Friday, December 09, 2005

Deleted Scenes (formerly Minor Updates)

Just realized there are some little things I haven't told you guys...

I went and saw the IU Basketball game last week with SWG (remember him?). We met up at Bailey's, a good sports bar here in Columbia. Although IU lost (I hate stupid Duke--sorry, Blonde Nurse! I know you're a fan.) to Duke by about 5 points, that was not really the worst part of the evening. Yet again, SWG asked me absolutely no questions. Nothing at all indicated that he wished to get to know me better. In fact, he hardly looked at me. He watched and commented on the game the entire time. I kept wanting to ask him, "Um, why did you agree to do this? You obviously aren't enjoying my company. Although, you wouldn't know if you do since you haven't asked me a single question." and I thought to myself, "Why don't I leave and go watch this at home?" Situations like this really tick me off, so of course, in my own little vindictive way, I wanted him to be ticked off too. So I bought some cigarettes and proceeded so light one up, saying, "You don't mind if I smoke, do you?" And he just got this fairly annoyed look on his face and went back to the game. I wanted to announce to the entire bar, "Trust me, if you were on this date, you'd be smoking too." Another example of male behavior I just don't get.

MIA did bring me soup yesterday. It was made from scratch and it was delicious. He stayed and talked to me for about a half hour and then he left. He had to drive about 35 minutes to get to my house, so he scored some brownies points, I have to say. He also told me that he is currently dating someone who lives in another town, but it isn't going well. I thanked him for his honesty because really, he never had to tell me that. But it does make me a little hesitant to start anything with him, because I think he's been dating her for a while. It would be different if he was just casually seeing her, but this is at least a 2 month thing. So for now, he will have to stay in the friend zone. But it's really more of a holding-pen at this point. :)

I talked to The Pharmacist last night. I mentioned him in a previous post, but I didn't give him a nickname. He is the very first guy I met face-to-face via He is sorta-kinda losing his hair, which I don't really go for, but he is so sweet--he helps his elderly neighbor with her groceries! How can you not love the guy?! And we have pretty good conversations, so I think I may give him another shot. He will at least have a solid position in TFZ (The Friend Zone).

Last night I called Danger Dan to set up our time & place for a happy hour drink today. He has a Mickey Mouse voice. This does not bode well. I'm glad I only committed to drinks. A review will be coming shortly...

I'm supposed to be going out to dinner with The One That Got Away tonight. Just as friends, I assure you. We haven't seen each other in several months, so it's a catch-up sort of thing. After dealing with the men I've been dealing with lately, I really need to sit across a table from an attractive man who knows how to flirt. Even if nothing comes from it.

I can't go out and play tonight because I have to work Saturday morning. :( It's just for three hours, so it's not a big deal. Then I'll probably hit the gym, come home to watch the game (Go Hoosiers!!) and make some plans for going out. Sunday (or Saturday night) I'm going to Charleston with K, my coworker. She is super cool. I just love her to pieces. Her boyfriend lives down there, and he has a friend he wants to set me up with. So that should be a good time.

(Note to DD: K's boyfriend is in the Navy, as is his buddy. The boyfriend is getting shipped off to "Sandy Eggo" in May! Small world!)


teahouse said...

Yeah, give the pharmacist a chance! My Boy is thinning on top a little as well, and I think it's sweet. I find that the balding guys are nicer.

NML said...

MIA is a classic case of a MR Unavailable. Step away from the light! The guy has told you he's unavailable so don't even think about dating him! I know how these things work! You don't call him MIA for nothing!
I dated a guy who blinked like one of those crazy dolls and he had other ittitating things but the blinking was the straw that broke the donkeys back. Mickey Mouse voice? Hell no!

Virginia Belle said...

Yeah, the more I think about the whole MIA situation, the more uncomfortable I feel about it...I just don't think it has started off on the right foot.

and i'm hoping i have time for The Pharmacist later on next week...Christmas shopping is cramping my dating style!

Sam said...

It's San Diego dammit. Damn DD. Actually, it's okay for him to call it Sandy Eggo. He's a sweetheart, I've met him.