Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Vindication Day!

In case you are like me and only sorta-kinda know what vindication means and had to look it up: it is the act of justifying an act or belief. It's a good theme for this post, especially on Valentine's Day!

Everyone in my office is loving this personality quiz. According to my results, I'm extremely verbal. Surprised? I'm also very low-scoring on the nature and kinaesthetic portions. Again, no surprise. I hate camping and I'm a complete klutz. We have all been laughing at the results--maybe you will enjoy it too.

XY (of Team Richardson) sent me this article yesterday. Can you believe this guy? I would have sent him a bill for $40.00 for wasting my time. Take that, jerk!

I virtually know this terrifyingly intelligent woman who blogs from Britain. She is a total genius. NML is her name and she invited me to write a column for her Baggage Reclaim site. I wrote about how much I love being single. So for any single girl who is bummed out about being single on Valentine's Day, read this. It will make you feel better, I promise! (How's that for a shameless plug?) Actually, this is more of a plug for NML, who is cool enough to let me do that! My name is now in....pixels...? Maybe one day it will be in real, actual lights. ha!

So....what else has been going on? This past weekend, I hung out with Repo. A lot. And it was great. We went to a basketball game and watched movies and went to dinner. I could talk to him for hours and hours. It is really nice being with someone who is that comfy. I can really be myself around him. *sigh* Yeah, I guess I am The Smitten Kitten. But the best part is, I think he is just as smitten. He calls, he isn't all about getting in my pants (so far, just some smooches), he actually asks questions about me and listens to me. I think he actually likes me for me--I'm more than a piece to him. Concept! I feel secure and desired, which is pretty awesome. It's really awesome, actually. But it's weird, because I'm not used to it. Usually I'm wondering and analyzing and freaking out--most guys just make me feel insecure. His behavior is so sweet and honest, it's making me feel somewhat overwhelmed. But in a very very good way. So I think I'll be keeping him around for a while. Especially since he sent me a dozen red tulips at work today.....talk about brownie points!

OK, I'll shut up now. I'm even making myself want to puke, if it makes you feel better. To my credit, I'm not hanging out with him tonight. I had already made plans with girlfriends when he asked me about my Valentine's Day plans. I told him I already had plans, so he wanted to know if we could celebrate Valentine's Day another day. I said sure. Some of my friends are giving me a really hard time about this. Maybe I should cancel on my girls??? I am not one of those friends who does that--I'm totally opposed to girls who go by "dicks before chicks", but at the same time, shouldn't I spend some time with a guy who sends me flowers on Valentine's Day? I mean, girls live for this stuff!

Any ideas for something nice I can do for him in return? Cookies, maybe?


The Dummy said...

Hmm! Well, you already said you had plans - so I think it'd be best if you stuck with it. And that was a grand gesture on his part to be asking to celebrate another day. The fact that you two are celebrating TOGETHER says something - especially in his mind as to what you two represent.

I don't know what you could do - just be your charming self and that should be more than enough!

~Moi~ said...

I think you made a good choice. You already made plans yet you still get to go out for Valentines day on another day with him. Its different if this was the only day you could ever go out with him ever - then I'm sure your gfs would understand.
Hehe I read that article by NML too about "dicks before chicks" or was it chicks for dicks or something - anyhow it was funny.

leelion said...

Is that photo with the article on Baggage Reclaim of you? If so I thought you were a blonde? No?!

teahouse said...

That article you wrote was fabulous!!

(standing and clapping)

Virginia Belle said...

DD-- yes, i agree. it is a good sign!

Moi--he was very understanding, and my girlfriends would have been too. it's hard knowing so many nice people!

ok, not really. nice people rock.

leelion--oh, no! i thought someone would think that. no, that's not me. just some photo NML used as an illustration. yes, i assure you, i am blonde. and i will be blonde until i die, probably. you'll be the first to know if i ever go brunette!

teahouse-- *VB curtsies* thank you very much! quite flattered!

the article is now somewhat ironic since i think i'm well on my way to being coupled up....but i don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. or jinx it. so i'll shut up.

NML said...

This has me cracking up laughing especially when I had to do a double take at your description of me. Thank you! It was a fabulous article and I'm delighted that you wrote for the site, and of course, for me!
Sounds like things are going well. Any snogs yet?

Stuck said...

What is a snog? That sounds unpleasant.

Virginia Belle said...

Stuck-- oh, quite the contrary! snogs are smooches. and there is an implication of some "making out" as Americans would say.....

i just love British slang!

Stuck said...

Implication of "making out"? So in England, our team name on Wednesdays would be Snogging?

Virginia Belle said...

No, i just mean that a smooch is just a kiss. brits use the term snogging in the same way we use the term smooch.

however, i think (correct me if i'm wrong, NML) that "snogging" implies making out--ie, some general groping and necking. more PG than just a G-rated kiss. But not PG-13. there is no removal of clothing. that's bordering on heavy petting.

hope this clears it up.

CharlestonGuy said...

I still can't believe you snubbed the man on V-day for your girls. I think they would have understood if you cancelled. If they didn't they are horrible people.

If I were him the make up date would be at McDonald's.

Remember - he easily could have asked someone else out for that night. Maybe he did...hmm...