Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sick Day

I'm blogging from home. I don't feel good. Woot woot! Finally got my wish. I was going to go into work this morning, because I had a class to teach. But my car wouldn't start. I took this as a sign that the universe was letting me play hooky today, so I just went back to bed after calling in. I really don't feel good.

My car likes to play this key game with me. You see, the key is worn down and the part of my ignition that reads the key doesn't always want to recognize it. Or the spare key. (The reader needs to be replaced, but I don't want to spend the $300. One day it will stop working completely, but for now, I will take my chances.) So I have to plead, beg, pray and cry to my car for the key to work. And sometimes, it won't. Which means you have to let the reader reset. This could take 2 minutes or 2 hours. Today, I gave up after trying for 15 minutes. And of course, as you can guess, this never happens to me unless I'm in a hurry. I hate my stupid car.

Had a great weekend. Friday night I went out with E and my new friends Tay and S. We have started to make Friday happy hour a weekly event. We go to Wild Wings and have girl talk. This week, we must have really enjoyed ourselves, because we stayed for 8 hours! My butt started to hurt.

E was making me laugh, because she uses this slang I'd never heard before. She and our friend W use it. BBs (Baby Balls) are guys who are under 25. YBs (Young Balls) are guys who are between 25 and our age (late 20s). To hear them talk about the benefits of dating BBs and YBs cracked me up. And now I've started to say it.

You know I embrace any chance to talk about balls...

Anyway, at one point, this really annoying drunk guy started talking to E. He wouldn't go away or shut up. She and I were right in the middle of a conversation, so we found him to be quite irritating. Eventually, I grew tired of playing nice and said, "Are you done? Because you're drunk and annoying and we're in the middle of a conversation. Do you mind?" Just at that moment, a guy friend of ours walked up and we explained our dilemma. It turned out that he was friends with the drunk guy. Oops. Me and my big fat mouth. We apologized to the drunk guy, but our friend assured us it was no big deal--the guy is pretty annoying when he's drunk. Of course, after all that, we felt obligated to talk to him the rest of the night. We never did finish our conversation....

The next night, I went to a birthday party with Stuckey, MJ and K. It was a good time. We had a funny small world moment, though. A group of guests were sitting in the living room, when someone brought up a name of an old friend of theirs. It turned out that about 5 of us also knew him. No one thought anyone else at the party would know this guy, because the guy never goes out. I don't think I know anyone who has less of a social life. So this was so funny to us that somehow, we all knew him. For about 5 minutes, everyone just kept saying, "Wait, you know him, too?" It was very odd.

Sunday, I went to lunch (dinner?) with MJ. We ate grits with fried chicken fingers on top. Mmmmmmm. We had a really nice time. She and I have been spending so much time together, K has started to call her my wife. What can I say? She rocks.

Later on, I went to see Because I Said So with K. Diane Keaton played The Czarina, and Mandy Moore played me. The only difference was that The Czarina doesn't nag me about my laugh, she nags me about my weight. So if you ever wonder what my relationship with my mother is like, go see that movie. It was pretty cute, I must say. Thankfully, my mom, to her credit, would never call me mid-date. After the movie was over, I called The Czarina to tell her that her house was probably bugged. Because they captured her essence on film.

I think I kinda hurt her feelings. She said, "I'm not that meddlesome, am I?" and I assured her she wasn't. But I said she was pretty close. (And I do think that if given the liberty, she would do a lot of the things Diane Keaton's character did in the movie!)

I know this post is boring, y'all. But I don't have much to write about. It's all good in da hood, as they say. I love my friends. And I'm really enjoying hanging out with them. But I do have a secret. A big secret. Which I won't get into right now, for various reasons. But if all things go as planned, I will be making a very big life change in the next few months!!! And I am really excited!!! I will tell you when the moment is right, promise. Or, as usual, you can just email me and I'll tell ya.


Behind The Curve On Love said...

Chicken fingers = yum. Grits = I don't get it. :o) I don't even think I could get it if I wanted to in So. Cal., but driving cross country through the southern states, there's an inverse relationship between the availability of grits and disposable toilet seat covers.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried getting a new key made for your car? I had that same problem a while back with my old car and was able to avoid having the tumbler replaced by getting a new key made.

Marci said...

I am coming out of lurking for this one.. aren't you excited??!? lol
I started reading your blog a few months ago and have been hooked ever since. I felt that it was time to come out of lurking and that the 'Because I said so' movie was reason enough.
I also went to see that movie this weekend, and felt that it was a picture perfect example of my mother and myself. Though unlike your mother, my mother has called me mid date before and she has even tried signing me up for the whole internet dating thing. Like your mother, mine does not pick on me about a nervous laugh, but my weight also. It is so funny how movies can relate so much to everyone's life in the basic way and yet be so different.

Anyway, I hope you get to feeling better soon!! Can't wait to read more!

Stuck said...

I'm born and raised Southern, and _I_ don't get grits. I mean, it's like eating tasteless mush. The only good parts of the grits are whatever you put on them, so why not just eat those parts on their own? :)

I wanna know the secret.

Mieke said...

Well I never got the grits thing the whole time I was living in
North Carolina, but I do loooove some fried chicken!! yumm!!
I am glad to see you are having some fun and not letting certain jerky guys ruin that!! Sounds like fun and it's nice that you have some great girlfriends. I totally miss that.
When will you spill on the life changes??? I am dying to know now!!
Hope you feel better! :)

sj said...

Are y'all crazy? Grits are DE-LISH! mm mm mmm mmm mmmm!!

teahouse said...

Mmmm...grits...I miss that about living up North! Can't get good grits anywhere around here.

Sam said...

Must KNOW!

Virginia Belle said...

behind the curve-- you crack me up w/your inverse relationships. all i can say about grits is that if you don't like them, then you've never had any that were made properly. they have to be creamy to be good.

anonymous-- yes, thank you for the idea. i think that i did try that, but something was preventing me from doing so...i can't remember what. but i had a good reason for not getting that done. *sigh*

marci -- YAY! i love delurkers. i am excited. thanks for the well wishes. i feel better today. how funny that our moms are so similar. my mom freaked when i tried internet dating. she was convinced all the guys on there were murderers and rapists. *rolls eyes* in reality, most of them were just jerks. far less dangerous.

stuckey-- ok, you have to try the grits at Yesterday's. and yes, you have to put stuff on the grits. i mean, they do lack flavor to an extent. have you tried maple syrup? i like that on my grits. but it is hard to beat cheese and butter. i will email you re: the secret today.

mieke-- ok, what is up with people not liking grits??? they are awesome. yes, i am having fun. i have never liked being single so much in my whole life. i have zero room for men right now. i have the best group of girls (and guy pals) i could ask for. i am seriously loving my life. except this one little part...which i will email you about.

sj-- yes, exactly! they are nuts!!!

teahouse-- yeah, i would think not. i bet someone opening a southern cooking restaurant in NYC would make a killing. when we used to live in Indy, my mom would have grits and Duke's mayonnaise specially ordered in bulk so we could still have it. they don't carry them up north.

sam-- emailing! hold on!

Matilda Jane said...

Oh careful... I already have a wife. She lives with me, no sex, and we bicker.
She might kill you in your sleep if she finds out you're trying to steal me away ;-)

GREAT choice on the chicken and grits by the way.... it was even delish the next day!
I honestly don't think that a southern restaurant would make it up north. It took me a while to get to trying these weird southern foods, and I'm extremely open minded! Let them yankees stick to their pizza.......... *sigh* I do miss good italian food....