Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Holidays

I have lots of updates for you guys, so I'm just going to try and stay as chronological as possible. I'm betting y'all have a lot of the same questions, so we will have another pseudo-virtual-interview-with-VB post.

Whatever happened to Mark, the guy you picked up while waiting for Disrespectful Dan? Nada. He never emailed. Case closed, I guess.

Heard from Disrespectful Dan? He called me, and I told him why I didn't want to see him again--because he was really rude. He got on my nerves by protesting, denying and harping on it and begging for more details. Arguing is not a good idea during conversations like this. So I went off on him a little. Not a lot! I didn't list everything! But I did say I was pretty insulted that he didn't walk me to the door and that maybe next time he goes on a date, he should bring his manners. Yeah....enough said. That's kind of ugly on my behalf, and I'm not really proud of it, so let's move on.

What's up with The Lawyer? Well, he is one of those people I neglected to tell when I went home for 8 days. He (obviously) had to leave a message on my cell, which I got about 5 days later. Oops. So I called back...no answer. I left a message. No return call. So this is looking like a case closed situation too. I might be able to rekindle that at another time, since we have mutual friends.

Anything exciting from your visit home? Had a good Christmas. Lots of yummy food and good presents. A lady at my "home" church always throws a party on Christmas Eve, and it's always really fun. She lives in this very old farmhouse that has remained in the family since it was built--before the Civil War even! I think that is so cool. Everyone brings yummy food and I see lots of friends of my family. I got to see some people I haven't seen in a long long time--as in, 8th grade long time. It was nice.

Then I went to another party after Christmas with my brother, Fat Dog. He and I have a lot of mutual friends in our hometown. The best part was seeing some of my oldest oldest friends, some of whom I haven't seen in 13 years. There are three girls from gradeschool in my hometown that I keep in touch with, or will now, since we had such a good time catching up: Weezy, NYC and Richmond Nurse. (Man, why are all of my friends nurses? It's getting wierd!) Hopefully, they are reading this! Weezy is married to the coolest guy, has the coolest house and has the coolest dog. NYC is living the glamourous lifestyle up in NYC (I think she lives near Chinatown??) so I am just amazed by that. And Richmond Nurse makes me want to move to Richmond right now. Super sweet and mega-fun girl. They are all planning on going to Vegas in March, and they invited me to go with. So, I'm pretty stoked, I must say! Hopefully I will have cashflow by then, because right now, I'm....well, cashed out.

After the party, we all went to Mulligan's, which is literally the only bar in my hometown. It sounds lame, but it's kind of an efficient way of partying--if you don't see someone at Mulligan's, that means they didn't go out. Also, you see everyone you want at once. What I don't get is why there is only one bar in my hometown--there are two partying colleges in my hometown. Hmmmmm....doesn't really add up, does it? Maybe I will open a bar there and make a killing in undermining the competition.....

What about New Year's Eve? I started NYE a little early by partying until 5 am the night before. I was with the same group I went to Local's with a few weeks ago. I brought Brunette Nurse and Nurse P. We went everywhere and I saw the Nurses drink more booze than I have ever seen them drink. Six bars later, we all decided to either go home or head to IHOP. It ended up being the Nurses, me, Repo (yes, part of his job is to repo people's stuff! Someone's gotta do it!) Little Brother and Big Poppa. After we ate, I got the picture that Repo wanted to ask me out, but Nurse P already said something about how cute he was, so I backed off. I explained to him that I didn't want to step on anyone's toes and that I was already kind of dating someone. Besides, I think I've had plenty of men lately! I was hoping Brunette would hit it off with Big Poppa, but that was not meant to be as I will explain later. The important thing is, I got to eat blueberry pancakes, my absolute fave! Mmmmmm! We had such a good time, we all decided to hang out for NYE as well. They seemed surprised that none of us had NYE plans. It's just kind of the way it worked out, I guess.

So NYE was basically a repeat of the night before. Same people, same level of fun and good times. Only most of us got dressed up. (Yours Truly wore her knock-em-dead Little Black Dress and cute new gold clutch.) Now, I did try and make things interesting by initiating a contest. I told the Nurses: whoever kisses the most boys on NYE wins. And if you get tongue, it counts for 5. At first I didn't think they would join me, but eventually we all played. I only kissed one guy, but he was really really hot! He was an acquaintance of one of the guys we were with. I had noticed him last time I went there, but hadn't gotten a chance to meet him. I will call him Iowa. It was just a smooch (ok, three smooches!) and I'll probably never see him again, but wow--he was really cute. Brunette won because she got tongue! We all got her guy's name wrong (hey, it was loud! You know how it is in bars!) so I will refer to him as Whatshisname. He got her number and they are going out this weekend. I'm excited for her. We all had a good time. Only we were all exhausted from the night before, so we all went home by about 2 am. I was Designated Driver, as usual, since I'm a non-alcoholic person. We all piled into my car, including Repo. He had asked for a ride home at the last minute. He lived the closest, so we dropped him off first. The whole way there, at every intersection he kept saying, "OK, you can drop me off here." But I just figured he was wasted (which he was) and didn't realize that he was asking me to drop him off in a not-super-safe part of town about 2 miles from his house. For some reason, he got really pissed off at us for taking him home! Finally we get to his house. I wait for him to get inside, but he just proceeds to get into his car, pretending to look for something and then start it and zoom off! We know he was waiting for us to leave before he drove off, because we saw him driving his car at a stoplight a couple minutes later. Pretty stupid, drunk driving on NYE. Little Brother, who had invited us out, was really embarrassed and swore up and down he just met Repo the other day and didn't know about this sort of behavior. We understood--you can't be responsible for other adult behavior.

So why did he do that? And what about Big Poppa and Brunette? We can't figure out what Repo's problem was. Someone suggested maybe he was embarrassed about his house or car, but his house looked brand new and his car was nothing to be ashamed of. Another person said that maybe he was actually wanting to go somewhere else for a booty call and just didn't want any of us to know that...hmmmmm....more mysterious male behavior.

Oh, here's something we learned about Big Poppa: he can be sketchy. Turns out, he has a girlfriend. Of nine years. Yeah. He never told any of us about her--not even once. The only reason we even know about her is because Little Brother filled us in as to how he can be sketchy sometimes. Big Poppa even told Brunette she was his sister! He lost a lot of points with us on that one. Other than these two sketchies, Little Brother's friends are all great.

So, VB, what are your New Year's Resolutions? I have several: Quit smoking is the first one (this is a carry-over from last year, mainly because I really enjoy the occasional smoke and am really digging my heels in on this one! I don't drink or do drugs or --apparently--have sex, so throw me a bone!) .

I also want to volunteer more, whether it is in a homeless shelter or for a political campaign. Maybe both. I can find the time to do this if I really set my heart to it.

Also, to stop living in fear: fear of getting hurt in love, fear of changing careers, fear of moving to Virginia, fear of credit card bills.....fear of living a celibate lifestyle for another six, no make that seven, months....

Finally, I'd like to host more parties. Just because they are fun and that way I can practice my cooking, which I really enjoy doing. (Obviously, this one will be the easiest!) I'm going to aim for one a month.

Usually, I start off with lots and whittle it down to one final Resolution. I'm going three years now in keeping my resolutions (well, except that smoking one....oops.)!

Um, VB, we have all been really patient throughout this semi-interesting post. Really what we want to know about is this: What happened with FedSexy? Patience, children! I think I will keep you in suspense for a bit....next post, I promise!


teahouse said...

Sounds like a fun time!

Hahaha, I love that you call your brother "Fat Dog."

Virginia Belle said...

Yeah, he was a chubby toddler, and one day The Czarina called him that and it stuck!

NML said...

Gosh it sounds like you've been having a fab time. Happy new year! As for disrespectful Dan, he sounds like a frickin 'why' kid. Never explain. It's more than he would have done if the tables were turned and nothing you say will make any difference because his ego won't be able to accept that there is something wrong with him in the first place! Happy new year!