Monday, March 06, 2006

The Party

Wow. I had a great weekend.

Friday night, The Girls wanted to take Brunette out to dinner for her birthday. After giving up on some restaurants with two-hour-plus (!) waits, we decided to go to Willy's Foxfire Grill, one of my favorite restaurants in Columbia. I went to dinner with K, Brunette, Blonde Nurse and Blonde's roommate, The Accountant. It was good to have some girltalk. We caught up on our love lives, our mutual friends and our jobs over apple martinis (and my diet coke!). The Accountant is such a good flirt, she scored us a free appetizer from the cute manager!

After dinner, Repo came over and hung out for a while. He had a loooong day. He worked 12 hours and made over 300 phone calls! I hope he finds a new job soon, because I worry about him. He hates his job so much! But the good thing was, his store made their monthly goal, so they will all get a nice bonus.

Saturday was Party Day. K and I ran errands and shopped all day. We got plenty of beer, mixers and liquor. She cleaned up the apartment and hung a few pictures, including a big shot of this famous photo over our couch. K stated that it is like mistletoe for our couch. :) Meanwhile, I cooked. We had chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies, homemade salsa and cocktail weiners in barbeque sauce. Mmmmm!

Soon people started to arrive, and I got some overdue birthday presents. (My friends are so nice!) Some of my guests also brought more food: Brunette's chili dip was a hit and Nurse P brought a birthday cake for Brunette. Repo and Big Poppa brought even more alcohol and some shot glasses. We all ate and drank a lot. (I myself was stationed at my new blender, trying to remember how to make Bellinis while drinking 4 gallons of diet coke to stay awake and gorging on the birthday cake!) Turns out I should have had some peach schnapps on hand...I was using some peach-flavored vodka, which didn't work as well.

Brunette got trashed on a drink she discovered on a trip to Miami: raspberry-flavored rum, Sprite and Hawaiian Punch. She had a great time, actually. There was a running joke all night about her boobs, since her top was really, really low-cut. At first, we just poked her boobs to tease her. Then we began taking bets as to which one would fall out first. But we started to stick dollar bills down her cleavage eventually. She made $6.00 by the end of the night!

K kept wearing the oven mitts for some reason, which was really funny. (I think it was because she was drinking out of a bottle of red champagne and it was too cold to hold it without some kind of glove.) At one point in the evening, she teased Repo, who retaliated by smearing french onion dip all over her face! It was hysterical and I'm so glad I got it on film!

Eventually, we all transferred the party and went to Local's, where we got Brunette up on the bar to take a shot poured into her mouth by the cute bartender. (That is the standard birthday ceremony at Local's.) It's nice living 10 minutes from the bars.

While we were there, drinking and dancing, Mrs. Basketball (a friend of Brunette's who is also a friend of mine) turns to Repo and I and asks point-blank, "So, are you two having sex yet?" Repo turned away, trying to stay out of this awkward conversation, leaving me to fend for myself. I can't say I blame him--it was my friend who asked the nosy question. He didn't know her and didn't want to say anything wrong, so I told Mrs. Basketball that it really wasn't any of her business because that was a rather personal question. I was pretty shocked at her behavior--usually she is really fun and not the nosy type at all. She instantly felt terrible and I felt even more awkward at answering so rudely. But talk about being caught off-guard! That is girltalk, if even mentioned at all!

She told me later, after apologizing, that the only reason she even asked was because she could tell there was so much chemistry between me and Repo that it would probably be amazing if we took that step. Gee, thanks for your opinion. Needless to say, that explanation didn't make it any less awkward. So I'm blaming the bellinis and letting it roll off my back.

Some people make it very hard not to kiss and tell! Usually I'm really open about stuff, but as I get older, I try to keep personal stuff more personal. I'm a lot better than I used to be, although Stuckey seems to think that I divulge quite a bit about Repo on here! I'm going to keep trying to remain discreet, though, out of respect for Repo. I am pretty sure he wouldn't like me spouting off all the time about what goes on between us. So I'll stick to PG-related topics when it comes to him. Well, I'll try, anyway.

We ended up closing Local's, and most of the group went home, so only a handful went to Repo's house for the "afterparty". Repo's roommates were out of town that night, so he had to let the dogs out anyway. We stayed up for about an hour and then crashed around 3am. Whew!

Yesterday, K and I cleaned up the kitchen and living room. She went to hang with her family and I managed to clean up my room. It helped that the Oscars were on so I had something to watch while cleaning up! Then I went to Repo's for dinner and crashed in my bed, exhausted, around 11!


Original Me said...

I have learned my lesson too of how much to reveal in "girl talk" (with certain friends of mine). But most of the time I end up having a bigger mouth than I intend.

Anonymous said...

Ma'ams!!! It is me! I have been reading your blog today while I was working. I am so happy to hear that you had a great party! I am sorry that I yet again was not able to come, of course. I love the blog and I must hear more details about you and "Repo". What is that name about anyway? Is he in collections or something?
Love, Madam Starfish

Stuck said...

She got more than $6... when we got back from Locals and she was talking about how she got six bucks, I stuffed another buck in there and said "Those puppies are worth more than six!"

Had a lot of fun. Thanks for dragging my ass out of the house.

The Dummy said...

I've learned it pays to keep things between two people... between two people. Loose lips tend to invite trouble.

Virginia Belle said...

Original Me--you and me both! so far, i am proud of myself, though.

Starfish--so good to hear from you! way to call me back! :) you have to bring J down and come to see me. then you can meet Repo. and yes, he is in collections, amongst other things.

Stuckey-- LOL! i can't believe i missed that! you will definitely have to party with us in the future...

DD-- you are right. and i must say, although your readers are probably all dying to know juicy details, you have refrained entirely from revealing anything. very classy. you are such a gentleman.

NML said...

Your friend probably had too much to drink, and thought she was funny when instead she was crass. I'm sure she meant well, but those type of conversations, if any are for in private. I tend to keep more stuff to myself. It can be a lot easier. Non sex stuff though, chat away.