, so I went home. MJ and KT went on without me to go salsa dancing, but I guess they didn't have any luck.

Saturday night, I had a dream about Repo. I dreamt that it was St. Patty's Day and I had to get up to go party with MJ and KT. I was in a bedroom, which looked a lot like my little sister's room. I was waking up and still in bed when Repo and his girlfriend barged in.

I don't think she said much, but I remember she was really rude in my dream. She started fixing her hair and makeup at the dresser, and I proceeded to quiz Repo.

I asked him all about his relationship with his girlfriend. Did he tell her the truth? Yes. Didn't she get mad? No. She didn't get mad??? Really?? Nope. Was he cheating on her? Yes. Did he cheat on me? Yes. And she seriously wasn't mad??? No. [Gotta love the illogicality of dreams, right???] Then he tells me they are getting married. Keep in mind, he and I are rough-housing during this entire conversation-- I don't know why. But we are sort of wrestling on the bed. He thought we were kidding around, but I was actually pissed off in my dream and consciously trying to hurt him. Apparently, I am a weakling, even in my subconscious, because I couldn't hurt him.

At one point, we stop talking and he tells me I can slap him. I said, "Really? Like, hard?" and he said, "Yup." So I then proceeded to slap the shit out of him three times. I hit him as hard as I could. It didn't seem to hurt him, but it certainly made me feel better.

Then I woke up. DANG! I was hoping I'd get to punch him or stomp on him or something. I guess my subconscious had some violence it had to get out or something. Wanting to get that dumb dream out of my head, I got up, drank some coffee and started watching movies.

I watched Night at the Roxbury, Talladega Nights and The Sweetest Thing. At this point, I was in denial that it was almost 2pm and I was still in my pjs. The first two movies crack me up because I have a tendency to share humor with 12 year old boys. The latter is one of my favorite chick flicks because it's not corny, sad, cheesy or full of kissing. It also accurately represents a lot of my real-life friendships (the teasing, the inside jokes, the crazy road trips, etc.) so I just love it. If you haven't seen this movie, you must, ladies. Make sure you watch the extras on the DVD, because they sing a penis song that is hysterical.

Then I ran some errands, baked another birthday cake for a coworker and went to Outback Steakhouse with Healthy Girl, Nurse P and Brunette. MMMMMM....steak.

Tonight I have to make yet another cake for a pot luck we are having at work tomorrow. (I signed up for cake before I realized how many I'd be making! I feel like Sara Lee or something.)


Megan said...

should not have read about kt's birthday cheesecake while i was eating a salad! it sounds SO yummy!

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Hey girl! A small little random fact. If you are going to a Magistrate for your ticket, dont stress out too much. Magistrates dont necessarily have a law degree. They're just there because people liked them enough to vote for them. Fell better? Good. On to the next...

Ohh a cutie with brown eyes...mmmm mmmm mmmm god i love that! Good luck with him, he seems like he liked what he saw...woo hoo!

OK and as for that cake...YOU BETTER GIVE ME THAT RECIPE! I think I started to salivate when I read it....not good. I am indeed a big fat greasy pig..ha!

OMG! I loved that dream! I wish I could have that dream with the "BD". Well, I actually may see the BD this weekend and I already have plans to toss an open beer can at his enormous Fred Flinstone head so it can explode on impact (OK I'm not really going to do that, but I can dream right?).

DO NOT be embarassed about being in your pjs at all! Thanks to you, I was in my pjs until 3pm watching the first disk of the first season of Nip/Tuck. Damn you! That dude is so hot he makes me sweat. I think we may have to fight Repo style over him!

In regards to The Sweetest Thing...."too big to fit in here"

Justin said...

I mean, I am a guy and I enjoyed "The Sweetest Thing" too. There is a lot to enjoy in there for guys.

Plus: I watched it with a girl a few years ago, and now I am dating her. So maybe that's something you should keep in mind!

Anonymous said...

There are only three degrees of separation in Columbia. If you do not know everyone yet, you can go to Five Points this Saturday and meet the rest. It seems like everyone from 16-35 is out there.
Do not worry about your hearing. Some Magistrates are not even high school graduates. You probably will not even have to go before the Magistrate.

Mom of 3 said...

I'm not really commenting on this particular post, but I wanted to tell you something: before switching over to the new blogger last week, I never knew that I had comments on my blog. I thought no one ever left comments, which left me slightly depressed. Now I see that 148 comments were made, many of them by you. I read your blog weekly and just wanted to say thanks for all the encouraging, sweet comments you have left on my blog.

BCOL said...

Mmmm, cake... So. Many. Cakes. That's what happens when a) you're excited to share your talents. b) people want to taste your talents. Mmmm... talents...

Scott said...

Cake... cheesecake... delicious... cheesecake...

Not sure if I would like the whole knowing everyone in town. On a good note, there is always a familiar face. On a 'could not be so nice' note, you could not like that familiar face.

Charming said...

I will be singing The Penis Song all day at work on Tuesday, so thanks for that.

This is how it is going to go down:

"[Charming], where is the presentation you've been working on for the meeting on Friday?"

Motions to flash drive -- "It's too big to fit in here ..."

And then I will giggle like a child.

KT said...

Hey girl....again thanks for everything on my b-day and for the present and cake!!!

teahouse said...

Mmm..cheesecake with Oreo crust!! How divine!!

kittenpower said...

the sweetest thing is hilarious!!

Sam said...

Thou shalt not say bad, mean things about my main man, Patron. Specifically Patron Silver. I heart him mucho.

Virginia Belle said...

megan-- if i remember, i will post it for you on my cooking blog.

meghan-- your comment made me feel better. and it was easy-- i didn't even have to see a judge.

justin-- any guy who likes that movie is DEFINITELY dateable in my book.

pawley's island-- tell me about it! i swear, i think i know everyone by now. maybe it's time to move?

mom of 3- ok, this is so funny, because i stopped reading your blog. i thought, "humph! she never acknowledges comments! she doesn't even care about her readers. i'm not reading her anymore." LOL i am such an asshole. i'm sorry. glad you appreciate the comments, though. i'll start reading again.

bcol-- yes, i agree, talents are tasty indeed......

scott- you've pretty much summed it all up!

charming -- tee hee! i love that song.

kt-- you're welcome, girl! you are the envy of my readers now, btw. you get the cheesecake!

teahouse-- yeah, i need to post the recipe

kittenpower-- i know! LOVE that movie.

sam -- lo ciento, mi amiga. :)